Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris play 'What's in the Box Box Box?'


Watch what happened when we gave Carlos and Lando the 'scary' task of sticking their hands in a box without knowing what's inside...
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  • Alex- F1
    Alex- F14 天 前

    Saninz litteraly make a flappy bird noise at the one of pinocchio

  • carlirio neres
    carlirio neres8 天 前


  • carlirio neres
    carlirio neres8 天 前

    Muito obrigado, você salvou a minha vida com seu bom humor eu sou um grande FAN SEU CHEF

  • mayakovskaya
    mayakovskaya8 天 前

    Its the high pitched yelping and screaming for me

  • MatinKingston
    MatinKingston9 天 前

    Alternative title: 2 f1 drives making weird Mario noise over child toys

  • MissDezso
    MissDezso11 天 前

    4:41 A perfect moment of bromance

  • palalabu
    palalabu14 天 前

    watching it again in 2021 bc i miss carlando

  • Daven Llyod N. Ignacio
    Daven Llyod N. Ignacio17 天 前

    Lando: Scared Of Fish Fish: Why?!

  • Marsh Martinez
    Marsh Martinez19 天 前

    Jajajajajaja 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Liam Wood
    Liam Wood19 天 前

    2:16 Lando has been playing with Nickmercs too much

  • yingb1
    yingb120 天 前

    hhhhh,lando so cute😂

  • Nesya Sloane
    Nesya Sloane25 天 前

    Never have I seen two men so utterly lose their minds in such a short period of time

  • Wingbar
    Wingbar26 天 前

    2:32 Lando forgot that he still had hold of the fish 😂😂

  • Ness
    Ness26 天 前

    I love how Lando is afraid of Baby Yoda. 🤣

  • time for social orgasm
    time for social orgasm27 天 前

    i knew exactly what will be landos reactions before clicking the video lol

  • Alexa Paola Avalos Ruiz
    Alexa Paola Avalos Ruiz29 天 前

    Grrrrrrab it Grrrrrrab it with your hands 😂 Carlos accent it’s the best

  • ElitParaszt
    ElitParaszt29 天 前

    Imagine Tooned McLaren

  • NoobPyxl
    NoobPyxl个月 前

    Is this what non f1 fans think when there engineer's say BOX BOX BOX!

  • Mr Ottzer
    Mr Ottzer个月 前

    This is what Netflix call a rivlary

  • Anna Venturi
    Anna Venturi个月 前

    Bellissimo video Lando Norris e Carlos sainz cute 100 ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Erik Knudsen Mörk
    Erik Knudsen Mörk个月 前

    What's in the pit box?

  • Gianna Pastore
    Gianna Pastore个月 前

    I love how they risk their lives for their job but are scared to put their hand in a box hahahah

  • Sergio Davalos
    Sergio Davalos个月 前

    I love these two

  • Salvatore Scarpino
    Salvatore Scarpino个月 前

    But lando cheating

  • Eric Mehlis
    Eric Mehlis个月 前

    Who's that pokemon? Lando: IT'S BWOKEN!

  • Hafizh Ramadhani
    Hafizh Ramadhani个月 前

    This is youtube at its peak

  • Anna Sárváry
    Anna Sárváry个月 前

    I like this challenge!!

  • Megan Mackey
    Megan Mackey个月 前

    The aboriginal smell aesthetically nail because algebra peroperatively decay throughout a melted balance. overrated, penitent dead

  • Julio Bravo
    Julio Bravo个月 前

    When you are a F1 driver risking his life every two or three weekends... And still you are scared of baby yoda 😅😂😂 Lando Be Like: Minute 0:46

  • Fatima Irais Hernández Hernández
    Fatima Irais Hernández Hernández个月 前

    1:29 Sainz sounds like a strange laugh of Mario Bros HAHAHAHA

  • Hélène Vaneeckhout
    Hélène Vaneeckhout个月 前

    The way Lando is scared of Carlos at 3:32 lol

  • Kat D
    Kat D个月 前

    Well now I think Lando hates fish 2:30

  • S P
    S P2 个月 前

    I am gonna miss Sainz so much!

  • Buse Boskurt
    Buse Boskurt2 个月 前

    4:41 I swear this is pure joy and smile!! 😍😍

  • Alde Alln
    Alde Alln2 个月 前

    Lando’s AAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAA: 0:29 0:30 0:40 0:48 0:54 0:59 1:25 1:50 2:15 with: que passsaaaaa 2:33 2:50 4:18 4:25

  • ACErusea
    ACErusea3 个月 前

    I have a sinking feeling its not gonna be this hilarious with Ricciardo on the team now

  • Buse Boskurt
    Buse Boskurt3 个月 前

    4:13 OKAY BUT 👇🏼👇🏼 are we not gonna 👇🏼👅 talk about 👄 CARLOS' FINGERS!!?!!?

  • Judith Siapno
    Judith Siapno3 个月 前

    grrrrrrrab it gRRRRRRab it

  • Micah Lee
    Micah Lee3 个月 前

    What did Carlos call the shrimp at 3:00 ?? Haha I can’t seem to figure it out

  • Chan Mapurusa

    Chan Mapurusa

    2 个月 前

    I believe he said "cigalas" (prawn/crawfish in Spanish).

    DD_EZYCLAPZ153 个月 前

    I am sad to see Carlos leave 😪😭😭

  • Lando Norris 4
    Lando Norris 43 个月 前

    Lando notices fish "Ha Ha Ha" Lando NOTICES fish "AAAAAAAAAA"

  • Ayushee Saha
    Ayushee Saha4 个月 前

    The laughter in the background at Lando's reaction! These big bad fearless drivers are scared and whining, making the team double over with laughter 😂😂

  • Stiles C
    Stiles C4 个月 前

    USA loves McLAREN

  • mirandabr84
    mirandabr844 个月 前

    Carlos to Lando with the melon: ‘you’re gonna like the texture’ HAHAHAHA naughty pair!! 😂😂

  • mirandabr84
    mirandabr844 个月 前

    to bad that this video in only 5 mins..could have watched this for hours 😂😂😂

  • Schweizer MitStolz
    Schweizer MitStolz4 个月 前

    Lando: Oh lol that‘s a tail of a fish Lando 2 secs later: Wait..AHHHHHHHH

  • Meg F1 Weirdo
    Meg F1 Weirdo4 个月 前

    2:33 made me cry my eyes out of laughter

  • Tatyana Czaplicki
    Tatyana Czaplicki4 个月 前

    The shiny veil intralysosomally repair because brow radiologically sneeze as a milky spring. enormous, public gym

  • toni m.
    toni m.4 个月 前

    The intro line is copied from Inscope21

  • Angelica giuliani
    Angelica giuliani4 个月 前

    “Il tiramisù IL TIRAMISUUUUUU”

  • Tim Simpson
    Tim Simpson4 个月 前

    Man I love lando

    LFADAAA5 个月 前

    1:59 how can I not laugh along😂

  • Noah Finegan
    Noah Finegan5 个月 前


  • Milena Takenaka
    Milena Takenaka5 个月 前

    omgggg KKKKKKKKKKKKK Really really good

  • Leah Coughlan
    Leah Coughlan5 个月 前

    Omg Lando’s delayed reaction to the raw fish is everything

  • Maite Batzín
    Maite Batzín5 个月 前

    no quiero verlos separados:((((

    LFADAAA5 个月 前

    1:57 lando literally reminds me of a cat playing with something random😂

  • Carlos Ferrari
    Carlos Ferrari5 个月 前

    I legit laughed out loud hahaha

  • Lanina Nina
    Lanina Nina5 个月 前

    their laugh already similar


    I think that the secret of mclaren is this couple. I love this team mates

  • sofia montiel
    sofia montiel5 个月 前

    3:55 Lando bieng cute with the yoda 😍😜

  • Al Zappone
    Al Zappone5 个月 前

    This is epic

  • Google Account
    Google Account5 个月 前

    Muppet?? Like youu

  • SWTransport
    SWTransport5 个月 前

    3:34 ZOOM

  • Robin Lichtenthäler
    Robin Lichtenthäler5 个月 前

    I loved your Videos

  • Schrayy 05
    Schrayy 055 个月 前

    Lando first dont realize that it is a real fish

  • Zachary Ferraro
    Zachary Ferraro5 个月 前

    Box, box box, box box box, box box, BOX

  • William P
    William P5 个月 前


  • Daniel OMG extra
    Daniel OMG extra5 个月 前


  • CreamMints
    CreamMints5 个月 前

    I wanted to get into formula 1 and this channel has solidified my love for the Team. These videos are so much fun 😊

  • geovanesjunior
    geovanesjunior5 个月 前

    Seremos campeões em 2021

  • geovanesjunior
    geovanesjunior5 个月 前

    I love Mclaren , i love Nando , i love Riccardo

  • Kiki
    Kiki5 个月 前

    0:47 moment ahahahshsshs haven't seen anything more funny ndndjxjkx

  • Kiki
    Kiki5 个月 前

    Ahahahahha the best video in F1 family this duo is way much funnier than max and daniel 👌👌💖💗💘

  • riccardo banelli
    riccardo banelli5 个月 前

    I want see this challenge with Antonio and Kimi!!!!


    "that's it"


    Lando proceeds to eat tiramisu off his leg


    he really just threw tiramisu at Lando


    when he realized it was a fish hahahaha I'm dying

  • Lucy McGillan
    Lucy McGillan6 个月 前

    2:52 that’s a prawn 🦐 i’m pretty sure not a crayfish 🦞

  • Jonnny Ren
    Jonnny Ren6 个月 前

    0:35- 1:11 so basically Baby Yoda touching Baby Yoda. Wait, that came out wrong... And yes these two are the only two human beings where they can make inhuman screaming and laughing constitutional and legal.

  • Matthew Guanlao
    Matthew Guanlao6 个月 前


  • Holly Hunt
    Holly Hunt6 个月 前

    i wish they were in my box box box

  • Aditi
    Aditi6 个月 前

    Lando: sees the tail of the fish also Lando: grossed out by the fish also also Lando: REALISES IT'S A FISH!

  • مريم هيثم حميد عبد الرضا
    مريم هيثم حميد عبد الرضا6 个月 前

    Lol 😂😂😂😂

  • INTJ1348
    INTJ13486 个月 前


  • Kellogs C
    Kellogs C6 个月 前

    That woman at the end needs to chill telling them to move on. I get they have to make other videos but she just sounded rude.

  • Zados
    Zados6 个月 前

    Lando Drives a car with 300 kmh average over a bumpy track with a lot of highspeed turns but is afraid of baby yoda??

  • Vedant Agrawal
    Vedant Agrawal6 个月 前

    It's hard to imagine not seeing these two together next season!

  • Lily Evans
    Lily Evans7 个月 前

    5:21 Lando: "That's karma for giving me a fish!" *looks at Carlos Carlos: "I didn't get you a fish!"

  • Eclipse
    Eclipse7 个月 前

    5:13 Thank you for cleaning...AARGH!

  • steffen Bakker
    steffen Bakker7 个月 前

    Imagine being Zak Brown and walk in on this😅

  • looop tutorials
    looop tutorials7 个月 前

    I'm always coming back to this every time I have a bad day

  • Yuni Wahyu
    Yuni Wahyu7 个月 前

    Lando he's a funny man i love him😂😂😘

  • Adly Gara
    Adly Gara7 个月 前

    This is just sainz, imagine ricciardo doing this stuff with him loll

  • Tina larry
    Tina larry7 个月 前

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  • EsTa118
    EsTa1187 个月 前

    4:42 is basically their friendship captured in a picture. I love it.

  • Reece Reece
    Reece Reece7 个月 前

    This is more entertaining than F1.

  • isa
    isa7 个月 前

    I love the way Carlos says "Ladies and gentlemen"

  • Lucia Carapella
    Lucia Carapella7 个月 前

    I’ve watched this video three times already it never gets old I love them both so much