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며칠 전 도토리 형제가 중성화 수술을 했어요.
다행히 지금은 잘 회복해서 다시 도른고양이가 되었어요!
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  • Dr.김재영의 CatTube [캣튜브]
    Dr.김재영의 CatTube [캣튜브]个月 前

    안녕하세요. . 돈까스아저씨 김재영수의사 입니다^^ 어린 나이에 도도와 토토가 힘든 복막염을 이겨내고 중성화까지 무사히 끝낼 수 있었던 것은 크집사의 헌신적인 간호와 시청자여러분들의 관심과 사랑 덕분입니다. 크집사님네 모든 고양이들이 항상 건강하길 바랍니다. 도도야, 토토야 다음에 오면 돈까스 많이 줄께^^ 28살 장수 고양이 밍키처럼 오래오래 건강하렴. 크집사님 그동안 마음 고생 많으셨습니다. 캣 튜브에 방문해서 28살 밍키도 응원 부탁드립니다.

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    I Pad

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    in young jang

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    26 天 前

    Somebody translate this 😭

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    29 天 前

    언제 돈까스아저씨가 되신거에요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • 봉춘자&봉봉자


    个月 前

    @登泰小天 觀海難水는 개뿔그러다 홧병으로 죽는다 궁금해서 그런데 왜 돈까스 아저씨에요???

  • Cedric Rap
    Cedric Rap13 小时 前

    12 meows

  • beni ordoñez
    beni ordoñez天 前

    Hill pienso muy caro y no muy bueno

  • Furchtbares Gaming
    Furchtbares Gaming2 天 前

    i was so touched by clares fear for her cats. i hope they are fine now

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  • clugue
    clugue9 天 前

    얘들도 이제 심영이랑 어깨를 나란히 하게 되는건가 ㅠㅠ

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    러브10 天 前

    야옹야옹 몇번 했냐면..14번 아닌가요?..

  • d. _.b
    d. _.b11 天 前

    1:44 고양이 체온은 똥꼬로 재요...?

  • Wawan Wibowo
    Wawan Wibowo12 天 前

    Kenapa ya Toto dan Dodo 😔😔😔

  • Bread Genie
    Bread Genie12 天 前

    My dog becomes a flying squirrel when i try to put him in the carrier bag

  • Kriti Jain
    Kriti Jain13 天 前

    How did Lulu hear that?? Lulu: Someone talking about me?? How?? did he hear?

  • Linda Terrell
    Linda Terrell15 天 前

    Oooh 28 year old cat! Best I ever did was 19.

  • Buffet for Me
    Buffet for Me18 天 前

    🍕🍟☕ Thanks!

  • Indigenous & Sober
    Indigenous & Sober19 天 前

    Dr. Kim is a Rockstar!

  • Dina
    Dina21 天 前

    수술도 잘 되었는데 왜 눈물이 나죠?...냥냥이들 크언니랑 꼭 건강해야되 ㅠㅠ

  • Douglas Fisher
    Douglas Fisher22 天 前

    Does fip go away? I don’t want these cute little ones to perish 😔

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  • _RhRho_
    _RhRho_24 天 前

    Claire is such a good owner her cats are probably even healthier then me

  • tuba moheet
    tuba moheet24 天 前

    My cat is almost seven months too😺

  • 승승
    승승24 天 前

    (집 가는 길에 도도가 야옹을 몇 번 하는지 세어보시오) 답: ( 12번 )

  • GILLIAN Muspic
    GILLIAN Muspic25 天 前

    Such a clever idea to cut those collars.

  • Anna Belle
    Anna Belle26 天 前

    everytime seeing cat in pain or being this way, i cant stop for tearing..cats and other animal are so precious..

  • Nindi rahmadila
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  • Adharsh Senthil
    Adharsh Senthil28 天 前

    That cat mingky is 28 years old that’s wild

  • Negle Lir
    Negle Lir28 天 前

    Wait, that white fluffball had pink cheeks 😻😻😻😻 How do they do that?

  • Nefertiti
    Nefertiti29 天 前

    Claire always take good care of all her cats 🐈 I’m glad she let’s people see where majority of her funds go to.

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  • 삼육두유
    삼육두유个月 前

    앗 우리집 치즈냥이 이름은 또또인데

  • 나비
    나비个月 前

    고양이도 덧니가 생긴다는 걸 처음 알았어요

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  • liliana elena
    liliana elena个月 前

    Tendrían que colocar en castellano que dice

  • 박희윤
    박희윤个月 前

    집사님도 고생 많으셨어요 **

  • Triesye Zakaria
    Triesye Zakaria个月 前

    i love you dodo and toto god bless you

  • Triesye Zakaria
    Triesye Zakaria个月 前

    Oh my god i love you dodo

  • fracture
    fracture个月 前

    Aww he looks exactly my lost cat

  • Chef Evie Lee
    Chef Evie Lee个月 前

    It’s so scary when your babies have to have operations! Especially when they are hindered in health. But God is good!

  • 5959 59
    5959 59个月 前

    와 넘 귀여워용 ㅠㅠ ㅋㅋㅋ

  • 에베벱
    에베벱个月 前

    12번 했습니다요..

  • Kuchi Kopi
    Kuchi Kopi个月 前

    Wow, you have the best vet! Vets are so much more advanced in Korea than America. I wish I lived there! So high tech. So calm. So clean. Its beautiful. And the vet himself is so sweet. I'm glad these kitties have the best vet. Claire is an angel for taking care of these babies.

  • I love Twice
    I love Twice个月 前


  • Trudy Bettinger
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  • BBOO뽀
    BBOO뽀个月 前

    ㅋㅋㅋ 도도 혀 안 들어가는거 너모 웃겨요..땅콩 뗀 아가들😹

  • Despair Doctor
    Despair Doctor个月 前

    This is probably the first time I've heard the kittens meow.

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  • Leira Lee

    Leira Lee

    个月 前


  • Rosa Claudia Ochoa Hernandez
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  • Kristy mc
    Kristy mc个月 前

    Give your fur babies lots of hugs from their Auntie . Great work

  • 조예본
    조예본个月 前

    뒷통수가 잘 구워진 식빵에 초롱초롱한 눈이 달려서 넘 커엽..ㅜ

  • Puntanin Kulsiri
    Puntanin Kulsiri个月 前

    We wish Dodo and Toto the best recovery.☺

  • Puntanin Kulsiri

    Puntanin Kulsiri

    个月 前

    My son wishes to sens a kiss tou ypu all😚😚😚😘😘😘.

  • Gabriela Rojas Montaño
    Gabriela Rojas Montaño个月 前

    K lindos mininos 😍😍😍😘😘😘😘

  • Sonya Pegasi
    Sonya Pegasi个月 前

    Why do the other cats have blush?

  • yves lamarque
    yves lamarque个月 前

    Traduction SVP merci

  • Patricia Schuster
    Patricia Schuster个月 前

    No English subtitles. Looks good though.

  • Jessica Cuevas
    Jessica Cuevas个月 前

    Hola amiga , espero esten sanitos sus Gatitos bellos 💕🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾💕.Abrazos de Chile 🇨🇱👵😷😷

  • Jody Wetmore
    Jody Wetmore个月 前

    Not supposed to pick up kitties after surgery. Could rip out stitches!

  • Benghali In Platforms
    Benghali In Platforms个月 前

    Keep going Mingky

  • Santi 22
    Santi 22个月 前

    Mama Claire .. maaf telat 4 hari .. di Indonesia syaa nonton sekarang video mama Claire ini jam 22 :07 . Jam di Indonesia . Penggemar dari Indonesia

  • Cat lover 1987
    Cat lover 1987个月 前

    I would suggest buying a soft cotton collar if one one your kitties ever need to wear on, they are not expensive and much more comfortable to wear for kitties and not so hard and don’t hurt on the neck, because they are softer and more flexible, but do the same job as the plastic ons. You can order them online!

  • Angel survivor
    Angel survivor个月 前

    How many channels you have

  • Anisa Fatimah Nor Azman
    Anisa Fatimah Nor Azman个月 前

    How come is my 7 month old kitten arent as big as ToTo and DoDo?

  • Elyse B.
    Elyse B.个月 前

    I understand you with the struggle to put them in the carrier😅😂. My cat is big (8,6kg, but not really overweight he's just really tall, he barely fit into his carrier which is 19x10x13.5 inches) and trying to put him in his carrier to go to the veterinarian is the definition of wrestling 😂🐯.

  • Jaehee Moon
    Jaehee Moon个月 前

    19번 정도 차에서 야옹 했내요 ㅋㅋ 우리 도도♡

  • Chess Sean
    Chess Sean个月 前

    4:35 (크)언니~

  • ᄋᄋ
    ᄋᄋ个月 前

    11번 울었어용!!

  • La Nuit Bleue
    La Nuit Bleue个月 前

    I couldn’t watch this for a few days because I was afraid something happened to the boys. I’m glad they’re doing better. One of my cats, Floof, is having an unknown allergic reaction and scratching and licking her skin off. This has been happening off and on since last June, this particular time since the beginning of December. Going back and forth to the vet is hard for her (it’s an hour drive each way) and for me (I’m a healthcare provider that frequently works 11hour shifts. The only time we can make it to the vet is on my one off day a week). The hardest part, though, is seeing her in pain, trying to help, nothing working, and her being upset with me. I just truly hope she knows that I’m trying to make her feel better. Pet parenting is so difficult and painful at times. And I’m really proud of my other cat, Little Ball of Hate (Hate for short), for not having any emergencies or accidents during this time!

  • La Nuit Bleue

    La Nuit Bleue

    29 天 前

    @Christine Yeah, it’s been a process: a couple different types of Fresh Step, a few different types of Arm & Hammer, Yesterday’s News paper litter, and now FelinePine. This one doesn’t seem to cause any bad reactions. Floof’s itching has lessened, but we’re going to a dermatologist this week to get checked out.

  • La Nuit Bleue

    La Nuit Bleue

    29 天 前

    @Linda F Yes, Little Ball of Hate, or Hate for short. It’s hilarious going to the vet with her because the staff always makes the new person check her in and say “I have *chuckle* Hate *chuckle* to see Dr. Ramos.” It’s amazing. Ironically, Hate is the pacifist and Floof is the bully. We’re going to a dermatologist this week to try to figure out what’s wrong with Floof. Thanks for the good thought!

  • Christine


    个月 前

    I had a cat develop an allergy to the fragrance in certain cat litters so I had to switch litters until I found one she wouldn't react to.

  • Linda F

    Linda F

    个月 前

    Little ball of hate 😂😂 Hope your kit feels better

  • 신숙철
    신숙철个月 前

    고맙습니다 수고하셨어요

  • Rizadhul Umam Musthofa
    Rizadhul Umam Musthofa个月 前

    Sunat ya?

  • Julian Ahn
    Julian Ahn个月 前

    6:25 총 17번???

  • Jess B
    Jess B个月 前

    My little Mejoo was just fixed a few weeks ago. She hated the cone but she healed so well. Now she's back to her old self. We just need to wait for the hair they shaved to grow back. Much love

  • Shy_ donut
    Shy_ donut个月 前

    The way claire holds and comforts her cats warms my heart.

  • Vryk O
    Vryk O个月 前

    8:08 Oh no not the cone of shame 🙊

  • George Fister
    George Fister个月 前

    7:13 he just had a tooth removed!

  • Kali Baker
    Kali Baker个月 前

    Cats are the best

  • yaya oke
    yaya oke个月 前

    Oh I thought they couldn't get neutered bcs they had FIP, as I know FIP can't be cured. But I'm so glad bcs they are all healthy and even healthier after neutered. Thank you Claire.

  • 최별
    최별个月 前

    도도, 토토야~ 앞으로도 건강하렴~~^^ 사랑해~^^

  • Janice Kassner
    Janice Kassner个月 前

    DoDo and ToTo are beautiful boys-love them!

  • Scottie Pippo
    Scottie Pippo个月 前

    Toto is so cute with his tongue out

  • Scottie Pippo
    Scottie Pippo个月 前

    The videos in which Claire talks and narrate are the best. She has a beautiful voice

  • Karis Majik
    Karis Majik个月 前

    Pro tip: for an alternative to the cone, cats tend to fit clothing made for human infants

  • 밍나
    밍나个月 前

    어흑 또 어딘가 아픈가싶어서 철렁햇네요😂


    이세상 모든 고양이 강아지들이 아프지않고 행복하면 좋겠다 애기들...

  • 조은현
    조은현个月 前

    아 진짜 애들 아픈줄 알았잖아요 ㅜㅜ 다행이예요

  • 우기야슈화해
    우기야슈화해个月 前

    도도른 고양이와 토친 고양이의 중성화수술을 축하합니다

  • K S
    K S个月 前

    White kitty at 3:10 wears blush!

  • 군침이 싹도는채널
    군침이 싹도는채널个月 前

    중성화 주룩.....ㅜ

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    Very good. ... alwayss success your content

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  • egg nog
    egg nog个月 前

    the way i panicked when i saw the title and the thumbnail. the relief i felt when i immediately checked the comment section and found out that it's their balls. mind blowing.

  • Deviant Diva
    Deviant Diva个月 前

    I was so nervous to click on this. My chest tightened with crippling anxiety from the thumbnail pic.

  • Zany
    Zany个月 前

    Faltan los subtítulos en español. 😭😭😭

  • Aline Ferreira
    Aline Ferreira个月 前

    Que lindos😍😍😍

  • Rita Marita
    Rita Marita个月 前

    Lovely family ❤️😍

  • Shendi Sackett
    Shendi Sackett个月 前

    Awe, I always cut the surgery collars down too!

  • Shendi Sackett
    Shendi Sackett个月 前

    My kitten Lila will need to be spayed soon. She's 5 months old. She was tiny when I got her at 6 weeks just 490gm now she's 2.4kg. I did work experience as a teenager in my local vets so I have seen all the operations but I still get nervous. Especially as with Covid we cannot go into the vets, so you drive into the carpark and phone to say you are there and they collect them from your car. I felt so bad sending Lila in on her own when she was tiny.

  • ccc cat
    ccc cat个月 前

    who is editor cat?

  • Georgiana Uchiha
    Georgiana Uchiha个月 前

    Those lovely kittens are lucky to have you . I hope that all of them will be healthy and live for a long time.

  • Irene Gutierrez
    Irene Gutierrez个月 前

    Hola me alegra que todo fue bien gracias por el video

  • Crystal Pantarei
    Crystal Pantarei个月 前

    My reaction to Mingky: "Oh, she seems old, but not that much. Maybe between 12 and 15?" * Age 28 * WAIT WHAT?!

  • Crystal Pantarei
    Crystal Pantarei个月 前

    DoDo meowed 12 times on the way back!

  • Opal Rice
    Opal Rice个月 前

    She’s so cute I love her so much