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  • Best Cube
    Best Cube年 前

    Do you like my videos? Do you want to support me? Patreon - - Thank you!

  • Julius Killase

    Julius Killase

    3 个月 前

    @moscouinbox q QA qqqq

  • Ryuusuke Hyaku Sanjuuroku

    Ryuusuke Hyaku Sanjuuroku

    5 个月 前

    Could you at least provide the sources of the video before you add a link for your patreon

  • LUXRAY97


    年 前

    8:08 His Theme

  • A R T U R

    A R T U R

    年 前

    8:20 music pls

  • LeͥgeͣnͫdTM


    年 前

    *I love your videos but please leave the link in the comments*

  • Piotr Ś
    Piotr Ś14 小时 前

    16:42 ? :)

  • W// LEGACY
    W// LEGACY6 天 前

    playlist's music's pls?

  • Domitori P.
    Domitori P.15 天 前

    00:01 That was Joey's mom right there

  • Дима Бугровский
    Дима Бугровский17 天 前


  • Anastasia Yellow
    Anastasia Yellow个月 前


  • Sherman Curto
    Sherman Curto个月 前

    song 7:58 please

  • 7mood37 Alsada
    7mood37 Alsada个月 前

    4:09 song?

  • Agung Baros
    Agung Baros个月 前

    ❤️ watching from Indonesia 🇮🇩

  • LednacekZ
    LednacekZ个月 前

    6:28 I am not going to diss her kitchen skill but she just cracked a little bit of salt and pepper onto one piece. The rest are plain as shit.

  • Andrew Gardner
    Andrew Gardner个月 前

    @9:28 what song is that???

  • Paul Horn
    Paul Horn个月 前

    Does anybody know the song at 17:43? It's too short for shazam to work.

  • cloud emoji
    cloud emoji个月 前

    outro video pls?

  • Евгений Бор
    Евгений Бор2 个月 前

    Сначала подумал топыч будет лайком песель тащит пивас ,нопотом поплыли дельфины🥰🍺))))

  • EpikCOUBs
    EpikCOUBs2 个月 前

    Hi, you're making cool videos, and that's great. Good luck

  • 주간 나상욱
    주간 나상욱2 个月 前

    4:48 ?-_-?

  • Stone Cold
    Stone Cold2 个月 前

    10:28 Song pls

  • Kenny Lan
    Kenny Lan2 个月 前

    1:48 what is minus??


    19:41 что за музыка ? song pls ?

  • Sem Odio
    Sem Odio2 个月 前

    12:22 top mesmo em

  • Anh Hoang
    Anh Hoang2 个月 前

    that slap priceless :)) 17:17

  • Thanh Minh Phan
    Thanh Minh Phan2 个月 前

    3:58 wife in asian be like :

  • Assassins Creed
    Assassins Creed2 个月 前

    7:48 name of this song please

  • Хатиман
    Хатиман2 个月 前

    it actual in 2021))))

  • Virgiliu Oprea
    Virgiliu Oprea2 个月 前

    19:15 original video?

  • Руслан
    Руслан3 个月 前

    4:48 . tell me where to find all the video?

  • Jocelyne cupcake
    Jocelyne cupcake3 个月 前

    Irene's so cool ^u^ I love her style

  • Sajjad Khan
    Sajjad Khan3 个月 前

    18:40 the big bang theory

  • Hugo Montiare
    Hugo Montiare3 个月 前

    1:09 does anyone know what that privacy glass wall technology is called??? So cool!

  • Michael Van Der Beek

    Michael Van Der Beek

    2 个月 前

    Actually we have that in our trains in Singapore. The make the train windows blur when it passes near buildings to preserve the residents privacy.

  • HuHMGL Mongolia
    HuHMGL Mongolia3 个月 前

    21:08 background image source pls?

  • Dizzious
    Dizzious3 个月 前

    17:49 someone please tell me what is the song playing for this one?

  • Grizly Kiko
    Grizly Kiko3 个月 前

    0:59 song?

  • Mr. Moji4an
    Mr. Moji4an3 个月 前

    2:28 Что за видео?

  • pyrointeam
    pyrointeam3 个月 前

    Ok 16:11 really got me. Never laught that hard.

  • Лорд АБАДа́Л
    Лорд АБАДа́Л3 个月 前

    Ребят, подскажите пожалуйста песню с 01:32 Hi! Please, what is song on 01:32?

  • karlosRockPL
    karlosRockPL3 个月 前

    9:22 name music?

  • Huang William
    Huang William3 个月 前

    10:20 song is 【Baila Para Me / DJ Digress】

  • tornistan
    tornistan3 个月 前

    13:59 song?

  • Horacio Cayún
    Horacio Cayún3 个月 前

    9:58 song?

  • Hoàng Hải Phạm
    Hoàng Hải Phạm3 个月 前

    1:00 music? please

  • Sasay Ohayo

    Sasay Ohayo

    3 个月 前

    Move Your Body (Alan Walker Remix) ;)

  • Ragosh Games
    Ragosh Games3 个月 前

    18:19 what is that?

  • Jeanid Jean
    Jeanid Jean3 个月 前

    1.01 мужичек в красном. Как называется такая одежда подскажите пожалуйста

  • Николай Стегниенко
    Николай Стегниенко3 个月 前

    17.39 what track?

  • Mateusz Grzybowski
    Mateusz Grzybowski3 个月 前

    1:58 music?

  • dazaebaliuge
    dazaebaliuge3 个月 前

    1:23 - что за песня?

  • Roiser


    个月 前

    David Guetta - Dangerous

  • Tag301
    Tag3013 个月 前

    15:43 song?

  • Kharleel Yazit
    Kharleel Yazit3 个月 前

    The girl in the background looked more flawless with less make up 😂

  • Rullis
    Rullis3 个月 前

    4:47 thumbnail

  • Данияр мда
    Данияр мда3 个月 前

    4:52 what is name?

  • Vladilion90
    Vladilion903 个月 前

    Трек на 8:00?

  • Scottish Lass
    Scottish Lass3 个月 前

    3:43 that cats just chillin lol

  • chalga acc
    chalga acc3 个月 前

    10:30 whats the song

  • Фарит Фаррахов
    Фарит Фаррахов3 个月 前

    0:50....я тожетак на холоде умею🙂

  • Jepri Dandri
    Jepri Dandri3 个月 前

    0:39 4:49 8:38 9:48

  • H-0241-20 VED DIGEN PATEL
    H-0241-20 VED DIGEN PATEL3 个月 前

    4:12 song name ?

  • Nekopol
    Nekopol4 个月 前

    She , hwo is more Beautyfull than all the Models and Celebs. 11:58

  • The Lost Planet
    The Lost Planet4 个月 前

    3:57 When u sleep w/ opened eyes

  • Zidan Dwi Ramadhan
    Zidan Dwi Ramadhan4 个月 前

    2:28 what a song

  • Phatec
    Phatec4 个月 前

    10:20 song name is "baila para me"

  • oleg khulchyk
    oleg khulchyk4 个月 前

    6 10 what the music?

  • kM
    kM4 个月 前

    7:49 what kind of music is this

  • Данияр мда
    Данияр мда4 个月 前

    14:31 music please

  • Данияр мда
    Данияр мда4 个月 前

    16:42 what is name??? Music please!!!???

  • Данияр мда
    Данияр мда4 个月 前

    4:50 music please

  • Данияр мда
    Данияр мда4 个月 前

    6:20 music please

  • Данияр мда
    Данияр мда4 个月 前

    4:50 music please

  • Данияр мда
    Данияр мда4 个月 前

    4:35 music please

  • Данияр мда
    Данияр мда4 个月 前

    2:31 music please

  • hyam ocpk
    hyam ocpk4 个月 前

    The thoughtful witness optically challenge because stream scully risk beside a silent jump. actually, tricky act

  • Alexander Reprinceff
    Alexander Reprinceff5 个月 前

    11:48 что это за чудовище ? 🤯

  • Samuray Games
    Samuray Games5 个月 前

    2:27 music pls?

  • Psycho
    Psycho6 个月 前

    Whats the song at 04:08 called?🙏

  • bnnqwr12 bnnqwr12
    bnnqwr12 bnnqwr126 个月 前


  • Ashik Loki
    Ashik Loki6 个月 前

    What's the song from 20:53?

  • Erick De Ruiter
    Erick De Ruiter6 个月 前

    Outro song any1?

  • Hinata Hyuga
    Hinata Hyuga6 个月 前


  • Данияр мда
    Данияр мда6 个月 前


  • Player x
    Player x6 个月 前

    12:08 song name?

  • Ιερώνυμος Κόρακας
    Ιερώνυμος Κόρακας6 个月 前

    Who's the girl in the thumbnail? She's beautiful.

  • Keyser Soju

    Keyser Soju

    6 个月 前

    Feng Timo

  • Project Troller
    Project Troller6 个月 前

    lemme loff u

  • Ozan çetin
    Ozan çetin7 个月 前

    19.57 music name

  • Данияр мда
    Данияр мда7 个月 前

    16:43 what?? Music please

  • Данияр мда
    Данияр мда7 个月 前


  • Данияр мда
    Данияр мда7 个月 前

    6:26 music please

  • Данияр мда
    Данияр мда7 个月 前

    4:30 music please

  • Lay Limkhong
    Lay Limkhong7 个月 前

    9:58 song?

  • StickLazy
    StickLazy7 个月 前


  • Mo Riez
    Mo Riez7 个月 前

    16:42 y'all come look at this

  • Fedir Vostrykov
    Fedir Vostrykov7 个月 前

    Damn man, so many JOKES

  • Black_Pearl_5
    Black_Pearl_57 个月 前

    1:19 song name???

  • jfan4reva
    jfan4reva7 个月 前

    1:39 The History Channel guy wants to know your location.

  • Rebellious Nature

    Rebellious Nature

    5 个月 前

    Oh, the bow tie croissant...... Will be history that deserves to be remembered.

  • Bad Tiger
    Bad Tiger7 个月 前

    0:10 must be a kiwi😂🍻🍻

  • Давай Лама
    Давай Лама7 个月 前

    9:18 music please

  • amiller112
    amiller1127 个月 前

    8:28 is soo cute, until you realise he's just keeping his food dry XD

  • Sikkimese Gamer
    Sikkimese Gamer7 个月 前

    Frog time lapse was awesome

  • Marltino【まるちの】
    Marltino【まるちの】7 个月 前

    04:39 what’s this?

  • MadeInGermany94
    MadeInGermany948 个月 前

    5.08 is an awesome place to have breakfast

  • Sam Karpa
    Sam Karpa8 个月 前

    Thumbnail 4:48

  • varn
    varn8 个月 前

    4:38 🤔

  • 히히히
    히히히8 个月 前

    What kind of BGM is it at 1:30? Help me.