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Tomorrow is Chinese New Year’s Eve!
We put up lanterns, paste Spring Festival couplets, and do shopping and stock up for the new year!
Another year is dawning!
Chinese New Year’s decorations, goods and snacks are ready for the big day.
Melon seeds, peanuts, candied haws, Sanzi (fried dough twists), and fried prawn crackers, to name a few.
A big hug for those who can’t get together with their families back in the hometown.
I’m convinced that infinite hope and luck
are sure to come in 2021!
瓜子 花生 糖葫芦、馓子 虾片走起来!

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    As someone who lives in indonesia and have a chinese bloodline, this video warms me so much ♡ i, too, celebrates lunar new year and its almost a month past it and i missed it already lol... i see some similarities of the snacks and we actually have them here like the shrimp crackers, the egg-covered-peanuts, sweet n sour plums (idk what its called in english lol), sunflower seeds, etc.

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    2:29, Couplets are posted on the door. It is a poetic expression of expectations for the coming Chinese New Year. At the top of the door is a horizontal batch, and the content is "to enjoy every moment". On the left is the first part of the couplet, saying that "when the moon is down, I walk playfully among the flowers and enjoy the scenery." On the right is the second part of the couplet, saying that "when the sun sets, I will make pancakes for dinner and there will be a cup of tea with fragrance that is being boiled next to me." Although the content is kind of plain, it actually depicts a relaxed and natural lifestyle.

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