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  • Murayama San•
    Murayama San•9 小时 前

    What name song?

  • kenniv keene
    kenniv keene16 小时 前

    hol up the last audition know davids bank account cause how will he predict it?

  • Paye PhyoAung
    Paye PhyoAung17 小时 前

    Guys i thinks i lost my heart i didn't cry

  • Curt Heiner
    Curt Heiner20 小时 前

    Magical bones should be the best in the world be is inspiring

  • Leah Alvarado
    Leah Alvarado22 小时 前


  • rylee games Kent
    rylee games Kent天 前

    omg when she look at dog and dog look back it made me cry so sad omg i wish i hade a dog i staded up at 3am too for this video so cute and sad OMG and when the tow dogs went to rud my hart was happy and sad OMG i love DOges

  • R27T راحت
    R27T راحت天 前

    20:22 i laughed soooo hard im gonna cry oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Somia876 Akter linda745**
    Somia876 Akter linda745**天 前

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  • Ming Wu
    Ming Wu天 前

    Cool magic

  • Iamfaith faith
    Iamfaith faith天 前

    this is the best show

  • Phil Buss
    Phil Buss2 天 前

    How you can torture a dog.. a cat.. or any animals ? OUH MY GAWD THIS MAKES ME VERY ANGRY

  • Kaka Spencer
    Kaka Spencer2 天 前

  • Luis Asuncion (LuisAsuncion)
    Luis Asuncion (LuisAsuncion)2 天 前

  • sarl Lantape
    sarl Lantape2 天 前

    Haha nice dogie🤗✔️💖🌏

  • Beng Keng Ng
    Beng Keng Ng2 天 前

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  • Beng Keng Ng
    Beng Keng Ng2 天 前

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  • Howell Linda
    Howell Linda2 天 前

    Wow can just believe this I got my cvv from Milan dumps this evening..gat your back bro.🤜🤜?

  • Julie Tibong
    Julie Tibong2 天 前

    Woow I’m impressed,Simon looks 50👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Nicole Savova
    Nicole Savova2 天 前

    By the way i love you David you are my fav author and simon- fav judge! Amanda you are so nice and alesha you are very funny!

  • Nicole Savova
    Nicole Savova2 天 前

    The first one was so sad! I almost cried!

  • Celebs News-updated
    Celebs News-updated3 天 前

    The second one was the best

  • Ruey Castro
    Ruey Castro3 天 前

    People said that they are just animals well i said they are not just animals they are family

  • Valeria Sicairos
    Valeria Sicairos3 天 前

    The first was sooooo sad 🥺🥺

  • Thoriq Hutagalung
    Thoriq Hutagalung3 天 前

    did you know that dog can hypnotised ?

  • Deena Nia
    Deena Nia3 天 前

    I one too cry

  • Erika Richards
    Erika Richards4 天 前

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  • Sonia Virgo
    Sonia Virgo4 天 前

    Aww I was born on that day too🥰

  • Sonia Virgo

    Sonia Virgo

    4 天 前

    Valentine's day 🌹

  • Zahrah syahadah
    Zahrah syahadah4 天 前

    I came here be watch magic trick not to cry... Dislike

  • Aden Beast
    Aden Beast4 天 前

    same watching a ten year old saying Simon's birthday age is 80 cracked me up and its 3 am

  • Nham Nha Ly
    Nham Nha Ly4 天 前

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  • ¿Flying Angels?
    ¿Flying Angels?4 天 前


  • John hacker

    John hacker

    3 天 前

    @maka report

  • maka


    3 天 前

    he is called black not “brown”.

  • Lexi Parker
    Lexi Parker4 天 前

    Omg the first one. I’ve been crying for a hour

  • Yasyasghita Yasyasghita
    Yasyasghita Yasyasghita5 天 前


  • Breanne Anderson
    Breanne Anderson5 天 前

    I am praying for your dog!!!!

  • GunStryker666
    GunStryker6665 天 前

    The second one deserved the golden buzzer

  • H i r o s e n p a i
    H i r o s e n p a i5 天 前

    The third or fourth performance melted my heart ✨❤❤

  • Loquito633 Igl
    Loquito633 Igl5 天 前

    The multiplications of the 3 dates = 156,070,640. The phone before the pin show 157,612,840. Why ? But none of those 2 numbers divided by a 4 digit number gives you 71,059.

    H.N.I.C STORE6 天 前


  • Faiza Altaf
    Faiza Altaf6 天 前

    Yeah they were amazing but don't pls show me s*m*n cowbell

  • Men GemX
    Men GemX6 天 前

    All who are tearing for dog you idiots don't know about Kashmiri's and Palestinians

  • M A
    M A6 天 前

    beware 2:10...tears came immediately to my eyes...Fantastic show just got me back to earth there...

  • Danae Wingard
    Danae Wingard6 天 前

    omg the puppy

  • ashley torres
    ashley torres8 天 前

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  • Skully
    Skully8 天 前


  • DanielFireCopter_CalFire
    DanielFireCopter_CalFire8 天 前

    Man anyone cut Onions 🧅 4:00

  • Predictable Pabst
    Predictable Pabst8 天 前

    So dumb they said all dates we just can calculate everything by ourselves and have his bank account login

  • Elizbeth Guerrero
    Elizbeth Guerrero8 天 前

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  • ilikefriess
    ilikefriess8 天 前

    i got chills while watching Miracle’s story.

  • Latonya Fisher
    Latonya Fisher8 天 前

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  • red Collins
    red Collins9 天 前

    Love the bow tie and many blessings to them

    ANB SNKRS9 天 前

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  • Logan Danielson
    Logan Danielson9 天 前

    18:25 Walliams: "is that Noel?"

  • Cherry A
    Cherry A9 天 前

    It's amazing

  • Neda Gencheva
    Neda Gencheva9 天 前

    I swear to God I am good. I just was going to sleep and just close my eyes and then in 11:15 (I think) I heard something. I don't know how but i just jump out of my bed. Hahaha... That happend because i heard the saundtrack. It was Harry's song Falling and you know I just fall and start singing. Yeah that is a pretty stupid comment but its alright. GO AND STREAM: REMEMBER BY LIAM PAYNE, DEFENCELESS BY LOUIS TOMLINSON AND RIGHT NOW BY ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!

  • Og Charged
    Og Charged10 天 前

    Imagine that the little kid just running away from the studio after he did that magic trick with his shoes

  • Phoebe Avelino
    Phoebe Avelino10 天 前

    Can anyone tell me the song played at the end with the boy cracking the egg

  • Nhoj Yevrah Sagarap Oatalub
    Nhoj Yevrah Sagarap Oatalub10 天 前


  • Sangita vsromana Petterson987**
    Sangita vsromana Petterson987**10 天 前

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  • The Edwards
    The Edwards10 天 前

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  • Paige Manny
    Paige Manny11 天 前

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  • Barrows Lincoln
    Barrows Lincoln12 天 前

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  • Azad official
    Azad official12 天 前

  • Nils Martschin
    Nils Martschin12 天 前

    Zum kotzen 🤮👎👎👎 nur deutsche Videos ! Bedankt euch bei CNboth für Daumen runter 👎

  • Makayla .-.
    Makayla .-.12 天 前

    Omg the first one- 🥺

  • Alejandro Martinez
    Alejandro Martinez12 天 前

    That box with the swords one was crazy

  • Lil' Lemon
    Lil' Lemon12 天 前

    The first one really got me

  • Elissar Khodr
    Elissar Khodr13 天 前


  • What’s Up

    What’s Up

    9 天 前

    If it moves it lives 🤣🤣🤣

  • Elissar Khodr
    Elissar Khodr13 天 前

    The first one amazing ♥︎

  • Saisagar Tata
    Saisagar Tata13 天 前

    What was that watch trick?

  • ALL Restoration
    ALL Restoration13 天 前

    I really like this show

  • Anne Corey
    Anne Corey13 天 前

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  • Annmary Charles
    Annmary Charles13 天 前

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    marlon detorres13 天 前

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  • DaKittyGal
    DaKittyGal13 天 前

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  • DaKittyGal
    DaKittyGal13 天 前

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    Balistreri Elroy13 天 前

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  • Ayman Al Mughrabi
    Ayman Al Mughrabi13 天 前

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  • •Cry baby•
    •Cry baby•14 天 前

    when he puts his bank number we can easily- rovers out there: ~leaning closely to read my comment~ me: er...USE MATH

  • Loquito633 Igl

    Loquito633 Igl

    5 天 前

    The multiplications of the 3 dates = 156,070,640. The phone before the pin show 157,612,840. Why ? But none of those 2 numbers divided by a 4 digit number gives you 71,059. Fake numbers.

  • Jijo Shaji
    Jijo Shaji14 天 前

    What did the mentalist do?

  • Optimus Prime
    Optimus Prime14 天 前

    Amanda maried me, 😄

  • Denis D
    Denis D14 天 前

    First one was just pathetic

  • MiraclzHD
    MiraclzHD15 天 前

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  • Riya U
    Riya U15 天 前

    *I bet all of these people got golden buzzers*

  • Priya Shreiya
    Priya Shreiya15 天 前

    Expected to be amazed but cried because of the puppy’s story.

  • Glitter Stella
    Glitter Stella15 天 前

    The 3rd was the best!!

  • Naveed Rana
    Naveed Rana15 天 前

    Very poor type of magic trick have in this video.. Waist of time 👎👎

  • Iamconfusion
    Iamconfusion15 天 前

    The first one was so Heartwarming for me....

  • Ravi Gogoi
    Ravi Gogoi16 天 前

    Aren't you the Sam people's who eat bacon in breakfast and a steak at dinner. If you love animals, then love all of them.

  • Joe Raihan
    Joe Raihan16 天 前

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  • GreenMushroomable
    GreenMushroomable16 天 前

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  • John Doer
    John Doer16 天 前

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  • Raiden Casm
    Raiden Casm17 天 前

    21:26 BEST SCENE 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


    February 14 is my sisters birthday

  • Tô Hoàng phúc
    Tô Hoàng phúc17 天 前

    No no no no no

  • Dev Wadhvana
    Dev Wadhvana17 天 前

    Guys guys dont fall into the second trick its clear scam. look at the video in 0.25 speed at 6:25 if u see properly he takes the card from simon and keeps it in mid of the deck rite, he also keeps track of the card by keeping one of his fingers in it and then he flips the card from the mid to the top. U will be able to see this ONLY if ur not blind, and then as he throws all the cards in the air the top of the deck is simo's card he illusionizes ur eyes by focusing u on his back flip rather than the card and as he throws the cards he holds the card which simon signed. AND THATS WHAT U CALL SCAM.

  • Alexandra Mondell
    Alexandra Mondell17 天 前

    Why the first one have me crying though 😭😭😭😭

  • Anonymous Anonymous
    Anonymous Anonymous17 天 前

    Who's cutting onions?

  • spaberry
    spaberry18 天 前


  • spaberry


    18 天 前