Can SORTED Make Dinner With My Fridge Leftovers?!

DIY 和生活百科

I challenged SORTEDFood to create dinner from whatever they could find in my kitchen! 10 minutes to search and confer & 20 minutes to cook the meal! CAN THEY DO IT?!?
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  • Michelle Chang
    Michelle Chang个月 前

    That was fine to watching you guys to cook in the it, well done !!

  • sphinx333
    sphinx3332 个月 前

    the 3 of them together don't make half a cook. they are fun and all and are perfect for this social media driven world, but cooking belongs elsewhere

  • R
    R3 个月 前

    Ben is adorable look at him Loving that there are trees he is my favourite if we had to have one

  • LeahInTheRye
    LeahInTheRye3 个月 前

    Can they do this in a college dorm though

  • Princess Foley
    Princess Foley5 个月 前

    Great way for a free meal 😆

  • Shane Dubose
    Shane Dubose5 个月 前

    We just made a complete dinner from my leftovers, now we're off to get some tacos 🤣

  • Rakshak Raghavan
    Rakshak Raghavan5 个月 前

    Man, I miss the Crystal Maze.

  • Fuyu Scarlet
    Fuyu Scarlet6 个月 前

    How to clear leftover food by making videos with friends 😃

  • HerNameWasKarl
    HerNameWasKarl7 个月 前

    I am here for the thirsty James comments 😍🙌😩!!!

  • Arina Nuha
    Arina Nuha7 个月 前

    those thing a leftover !!??

  • florian kopr
    florian kopr年 前

    Back in Ireland???????

  • Marta Colon
    Marta Colon年 前

    Why was the drawing torn into pieces and who broke his heart? 🤷 Search the pantry and whip up a meal in 20 min. There is a Korean t.v. show that cooks a gourmet meal in 15 minutes using the existing ingredients in the icebox/ fridge/cooler. It is a nice concept for a series: raid celebrities kitchen ingredients and make a gourmet meal.

  • griizinjkalns
    griizinjkalns年 前

    At what income is that fridge leftovers? To me it seems fully stocked.

  • Nodus Technologies
    Nodus Technologies年 前

    Either a very blatant misrepresenting title or you do not know the meaning of the word leftover. my lame blind aunt could whip up a dinner for a battalion in your kitchen. no bloody challenge at all.

  • RadicalRat
    RadicalRat年 前

    Make Dinner With Student Fridge Leftovers. Oh who am I kidding.

  • Maria K
    Maria K年 前

    Hi Donal, you should do a three part series with the Sorted guys vs Try Guys. it would be fanastic!

  • Krystal
    Krystal年 前

    Where’s the pregnant wife’s fork? Why isn’t she tasting first? Where are your manners? 😑

  • BioYuGi
    BioYuGi年 前

    I like the implication that his kitchen was better than that of a trained chef.

  • Taylor314T5
    Taylor314T5年 前

    That was awesome. Cooking something new from leftovers and pantry items is always a fun challenge, but I certainly wouldn’t have gotten where you did. Inspirational

  • Christine Morin
    Christine Morin年 前

    I have that kettle! First time my bf tried to use it, he reacted exactly like James. X'D

  • Lisa Jayasekera
    Lisa Jayasekera年 前


  • Keiran Mitchell
    Keiran Mitchell年 前

    A Scotsman, an Englishman and an Irishman walk into a kitchen...

  • Ndha
    Ndha年 前

    2:24 Ben's eye level cant reach thw pasta lmao

  • Camilla C.
    Camilla C.年 前

    This is a food and accent paradise combo!!! Luvin it!!

  • Randa Sameer
    Randa Sameer年 前

    Who got the pasta recipe? Can someone write it down, please

  • Lenny XLR
    Lenny XLR年 前

    Mushroom + Dill = Mushy Dill

  • Lourens van der Veen
    Lourens van der Veen年 前

    A diner for a pregnant lady with champagne and blue cheese? A chef should know that that is not really the best thing to serve, is it?

  • Ivy Okeyo
    Ivy Okeyo年 前

    Marry me James 😅❤️

  • Jake Taylor
    Jake Taylor年 前

    Dam son. James is buff!! Good on him for finding time to hit the gym

  • Fire Bomb
    Fire Bomb年 前

    that looks a lot like barry's kitchen

  • HMFan2010
    HMFan2010年 前

    James's Lunge at 9:01. Holy crap, look at that man's calf definition.

  • anthony konz
    anthony konz年 前

    Genius idea. Have 2 people come make you and your wife dinner. Doesnt cost anything.

  • Laurence von Winkenburger
    Laurence von Winkenburger年 前

    Wow. James' arse. We need more shots.

  • Gathuku Matheri
    Gathuku Matheri年 前

    This should turn into a series on Sorted Food called "Raid My Kitchen" where they try and make something with what's in people's kitchens

  • Emilykun
    Emilykun年 前

    I know it's too late now, but just so you know pregnant women shouldn't eat sprouts :x

  • LynxChan
    LynxChan年 前

    This is great but this fridge is 1000% better stocked than mine. They should try this with a fridge with an almost empty milk container, 2 eggs, one wilting bunch of shallots, and a ready meal that was "consume by" 2 days ago.

  • Adil Islam
    Adil Islam年 前

    First time on his channel, are you a vegan?

  • Eric Valor
    Eric Valor年 前

    That was a bit of brilliant, especially with the fresh figs! I really miss the fig tree I had in my yard at a place I rented years ago. I also had fabulous nectarine and peach trees that I brought back from dead, and several rose bushes that I similarly nursed back to robust health. The gardener thought his job was mow grass and spray RoundUp everywhere else - we had a "discussion" about never coming near the place with glyphosate ever again... I also reconditioned some 50 sq ft of fallow land into a beautiful vegetable and herb garden. I French-dug the dirt and mixed in fresh manure that I got from the dairy where I got my unpasteurized raw milk, then kept a fantastic vegetarian compost pit that got turned in every late winter. Those were some good years of cooking my own crops. I miss the plants but not the place...

  • Nina Grkovic
    Nina Grkovic年 前

    This was amazing. So good!

  • XaiOfRelief
    XaiOfRelief年 前

    There’s a sign that says “kitchen” because there isn’t a washing machine in the room.

  • longpastdue
    longpastdue年 前

    The Challenge: Make a dish out of the ingredients in my WORLDS BEST STOCKED HOME KITCHEN. Very well done but come over to my place and try this one out with my leftover pizza, italian dressing, and a half a dried out clove of garlic.

  • dxelson
    dxelson年 前

    when did you even move to LA??

  • Chris Ho
    Chris Ho年 前

    So most people in th u.s. have a cheese drawer or at least a section of the fridge

  • Candace Flynn

    Candace Flynn

    年 前

    Huh. So THAT'S what that part of my refrigerator is for? I did not know.

  • ashley steinhaus
    ashley steinhaus年 前

    How was that leftovers? That’s more food than I have in my kitchen after a shopping trip and I still live at home with my parents.

  • Matthew Carter
    Matthew Carter年 前

    Champagne in a dish for a pregnant woman 😂

  • Nina Zamora
    Nina Zamora年 前

    I love James reaction to the final dish hahahahhaa

  • Sinister Webster
    Sinister Webster年 前

    I"m normally very hesitant with my subscriptions and alerts but having Sorted over and watching on their channel has won me as a subscriber. Lets see what you do!! Also James and Ben without the normals is always entertaining.

  • Lunay LeZarde
    Lunay LeZarde年 前

    Fun, playful riff on my favorite Korean cooking show, _Naengjanuel Puttakae_ (Please Take Good Care of My Fridge). Yes, it's a real show on cable network JTBC, and it's hosted no less a guest chef than Gordon Ramsey (huzzah for earwigs and translators). He fared surprisingly well, considering how vastly different Korean tastes are from those of us in the West.

  • Wide Awake
    Wide Awake年 前

    I'm sorry but with the huge assortment of foods and spices, anyone should be able to make not just one but half a dozen delicious meals.

  • living Octopus
    living Octopus年 前

    Lmao I have the same kettle

  • Michał Gielniak
    Michał Gielniak年 前

    LEFTOVERS? WTF? You serious? Ypu have a fully packed fridge not leftovers. I just love these titles... ffs....

  • DIYwithHan {Han Thi}
    DIYwithHan {Han Thi}年 前

    Great challenge. Discovered your channel through honeysuckle. New subscriber!!

  • Garth
    Garth年 前

    3 mmmmmm!!!!!

  • Caroline Sereno
    Caroline Sereno年 前

    this format was so fun!!!

  • Jason Young
    Jason Young年 前

    James & Ben, I volunteer my kitchen & pantry for your next challenge, you just have to fly out to the East coast.

  • Lazy
    Lazy年 前

    Who was behind cam ? Barry ?

  • Lazy


    年 前

    Oh its Mike :D My bad :P

  • love-live-laugh
    love-live-laugh年 前

    James, by far is the yummiest...

  • Chris Kent
    Chris Kent年 前

    Need to do this again but with Jamie and Barry

  • shit lista
    shit lista年 前

    IS your wife hungry??? We need recipes too!

  • RukiaFujioka
    RukiaFujioka年 前

    Similar concept to the Korean show, please take care of my fridge! Love it!

  • PekoPekoPeko
    PekoPekoPeko年 前

    Hmm.. Donal Skehan voice is sound like Sovietwomble

  • K J.
    K J.年 前

    Starts video "Make me and my wife some dinner".... Ends video with "Okay we're off for tacos."

  • And Now For Something Completely Different
    And Now For Something Completely Different年 前

    James has arms that challenge the fit of any t-shirt.

  • Fat Lady Farmer
    Fat Lady Farmer年 前

    Sorted boys are amazing

  • Wendy Cooper
    Wendy Cooper年 前

    Sorted Food! Love them.

  • Faye McCarthy-Williamson
    Faye McCarthy-Williamson年 前

    Love this series! Looking forward to seeing you do more fridge dashing Donal!

  • Tuukka H.
    Tuukka H.年 前

    these "leftovers" looked pretty new and unopened.

  • Choly
    Choly年 前

    this is a great way to trick your cook friends to make you dinner, make it a challenge😂😂😂

  • Sea-Envy
    Sea-Envy年 前

    Crystal Maze = Legends of the Hidden Temple for Adults + Rocky Horror

  • KA AH
    KA AH年 前

    That was great! Was someone actually able to follow all that and right the recipe?

  • Aimee Le Lievre
    Aimee Le Lievre年 前

    Like obvs everyone is talking about how hot James is (always), but can we take a second to appreciate Ben in that shirt?? Perfect fit and super flattering! He's such a cutie!

  • DamascusTheyFell
    DamascusTheyFell年 前

    Either James’ T-shirt is tiny or he becoming a beast. Either way, I am here for it 😋

  • Hanna Lindén
    Hanna Lindén年 前

    "This is very intrusive, I do apologize." 😂 Ben and his politeness. ♥

  • LuckyOwl777
    LuckyOwl777年 前

    And I thought i had a super stocked fridge and pantry. Sheesh

  • Sassy Cassie
    Sassy Cassie年 前

    How long are you in the States? I’d love for you to come to Indiana!!

  • Hillary
    Hillary年 前

    You know, my kitchen also has leftovers... I challenge james to spend a month being my personal chef. For science.

  • Steve Ahlbom
    Steve Ahlbom年 前

    My kitchen: Leftover fragrant rice? I already ate that this morning. Seasonal fruits? I ate those too. 3 different types of mushrooms? Don't use at least two of those 'types' in anything you are serving to your mom.

  • Steve Ahlbom
    Steve Ahlbom年 前

    My kitchen: Leftover fragrant rice? I already ate that this morning. Seasonal fruits? I ate those too. 3 different types of mushrooms? Don't use at least two of those 'types' in anything you are serving to your mom.

  • Thandi B
    Thandi B年 前

    "this man has a cheese draw. Can I have your life?! - Ben :D Great Video-Format!!

  • CosmicBrain21
    CosmicBrain21年 前

    Great collab!

  • KarSto
    KarSto年 前

    A killer combo Donal! You and the Sorted food chefs. Love it! More please ❤️👍😊

  • 78vintages
    78vintages年 前

    "fridge leftovers" sure

  • Mathilde Sarthou
    Mathilde Sarthou年 前

    Is it just me or James is sexier every video ?

  • DXTakamina


    年 前 timestamp 3:33 have fun ;)

  • Disar
    Disar年 前

    [left overs] Pulls out sealed goods.

  • Vicky Jansen
    Vicky Jansen年 前

    Instead of sour cream with the mushrooms, I would of added a touch of sherry vinegar, summer zucchini and cherry tomatoes.......fresh basil and feta when the oven is off.

  • Raousex
    Raousex年 前

    Undrar vem jag såg göra detta först #MatKoma

  • Em Freeman
    Em Freeman年 前

    I'd love this but with a non-cheffy fridge. Like a can of meatballs, bread, jam and half a Fray Bentos pie.

  • linzertube
    linzertube年 前

    Time to let go of the milk, cheese and butter...better for the planet, the animals, and your family’s health. If you didn’t know, dairy farming is even MORE cruel than meat farming. Watch “Dairy is Scary” on CNboth. Glad to hear that you’re visiting Vegan restaurants, and your fridge and pantry are full of loads of veg, whole foods, and healthy choices.👏😃💗💗💗

  • Jesslyn Olivia Bun
    Jesslyn Olivia Bun年 前

    Ben: This man has a cheese drawer!! Donal: I do have a cheese drawer.. Ben: I want your life... Same Ben, same

  • aimee
    aimee年 前

    Donal: My pregnant wife will eat this James: CHAMPAGNE PASTA

  • aimee


    年 前

    @Virginia Harp you have to cook it for about 3 hours to fully remove it (depending on quantity) when people say theyre cooking it out theyre just removing the acidic flavour

  • Virginia Harp

    Virginia Harp

    年 前

    The alcohol cooks out of it so it's all good

  • Валерия Здорикова
    Валерия Здорикова年 前

    I just have to say that James is DISGUSTINGLY HOT in all the recent videos. He always is hot but latest ones i watch and have to pause and gasp at times because being this hot for no reason is just not appropriate.

  • Kobe Briant
    Kobe Briant年 前

    someone get ben in the gym please

  • Kateri Wynne
    Kateri Wynne年 前

    I'm all impressed then I remember they are both trained chefs! Lol!

  • Mike Bentham
    Mike Bentham年 前

    left overs an has the fridge fill up to the point you could make about 10 different things

  • ThePlanetSpinner
    ThePlanetSpinner年 前

    As soon as he mentioned the crystal maze I so now have the desire to see Ben playing my spinning planets game

  • Erikaahh_Mae
    Erikaahh_Mae年 前

    This is the best idea for a video EVER!

  • Julia V
    Julia V年 前

    This video is taunting me, there is absolutely no way for me to watch the Crystal Maze and I've been trying for years

  • Matthew Osborne
    Matthew Osborne年 前

    Ben answering the question that every uni student has googled. Can you make rice pudding with normal rice?

  • erikee71
    erikee71年 前

    This was awesome! Such a joy to watch...well done guys!

  • TwstdGypsy
    TwstdGypsy年 前

    Love the sorted boys! They made some delicious looking food, as always! Great vid!