Behind the Scenes Of "Sorted"


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With great cars comes great tow rigs, here is a sneak peek to some of the cars that showed up to film the East Coast regional! Filming was awesome and I can't wait to share this series with you guys! Lets just say more than my face got burned!
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  • thomas forsyth
    thomas forsyth23 天 前

    Binge watched everything currently uploaded for sorted, just love the concept. How reliable is your juiced up street car? Simple and fantastic!

  • redslate32
    redslate32个月 前

    How do you "blow up" your ECU? 'Fry it,' sure, but Very Unlikely to have it explode.

  • Evo_Winters
    Evo_Winters个月 前

    Spoiler Late entry shows up and wipes the floor with the competition.

  • Stev A
    Stev A个月 前

    The Blue Porsche 911S turbo is absolutely stunning, and will definitely win this thing. It's got the best of all worlds, except price... BTW, can't wait to see episode 4!!!! This show is sooooo much better than corny shows like Top Gear. I hate all the silly stupid stuff they do. This is a good combo of a little messing around, and a lot of serious car stuff. Loved the first three episodes. I would so love to put my 720whp E92 335i into this competition, but it's my daily driver, and can't afford to have something happen to it. Not saying it would, but you never do know, do ya?

    FARSHID个月 前

    I can’t believe I missed you guys, I live in PGA National, and I actually can see my car in the background. Very cool that you guys chose this spot to film the intro.

  • Dude On Bike
    Dude On Bike2 个月 前

    If I had a 900 hp Porsche Turbo S, would I be ticketed and maybe arrested in the first: 1) 10 Minutes 2) Half hour 3) Hour 4) Day of driving it? Hard to say!

  • Dan Cundiff
    Dan Cundiff2 个月 前

    Great stuff Rob!! Great series! Should have offered my 1966 GT350 with 490 RWHP Road race street legal car!

  • Chaz Hinkle
    Chaz Hinkle2 个月 前

    LOL this video is so dark I’ll just take your word for it!

  • hanable moore
    hanable moore2 个月 前

    im so happy this show isnt corny or a top gear rip off. hats off to yall for understanding the car community.

  • //Project Grassroots
    //Project Grassroots3 个月 前

    Hey Rob. Are you guys keeping the track closed? I go there all the time and I have some free time next week. I'd love to come out and spectate!

  • dingus153
    dingus1533 个月 前

    Man I'm so sad Street Bandito had to pull out :(

  • F165
    F1653 个月 前

    Keeps doesn’t look like it’s helping you.

  • Sam Spezza
    Sam Spezza3 个月 前

    Based on the terrible night video quality, you must be filming on an iPhone.

  • Jon Kindschi
    Jon Kindschi3 个月 前

    Adventure drives of the north shore of Lake Superior would be dope. Duluth to Thunder Bay with plenty of good pit stops along the way.

  • Ernest Bamburg
    Ernest Bamburg3 个月 前

    Dam!!!!!! Where did all the, ravioli @ cannoli joke boys go ?? WHO CARES,,,,, you killin it rob, keep struttin!!

  • Nate Syring
    Nate Syring3 个月 前

    Reppin MN!

  • Jon Kindschi
    Jon Kindschi3 个月 前

    Minnesota represent.

  • GorgonGaming7
    GorgonGaming73 个月 前

    Hi Rob just wondering what time do you go live on Fridays? As I would love to watch live I’m in the UK

  • mark S

    mark S

    2 个月 前

    usually around midnight (Netherlands time)

  • RunAboveIt
    RunAboveIt3 个月 前

    Have you tried any gambling since hitting 777k subscribers? Any luck? Xp

  • Riley Adams
    Riley Adams3 个月 前

    Ratified motorsports for the win!!👀

  • Mehmet Kocaman
    Mehmet Kocaman3 个月 前

    That Viper is nuts

  • Danny Mitchell
    Danny Mitchell3 个月 前

    When is the show being released??

  • James Misener
    James Misener3 个月 前

    Lighting leaves everything to be desired❗

  • Dion Florio
    Dion Florio3 个月 前

    Rob if you would have picked my Camry wagon I could have drove it down with you and 5 other passengers. I guarantee that my car would have survived and been able to drive home while laughing at all the broken cars on the trailers. Lol

  • Ron Gosciniak
    Ron Gosciniak3 个月 前

    Hey Rob, I see the Rachels banner in the background of the beginning of the video... I have a history with that place... Also great food there too...

  • Sign Deals
    Sign Deals3 个月 前

    That uncentered T-shirt hurts my brain

  • Hubjeep
    Hubjeep3 个月 前

    I never heard the term "sorted" until watching Hoovies Garage

  • Dan Y
    Dan Y3 个月 前

    Great job on filming skills. Did you bring the producer from game of thrones?

  • G Smith
    G Smith3 个月 前

    This is gonna be awesome! Can’t wait! I wanna watch now! That’s cool coming to Maine for adventure drive! Nice time of year

  • Rich T.
    Rich T.3 个月 前

    Was I the only one who couldn’t see much due to the lighting issues? 😳😬😳 Anyway a 👍🏻 from me!

  • Jared Brockman
    Jared Brockman3 个月 前

    Ayy I know that car in the thumbnail! Rathanas Audi is so sick, and an all around awesome dude hope things went well for his car!

  • Dsok0314
    Dsok03143 个月 前

    911 turbo with TE37!!! Classic

  • dan ledouche
    dan ledouche3 个月 前

    Content starts at 1:13

  • flatline7310
    flatline73103 个月 前

    Going to be fun

  • Jamal Dumaka
    Jamal Dumaka3 个月 前

    Those look like Calvo Motorsports cars. I follow them on IG and their builds are sick. I can’t wait to see Tanner hooning that Porsche.

    KINGZY3 个月 前

    We need to see B is for Build Burtacon on here

  • Justa Hasbeen
    Justa Hasbeen3 个月 前

    Fall foliage is already peaking in northern NE. You'll be checking out bare trees.

  • Watches&Cars
    Watches&Cars3 个月 前

    When can we expect the first episode to drop ?

  • Pleasant pvp
    Pleasant pvp3 个月 前

    I admire rob because he has the knowledge of a million dollar a year man while purposely putting himself in non lucrative market that he enjoys.

  • oldsilenthill1
    oldsilenthill13 个月 前

    cant wait!!!

  • Plumbaman13
    Plumbaman133 个月 前

    You should’ve seen if you could’ve got Leroy on the show

  • Plumbaman13


    3 个月 前

    Or ruby

  • Woody Balto
    Woody Balto3 个月 前

    I hope this is like Hyperdrive without the Hollywood retardedness.

  • Darren Frank
    Darren Frank3 个月 前

    I'm going to do Adventure Drives one of these years.

  • User Anonymous

    User Anonymous

    10 天 前

    sure u will

  • badazzlemons


    3 个月 前

    Same tbh

  • snakerb


    3 个月 前

    Darren Frank that’s my goal

  • jeroen
    jeroen3 个月 前

    meh youtubers should stick to youtube. this shit never works and its mostly cringe. out of those guys rob is the only one i like though so maybe ill give it a chance.

  • Bingly N
    Bingly N3 个月 前

    Did street banditos make it?

  • stick004
    stick0043 个月 前

    Rob! Please make sure Street Banditos get a second chance back! I want to see Tanner topping that Full carbon TT 240Z!!! Please man. Keep them on your list!

  • Nick D
    Nick D3 个月 前

    Yep.. Just was at Stowe this last weekend, peak foliage is now.. Don't worry you will see snow up there, end of October/most likely!

  • TheMr3742
    TheMr37423 个月 前

    Rob is the man! Wish I could meet him

  • Mike Shoultz
    Mike Shoultz3 个月 前

    I wanna see streetspeed on this!

  • Jonathan Ortiz
    Jonathan Ortiz3 个月 前

    Ok rob. I’m impressed. 😀👍🏻🤙🏻

  • Rafael Pozzan
    Rafael Pozzan3 个月 前

    The episodes will be on this channel or on a channel of it's own?

  • Toking 204
    Toking 2043 个月 前

    Only heavy hitters I know are my expensive ass dab rigs 😂

  • 2fastHarley


    3 个月 前

    “Expensive ass” and dab rigs don’t belong in the same sentence. Upon second thought I guess you could be under 20 and explains why it’s expensive..

  • CrxKid
    CrxKid3 个月 前

    Really...COME ON... you guys are taking near new shop built cars by big company names? CICIO performance 900 porsche..that’s literally a package offered by their shop in Atlanta..not a garage are multiple cars on this “sorted” show. Kind of disappointed. Had high hopes for this but having companies NEW shop cars isn’t really fair to the the real garage built cars.

  • Treavor Nielsen

    Treavor Nielsen

    2 个月 前

    Ratifieds Audi is built by him and him alone..this kid definitely knows what he is doing... best as far as im concerned.. Ratified Motorsports is were it's at

  • Robert Stahl

    Robert Stahl

    3 个月 前

    @C- fair enough The car seems like it's getting close to completion though. We need a shootout of full one off engineering marvels

  • C-


    3 个月 前

    @Robert Stahl well to be fair he has been trying to do a video with that 4 rotor for about 5 years now... its never done and will never be done

  • Robert Stahl

    Robert Stahl

    3 个月 前

    Should have collaborated with other CNboth channels who are doing fully custom one-off stuff... Like Rob Dahm's 4 rotor RX.

  • Miamiheat9517


    3 个月 前

    CrxKid yeah or msrp price limit

  • DK diesel
    DK diesel3 个月 前

    East vs Midwest??? of course midwest wins..

  • Branden
    Branden3 个月 前

    I’m 26th😁

  • Bill Leonard
    Bill Leonard3 个月 前

    Sounds interesting

  • greatmonkeez
    greatmonkeez3 个月 前

    Almost positive that Turbo S was at TX2K?

  • Scott Lauren
    Scott Lauren3 个月 前

    Purple Viper ACR for the win.

  • Stev A

    Stev A

    个月 前

    No, the Porsche will bury it on the track. Not even close. And the Porsche has much, much, MUCH better daily driving aspects to it.

  • Brandon Roberts
    Brandon Roberts3 个月 前

    This is gonna be sick!!!

  • Michael Bacon
    Michael Bacon3 个月 前

    Really excited to see the show!!!!!

  • FatherBootyHands
    FatherBootyHands3 个月 前

    sweet Minnesota

  • wickedehh
    wickedehh3 个月 前

    To the person that’s reading this: You’re a very beautiful and adorable human! Stay healthy during quarantine ☁️ My dream is to hit 1k, I’ve been struggling to get there 💨

  • Scott Lauren

    Scott Lauren

    3 个月 前

    Quarantine has been over for quite a while.

  • Sean John022992
    Sean John0229923 个月 前

    Looks Super Cool! When are we going to get to see this rob?

  • Richard Fitzwell
    Richard Fitzwell3 个月 前


  • X
    X3 个月 前

    UGR R8

  • HDStudios
    HDStudios3 个月 前

    I have that same shirt!

  • Aaron Jesse
    Aaron Jesse3 个月 前

    Just came for a peak of the Street Bandito Z...

  • neez duts

    neez duts

    3 个月 前

    stick004 they said on their ig that they wouldn’t make it

  • stick004


    3 个月 前

    neez duts, they have not posted another video since they told us they got invited. The broke on the dyno in an earlier vid. I still get the feeling they are the one who burned an ECU on the dyno. I hope the get a second chance.

  • neez duts

    neez duts

    3 个月 前

    @j17b8198 They didn't. There was a video on it. They were told about the show super late :/

  • j17b8198


    3 个月 前

    i have a bad feeling thats one of the cars that didn't make it :(

  • David P.
    David P.3 个月 前

    "Getting old sucks". Take it from someone who's nearly died 4 times in my 55 years...getting old is awesome.

  • Mr.Nobody


    3 个月 前

    love your positive attitude :)

  • mornadu
    mornadu3 个月 前

    Im sure the video was great for those with night vision

  • FatherBootyHands


    3 个月 前

    I have night blindness

  • John Zuege
    John Zuege3 个月 前

    That Porsche is gorgeous in blue. I'm excited for this.

  • Mr Ahhsum

    Mr Ahhsum

    3 个月 前


  • David Popielinski
    David Popielinski3 个月 前

    Always early! Keep up the great work and awesome content Rob! Best channel on the tube! Don't worry about getting old, it happens to the best of us!

  • Kim Adrian Lyngstad
    Kim Adrian Lyngstad3 个月 前


  • John Zuege

    John Zuege

    3 个月 前

    3 what?

  • Rog Mcg
    Rog Mcg3 个月 前


  • Zayne’s World

    Zayne’s World

    3 个月 前

    Rog Mcg 👍

  • Zayne’s World
    Zayne’s World3 个月 前