Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris play Estrella Galicia 0,0's Oktoberfest Quiz


With the team out in Germany last weekend, our friends at Estrella Galicia 0,0 thought it was the perfect opportunity to test Carlos and Lando’s knowledge of all things beer (with some help from their trainers).
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  • Adán Padilla
    Adán Padilla3 天 前

    It’s Lando not even taking a sip of the beer for me

  • Pablo
    Pablo5 天 前

    this guys are amazing hahahahah

  • alyssa
    alyssa6 天 前

    carlos just burying his head for losing 🥺 9:37

  • Thays
    Thays8 天 前

    I miss Carlos in McLaren :(

  • R3B
    R3B9 天 前

    For someone like me who love this Lando’s habit. 1:13

  • Pedro FR
    Pedro FR11 天 前

    Glory to the Checo's Republic

  • Adrian kim Leow
    Adrian kim Leow12 天 前

    I still enjoying watching

  • miss norris
    miss norris17 天 前

    lando's expressions and carlos's lip movement for pronuncation.

  • miss norris
    miss norris17 天 前

    first of all...."auuuutuuum" ang "yaugs" laughing love lando

  • Di M
    Di M24 天 前

    Why are they whispering in each others ears if this was done during the pandemic?

  • Tobi The weird German
    Tobi The weird German个月 前

    the music lmao

  • Anna Venturi
    Anna Venturi个月 前

    lando norris è il miglior pilota della formula 1

  • Malte Kull
    Malte Kull2 个月 前

    I am German and this video is really funny

  • Michael Antonio
    Michael Antonio3 个月 前

    In this case, "Is that your final answer?" Basically means, "that's correct, we hope you change your mind". Anytime they give the wrong answer, they just say, "Wrong!".

  • OktoberfestCommunity#Teo
    OktoberfestCommunity#Teo3 个月 前

    Oktoberfest Community hold together 🍺💯🍺💯

  • Bhargav Sadineni
    Bhargav Sadineni3 个月 前

    I am just here for the ending - "Germannyyyyy!!! , Noooooo!!!!!!! , Yeaaaahhhh!!!!!!!" it's sooo funnyy hahahahaha

  • risabc
    risabc3 个月 前

    At least we in Checos republic are known for something haha!

  • the_jmbxiii
    the_jmbxiii4 个月 前

    In Germany we drink beer the whole year

  • Just like you
    Just like you4 个月 前

    Funny video😂 greetings from Bavaria, Munich

  • Dominik N.
    Dominik N.4 个月 前

    Mclaren nails their YT content

  • Valentin Lingenfox
    Valentin Lingenfox4 个月 前

    I think i know my beer to good

  • Pavel 49
    Pavel 494 个月 前

    Oh c'mon its known that Czechs drink most beer per capita, if you say Germans ok, but UK? really? with their prices?

  • Katie
    Katie4 个月 前

    3:37 That card does have 3 answers on it 😂 Lando's such a liar

  • Bremade 004
    Bremade 0044 个月 前

    It's so interesting to see how none-native german speakers see germany as a native.

  • Leon Sieve
    Leon Sieve4 个月 前

    Ein Volk ein Reich ein Kommentarbereich

  • donronn 71
    donronn 714 个月 前

    Austria!!! ....Best beer ever on this Planet. Ok Tschechien.Repuplic 2 German Beer???? O.m.g Spsnish Beer? O.m.g what is this?

  • David Fernandez
    David Fernandez4 个月 前

    Checo’s republic

  • It ́s Dominik
    It ́s Dominik4 个月 前

    I’m from Czech🙋🏻‍♂️ and yesterday I drunk 5 beers

  • Eva Hufflepuff
    Eva Hufflepuff4 个月 前

    The moment when you watch this video as a bavarian... These questions are sooo easy😂

  • Nikhil Pabelkar
    Nikhil Pabelkar4 个月 前

    "It's Germany!" Both sound like seagulls screaming

  • Fabian Gradtke
    Fabian Gradtke4 个月 前

    Des is koa Steinglas des is a Maß gruzefix

  • Raphaela Pareto
    Raphaela Pareto4 个月 前

    "what do you mean by toasted?" - like Lando, I also don't drink beer, so i felt the same WTH. 😂

  • NicNac 5
    NicNac 54 个月 前

    In Germany we don't say 1 Liter, we say 1 Maß

  • HyperRusty
    HyperRusty4 个月 前

    next year just wont be the same😔😭

  • Adela Fenclova
    Adela Fenclova4 个月 前


  • beetrickson
    beetrickson5 个月 前

    9:26 we’ve just been gnomed

  • Google Account
    Google Account5 个月 前

    Why i'm cryiiiing 😭😭😭

  • JustThaDaniël
    JustThaDaniël5 个月 前

    On 9:28 carlos his inner devil is released

  • Donald Butler
    Donald Butler5 个月 前


  • Evans Septiano
    Evans Septiano5 个月 前

    9:28 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Hunter Jordan
    Hunter Jordan5 个月 前

    Lando is becoming Sherlock homes and still acts like a kid at the end like he has won a world championship.

  • Michiel Coeman
    Michiel Coeman5 个月 前

    3:03 Belgium???

  • Elli Shay
    Elli Shay5 个月 前

    Landos mood swings are hilarious😂 first he shouts like an old grandma when winning and seconds after he puts on a serious face and congrats John 😂

  • chilidrummer83
    chilidrummer835 个月 前

    Are you sure it was non alcohol beer?

  • Inés Mota
    Inés Mota5 个月 前

    Did someone fart at 9:35 😂😂😂

  • Simon Mach
    Simon Mach5 个月 前

    at least what we are top is bier CR CR

  • Carsten Wack
    Carsten Wack5 个月 前

    Erstens: Was da auf dem Tisch steht ist kein Bier, es ist eine Beleidigung! Zweitens: Das ist ein Maß!

  • ShitlaryClinton
    ShitlaryClinton5 个月 前

    Lando 6:15

  • Lucas Thaler
    Lucas Thaler5 个月 前

    Lando: McLaren Carlos:`s Ferrari Lando *laughs* Carlos *cries*

  • sarah ober
    sarah ober5 个月 前

    “pEr PeRsON”🥳🤣

  • Derf565
    Derf5655 个月 前

    Checo can't get a seat but he has a whole republic

  • Viviana Ledesma
    Viviana Ledesma5 个月 前

    Son excelentes Carlos y Lando ❤️

  • Adrian
    Adrian6 个月 前

    9:25 Carlos Sainz: The next el risitas (kekW)

  • Švestka Beneš
    Švestka Beneš6 个月 前

    Greetings from Czech republic. :D

  • BVB Bestes Team der Welt
    BVB Bestes Team der Welt6 个月 前

    Als deutscher ist es soo lustig an zu sehen 😂

  • TerrorMau5
    TerrorMau56 个月 前

    i just wanted them drunk on the bar passed out after question 3 lando crying for milk.

  • Mariana Vasconcelos
    Mariana Vasconcelos6 个月 前

    i wished they both stayed in the same team forever

  • Emma Sverenyáková
    Emma Sverenyáková6 个月 前

    My hearbeat rate raised when they mentioned which countries have the highest beer consumption per person, because I just new Czech Republic would be there, and I feel half proud that Lando now knows about Czech Republic, but the I remember it's about how beer addicted we are...

  • candela p
    candela p6 个月 前

    Ok but why is Lando’s skin GLOWING??? sir pls we need the skincare routine

  • Rodrigo Faria
    Rodrigo Faria6 个月 前

    Lando didn't even drink after the toast lol

  • Daniel Pearson
    Daniel Pearson6 个月 前

    That Schumacher painting on the wall ❤️

  • Igor
    Igor6 个月 前

    0.0 beer? Ya no lol and they drink multiple? They crazy. Everyone knows Estrella trash

  • Lalo Burguet
    Lalo Burguet6 个月 前

    I suppose all these english people mocking Sainz's English are perfectly fluent in spanish then, in which case no one pointed out Lando's mispronunciation of the word "Estrella" (the beer's name, which is indeed Spanish). Yet you won't see us mocking Lando for that, learn some respect fam.

  • Maxi F
    Maxi F6 个月 前

    Funny game between F1 Spain vs Uk on german Octoberfestival the beer Challenge 6:4 end what an soccer goal festival great questions & funny answers

  • Jordan Fernandes
    Jordan Fernandes6 个月 前

    You guys have a mastermind in Henrik, well done Henrik👍

  • Mario MM
    Mario MM6 个月 前

    that ''jyeea'' in 9:38 gives me 5 more years of life

  • arthur f1 fan oficial
    arthur f1 fan oficial6 个月 前

    I want meet them bcs they are the funniest teammates but i dont have money to it :-(

  • reissessions
    reissessions6 个月 前

    Your in GERMANY and your not even drinking German beer.

  • F1
    F16 个月 前

    Nadie: Lando: esterela Galicia

  • Maryan He
    Maryan He6 个月 前

    i know Estrella Galicia is from spain but i just think its quite adorable how Lando pronounces it exactly the way i assume Carlos taught him with the spanish accent and all

  • lightneenmcheen ,
    lightneenmcheen ,6 个月 前

    Bring back tooned

  • Schrayy 05
    Schrayy 056 个月 前

    Warum können die so gut deutsch

  • Thomas Oppenhoff
    Thomas Oppenhoff6 个月 前

    If anybody is wondering: Location is the Cockpit Bar in the Dorint Hotel directly on the start/finish straight

  • Tiago Pereira
    Tiago Pereira6 个月 前

    2:45. Is Lando trying to sound like Uncle Roger??

  • Dani Nagy
    Dani Nagy6 个月 前

    Man, that pub looks pretty sweet.

  • TubthungusByChumbungus
    TubthungusByChumbungus6 个月 前

    I would've understood the noises if they were drunk, but its non alcoholic, they're just like that

  • Neon_Racer_222
    Neon_Racer_2226 个月 前

    checo's republic LMAO

  • Dayana Gonzalez
    Dayana Gonzalez6 个月 前

    Lando is the only one that haven’t had a wrong answers he always getting right

  • Shakib
    Shakib6 个月 前

    Carlos and Danny would have been awesome together as team mates!

  • W Moses
    W Moses6 个月 前

    9:31 Carlos just turned into a chimpanzee lol

  • TheJokerit19
    TheJokerit196 个月 前

    I knew the Czech Republic was the correct answer from Amazing Race, LOL.

  • Brais _Lodi
    Brais _Lodi6 个月 前

    Me encanta como fice estrella Galicia encima siendo gallego 😊

  • Dobik
    Dobik6 个月 前

    Proud of my country!!! Czech Republic!!!!

  • Sebastian Lang
    Sebastian Lang6 个月 前

    they really be making advertisements for an alcohol free beer during octoberfest. The germans are just gonna laugh at that. Not that they would drink anything but german beer anyways...

  • Sofia Manzanares
    Sofia Manzanares6 个月 前


  • marcus ingram
    marcus ingram6 个月 前

    Carlos pronounces it ‘Jugs’, Lando pronounces it ‘Jugs’, where as the real pronunciation is actually ‘Jugs’

  • besenzon1
    besenzon16 个月 前

    Same performance as on the track

  • Edwins1984
    Edwins19846 个月 前

    First things come to mind: Is Lando old enough to drink lol👌

  • Desmond Yap
    Desmond Yap6 个月 前

    Watching this makes me cry both of laughter and sadness, knowing they are so fun together but wont be seeing them next season

  • Prizie
    Prizie6 个月 前

    the surprise on everyone face when Lando make a smart move LOL "he's ACTUALLY quite smart" 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮

  • daphne1996
    daphne19966 个月 前

    Am I the only one that noticed Jon is wearing Landos black ring?? 👀

  • Aarón ESP X
    Aarón ESP X6 个月 前


  • FrankieV 116
    FrankieV 1166 个月 前

    When I get a multiple choice question correct by guessing 7:45

  • delbroox
    delbroox6 个月 前

    Beer Yugs: Am I a Yoke to You? This is a Yoke!

  • 1.Prasanna Shinde
    1.Prasanna Shinde6 个月 前

    Next year most fun Norris and Ricardo

  • E MTBR
    E MTBR6 个月 前

    I find these videos more entertaining than most famous CNbothr's videos

  • Borja Pérez
    Borja Pérez6 个月 前

    Lando ganando porque es un guiri de MAGALUF

  • Just a normal guy 16
    Just a normal guy 166 个月 前

    In Austria were also drinkin a lot of beer, because we even have a political party which is about beer

  • Gábor Muskatal
    Gábor Muskatal6 个月 前

    Me while waiting for this question : Which Football team in the Octoberfest every year?

  • Aira
    Aira6 个月 前

    the filter is beautiful 🧡