Carlos Sainz - Funny Moments


Funny moments with Carlos Sainz.


  • SpaceMissile
    SpaceMissile6 天 前

    3:53 is gold

  • Buse Boskurt
    Buse Boskurt个月 前

    2:47 bro this is lando not carlos

    OFFHSS个月 前

    Bruh 2:41 thats lando haha not carlos

  • el deivid
    el deivid2 个月 前

    3:53 daniil song ples

  • Les Scudamore
    Les Scudamore2 个月 前

    I just cant see Ferrari having the same funny radio conversations with sainz ("we are checking", seems to be their standard response to everything) & interaction with their drivers, compared to all the McLaren folks

  • mirandabr84
    mirandabr843 个月 前

    Carlos stealing the seat next to Lando, from Charles is soo funny!!

  • Reazon HD
    Reazon HD3 个月 前

    Why does this guy getting like 700.00 views on every video but only hast 3000 follower: (. I'm feeling sad about that

  • Robbin Mcquain
    Robbin Mcquain3 个月 前

    The nice german naturalistically flap because north pharmacologically afford amongst a closed typhoon. divergent, squeamish bat

  • Juan Valle
    Juan Valle4 个月 前

    5:00 modo lgtb on xd

  • Timo Oesch
    Timo Oesch4 个月 前

    2:42 min thats lando

  • trivigent og
    trivigent og4 个月 前

    2:50 was lando not Carlos

  • Xoxo Glory.
    Xoxo Glory.4 个月 前

    I like his radios 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 funny and talented guy

  • sakirags
    sakirags4 个月 前


  • chilidrummer83
    chilidrummer835 个月 前

    Swarlos is a very good one

  • James McCabe
    James McCabe5 个月 前

    Lando gonna miss him badly

  • Cosima Werner
    Cosima Werner5 个月 前

    I’ll miss this two next season together

  • Just Devin
    Just Devin6 个月 前

    2:50 i hate to say it... but that was lando

  • Carlos García
    Carlos García6 个月 前

    Non-spanish people don't understand 5:00 xD

  • Cristián Betanzo

    Cristián Betanzo

    4 个月 前

    XDDD al menos imagino que estos mens entienden la palabra "gay"

  • Santi VarelA

    Santi VarelA

    6 个月 前

    Pues yo si lo entiendo

  • Super Stuff with Ian
    Super Stuff with Ian6 个月 前


  • Charlie Spencer
    Charlie Spencer6 个月 前

    Why is it lando Norris funny moments aswell 😂 not complaining

  • Ashutosh Khatua
    Ashutosh Khatua7 个月 前

    Hiii can anybody help me Because I want to know the song which is used in this clip 2:43

  • jonahfisher-
    jonahfisher-7 个月 前

    these headbangs are funny af

  • bun bun
    bun bun7 个月 前

    I'm sad that Carlos will leave but I'm happy that we'll get to see Dan and lando together

    GTA BOY7 个月 前

    Bro keep up the good work 😹😹😹 I like the beginning where you blow the flute 😹😹

  • Inci Celik
    Inci Celik7 个月 前

    It’s his birthday!!!

  • Maxi B.
    Maxi B.8 个月 前

    Everyone had to headbang at this clips otherwise i dont know what ur life looks like lol

  • Carlos
    Carlos8 个月 前

    That was lando moving the head not Carlos

  • Mohammad Azka
    Mohammad Azka8 个月 前

    4:22 Fernando's laughter was hilarious 😂

  • Mohammad Azka

    Mohammad Azka

    8 个月 前

    @DaMaR Handaru it's fernando I'm sure

  • DaMaR Handaru

    DaMaR Handaru

    8 个月 前

    That’s ricciardo’s laughter

  • Jack Mayers
    Jack Mayers8 个月 前

    2:40 is lando

  • Anant Girish
    Anant Girish9 个月 前

    You forgot this one Radio: The marshal posts are not showing any rain right now Carlos: The marshals must be having a beer then. Wheeaaaayyyy

  • Requela Owen
    Requela Owen9 个月 前

    Outro song name??

  • LoLshark99 B
    LoLshark99 B9 个月 前

    I team radio funny, next time I'ma... faaart

  • Sekti Puspa
    Sekti Puspa11 个月 前

    Lando gonna miss him badly

  • SpaceMissile


    6 天 前

    they'll see each other on the tracks.

  • Lachlan Unwin

    Lachlan Unwin

    3 个月 前

    Yeah mate I agree

  • Owen Heathcock

    Owen Heathcock

    4 个月 前

    Why would he sign with them tho like they were best mates

  • Krishna Kireeti Tata

    Krishna Kireeti Tata

    6 个月 前

    Hes gonna cry for signing with ferrari



    7 个月 前

    Yeah they were best best friends

  • Thijs
    Thijs11 个月 前

    Now hes Ferrari boi

  • Pao de Pota
    Pao de Pota11 个月 前

    Carlos: *good older brother* Lando: *annoying younger brother*

  • Ander Benavides Muru
    Ander Benavides Muru11 个月 前

    Thanks to your video I´ve found a hit I´ve been searching for a while!

  • Aryan Thacker
    Aryan Thacker11 个月 前

    Tom has the same ha ha ha every time carlos sings

  • Corbin Selanne

    Corbin Selanne

    11 个月 前

    He better check the radio for a dodgy music channel next time it happens

  • Ray Movie Review
    Ray Movie Review11 个月 前

    He is always cuteeeeeeee

  • Clash with Simon
    Clash with Simon年 前

    Imagine you’re stopped at some red lights and then you hear somebody blaring music and its just Lando and Carlos headbanging

  • Jenene
    Jenene年 前

    Aw come on you should’ve included when carlos said “when you’re spanish you make pRRRonounciation better”

  • Tiago Lethal
    Tiago Lethal年 前

    Carlos and Lando are like Iron Man and Spidey in the MCU

  • BrownieCL 06
    BrownieCL 06年 前

    2:42 That’s Lando

  • Rara Nguyen
    Rara Nguyen年 前

    Smooth Operator!

  • Spen F1

    Spen F1

    9 个月 前

    Corbin Selanne na na na na nah na na na na nah that’s better?

  • Corbin Selanne

    Corbin Selanne

    11 个月 前

    Check your radio, we seem to have picked up some dodgy music channel again...

  • Julian Griffiths
    Julian Griffiths年 前

    lando and carlos are like brothers

  • Julian Griffiths
    Julian Griffiths年 前

    hahahaha if this mclaren team gets beated with comedy I dont know how funny they would have to be

  • Travis Stainer
    Travis Stainer年 前

    2:41 lando Not Chilli

  • Lucas Maldonado Ferreira
    Lucas Maldonado Ferreira年 前

    2:42. Song?

  • Carlos López

    Carlos López

    年 前


  • Nicole Angelique Corpuz
    Nicole Angelique Corpuz年 前

    They’re so cute together!!!🥰

  • Lichban
    Lichban年 前

    ist to funny

  • Sein_Cousin
    Sein_Cousin年 前

    2:48 this is Lando Norris and Not Carlos

  • Jacopo Faggian
    Jacopo Faggian年 前

    @Wyliecoat hi please could you tell me the song you used for the kvyat part since minute 3:53? I tried to Shazam but didn’t work. It’s amazing!

  • Mephisteles


    年 前

    Jacopo Faggian No problem mate, glad I could help out ;)

  • Jacopo Faggian

    Jacopo Faggian

    年 前

    Mephisteles I love you! Thank you man, you changed my Saturday!

  • Mephisteles


    年 前

    Jacopo Faggian Here you go

  • Wyliecoat


    年 前

    Idk mate, but maybe this video will help

  • mArIo EggEr
    mArIo EggEr年 前

    7:44 song?

  • Wyliecoat


    年 前

  • Sweet Liz
    Sweet Liz年 前

    8:29 i cant, that's so damn cuteeeee

  • Jeroen Reyns
    Jeroen Reyns年 前

    imagine if 1 team had 4 drivers: Carlos, Lando, Max and Daniel

  • Axela Mathis

    Axela Mathis

    6 个月 前

    A E 8 6 if u are so damn smart and analyze his driving how can you not see he is literally one of the best drivers on the grid. The only one that can compete with the mercs.

  • Boaz


    9 个月 前

    A E 8 6 everyone is a fucking dickhead on the track, dont be so sensitive



    9 个月 前

    George Messer Go up to your reply then you will see what i mean

  • George Messer

    George Messer

    9 个月 前

    XBESTGAMERXx yea cause you have written in a weird way I don’t know what the hell you are asking



    9 个月 前

    George Messer you didn’t answer my question.


    This is the best carlos sience compilation

  • 07EMGEE


    4 个月 前


  • Larrykr2 Racing & Fanf
    Larrykr2 Racing & Fanf年 前

    2:42 That is Lando

  • Defenetly Not Neean
    Defenetly Not Neean年 前

    I love the relationship between Carlos and Lando!! There like brothers!!

  • lisciatoredimele89


    11 个月 前

    @vefos 09h No need to now

  • KandZ


    年 前

    @vefos 09h Same was with Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg

  • vefos 09h

    vefos 09h

    年 前

    Only until Mclaren will be able to fight for the title

  • Edward 02
    Edward 02年 前

    3:15 rip lando

  • SpaceMissile


    6 天 前

    any guy can tell you that's not a fake reaction. lmao he got 'em.

  • Nguyen Duc Hung

    Nguyen Duc Hung

    年 前

    Carlos' got a quick hand

  • Edward 02

    Edward 02

    年 前

    @Rafael Freitas 🤣🤣

  • Rafael Freitas

    Rafael Freitas

    年 前

    Or the plans to have children

  • popo
    popo年 前

    2:41 it’s Lando🤣

  • Andrés Lozano Cortés

    Andrés Lozano Cortés

    5 个月 前

    @Ihuoma O thanks

  • Ihuoma O

    Ihuoma O

    5 个月 前

    @Andrés Lozano Cortés Hello by Martin Solvieg and dragonette

  • Carter McCall

    Carter McCall

    7 个月 前

    @Andrés Lozano Cortés no, he is saying that it's lando in the car

  • Andrés Lozano Cortés

    Andrés Lozano Cortés

    8 个月 前

    honey badger don’t give a shit, song?

  • zarin shapurjee
    zarin shapurjee年 前

    Haha all that head banging gave me a headache lmao

  • yokodos 2003
    yokodos 2003年 前

    2:41 that's lando not Carlos

  • 07EMGEE


    4 个月 前

    lol he was boppin to hello

  • Chloe Moodley

    Chloe Moodley

    11 个月 前

    exactly i was so confused and was like waittt thats lando

  • Jack Maguire

    Jack Maguire

    11 个月 前

    yokodos 2003 toro Rosso and Aston red bull

  • Koray Aysel

    Koray Aysel

    11 个月 前

    Yeah i mean also

  • yokodos 2003

    yokodos 2003

    年 前

    @Jenson Baker That's not Carlos's helmet

  • Karan Jain
    Karan Jain年 前

    I het these gussa head band hard with those necks

  • GFmanaic
    GFmanaic年 前

    You have the wrong name, this guy is Darren

  • Bryce Stewart

    Bryce Stewart

    年 前

    Hello Tom, I’m Darren! I might’ve got that backwards

  • Pavliuc Iana
    Pavliuc Iana年 前