A Look Back At The 2020 F1 Season - FIA Gala Prize Giving Ceremony


All the storylines and key moments from the 2020 F1 season, as featured at the FIA Gala Prize Giving Ceremony in December...
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  • Kibitzer
    Kibitzer2 天 前

    These edits just get worse and worse...more effects and random sequences that interrupt the flow of the video do not a better edit make! Surely these aren't the same people who did the Story of the 2018 Season?!

  • Rahul Bhatnagar
    Rahul Bhatnagar2 天 前

    Dont know why sicko mode like effects are over powered in it. 😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Amanda
    Amanda3 天 前

    More like a look back at Lewis' 2020 F1 season featuring others...LOL!

  • Samuca Ferreira
    Samuca Ferreira4 天 前

    The my Facebook Debora Barbosa da Silva my History CNboth and Stragm whatAspp.

  • Oot Oot
    Oot Oot5 天 前

    3:17 if power rangers was a religious show

  • Minh Quan Vo
    Minh Quan Vo6 天 前

    Can anyone name all of the song played in here? Thanks

  • Jakob Nilsson
    Jakob Nilsson8 天 前

    the best video on yt so far

  • szewei85
    szewei859 天 前

    haha this is like the unofficial drive 2 survive 3 trailer

  • SlendySniper
    SlendySniper10 天 前

    Anyone know the name of the final song used in this video??

  • Romanian Traditional Music
    Romanian Traditional Music10 天 前

    Fernando Alonso 2021 🥰🥰🥰

  • Samuca Ferreira
    Samuca Ferreira10 天 前

    SOS I Love you

  • Slim Shetty
    Slim Shetty10 天 前

    Lewis need not make this about the money . Break the record retire let George do his ting

  • Boopathy karuppusamy
    Boopathy karuppusamy13 天 前

    can anyone tell me the background songs played throughout this video?

  • Jaishan Varatharasa
    Jaishan Varatharasa13 天 前

    Editors went crazy, awesome job boys

  • Brandon Lee
    Brandon Lee14 天 前

    I would say GOAT in the modern era. NOT a fan of sir.Lewis but I certainly do appreciate him. It’s so easy to let the success and fame get to you, Lewis has remained a humble guy and I absolutely love him for that. Ps. Stoping winning so much, we need misfield drivers on the podium 😂😭

  • zNoToRiUsx BlxCk
    zNoToRiUsx BlxCk15 天 前

    Williams, McLaren and Ferrari has more constructors world championship

  • lukeLP17
    lukeLP1715 天 前

    Its look like some very cool movie trailer

  • Onur Durgun
    Onur Durgun16 天 前

    Awesome edit! That´s what we like to see!!!!

  • Mateusz Broawhiz
    Mateusz Broawhiz16 天 前

    This video is literally Lewis Hamilton 2020 highlights.

  • Hazik Aiyan
    Hazik Aiyan16 天 前

    I've watched this for about 20 times. Absolutely loved this

  • Maja Trana
    Maja Trana16 天 前

    Chef´s kiss to the editors! Simply lovely

  • Mehreen Manzoor
    Mehreen Manzoor17 天 前

    Loved it!!!

  • Nurkholik
    Nurkholik17 天 前

    off season : F1 editors : lets make it more interesting motogepe editors : boring as always

  • Tamas Kelemen
    Tamas Kelemen17 天 前

    Maybe the editor of this video should get the 50 millions instead of Lewis. (btw. if someone could tell me the first dnb song's name i'd be grateful)

  • Lars Erik
    Lars Erik17 天 前

    The people disliking, just have epilepsis, or whatever its called. hahaha

  • Tio Siagian
    Tio Siagian17 天 前


  • CanisMajoris
    CanisMajoris17 天 前

    Anyone know the song at 4:24 ?

  • ogiux


    22 小时 前

    You're Gonna Love Me · Matthew Goodman featuring Matthew Bento

  • Mariaaa_Slm
    Mariaaa_Slm18 天 前

    The Visuals 🥵🔥🔥 on fire!! On point !!

  • Amtranik
    Amtranik18 天 前

    This was by far the best video I've ever watched

  • Logic223
    Logic22318 天 前

    GUYS I FOUND SOMETHING ABOUT SONG FROM 06:00 or 05:50 whatever. William Davies & Dag Torgersbraten - Veteran

  • Logic223


    16 天 前

    Yup because there is only one site where you can buy this. There is no other way to obtain it.



    16 天 前

    Any idea where we can download it from

  • Matthias Pin

    Matthias Pin

    17 天 前

    There's no musics called like this

  • Rushikesh Ware
    Rushikesh Ware18 天 前

    This Christmas, when editors got to do Work From Home : Kickass Mode On!

  • Elizabeth Del castillo
    Elizabeth Del castillo18 天 前

    Imagine for the memes... they fit in the FISHER track Lando always sings... IN A SERIOUS VIDEO

  • Lars Erik
    Lars Erik18 天 前

    Whatis the song of Lewish hamilton 2020 season win review?

  • Lars Erik

    Lars Erik

    18 天 前

    What is* Lewis***'

  • Max Babutzka
    Max Babutzka18 天 前

    Lewis Hamilton? 👎 George Russel 👍

  • Qaiser The Cuber

    Qaiser The Cuber

    18 天 前

    @Max Babutzka Hamilton isn't just a normal driver he LITERALLY broke Micheal Schumacher record

  • Max Babutzka

    Max Babutzka

    18 天 前

    @Qaiser The Cuber tatally overpaid, normal driver in the best car but other Drivers are much better. To much hype about nothing. IT's not worth 40 Million!! IT's a shame you didn't tanke the Russel ore Vettel!

  • Qaiser The Cuber

    Qaiser The Cuber

    18 天 前

    What do you mean

  • SsS
    SsS18 天 前


  • PogMaster
    PogMaster19 天 前

    I wonder when Drive to Survive S3 will come around.

  • A D
    A D19 天 前

    Hamilton is an Expat.

  • Yeonjoon Hong
    Yeonjoon Hong19 天 前

    @3:18 what's pierre gasly doing?

  • Dawid Lewandowski
    Dawid Lewandowski19 天 前

    Lewis uwielbiam Cię.Tak dalej. Każdy rok będzie Twój ja wiem o tym.

  • Thijstea
    Thijstea19 天 前

    okay okay. too much hamilton. yes he's a 7 time world champ but calm down

  • fish
    fish19 天 前

    This is some next level production value, editors, keep it up!

  • fish
    fish19 天 前

    1:07 thats one SICK transition

  • Hammad Ali
    Hammad Ali19 天 前

    not a Hamilton fan personally but why the f are ppl so obsessed over hating him like, mans goin places support him!

    HAANRI19 天 前

    Mercedes AMG is the king of F1 not Lewis Hamilton, lets be real here!



    18 天 前

    @Qaiser The Cuber No he is not, he is just better than his teammate

  • Qaiser The Cuber

    Qaiser The Cuber

    18 天 前

    Mercedes AMG is the best F1 car and Lewis Hamilton is the best driver

  • Bruno Lima Dias
    Bruno Lima Dias19 天 前

    These glowing lights were kinda cringing...

  • dayanish JOSE
    dayanish JOSE19 天 前

    sergio deserved a little more screen time for his first win.

  • sis vs bro channel
    sis vs bro channel20 天 前

    There vids

  • Allan Lecoeur
    Allan Lecoeur20 天 前

    Song ?????? (5:54 - 7:08)

  • Nico Longo
    Nico Longo20 天 前

    Can anyone name the song starting at 4:00?

  • ogiux


    22 小时 前

    You're Gonna Love Me · Matthew Goodman featuring Matthew Bento

  • KSok
    KSok20 天 前

    4.42 nice silverstone circuit that hungary's got there

  • GameSpy DarkAge
    GameSpy DarkAge20 天 前

    Heres one for 2021- keep your political views out of the sport/any entertainment for that matter.

  • Dennis 172

    Dennis 172

    20 天 前

    Literally ruining this sport

  • Starrybeam 787
    Starrybeam 78720 天 前

    hamilton humble beginings: Straight into the mclaren, in the merc.... okay

  • Ashley Daniels

    Ashley Daniels

    19 天 前

    well at least he did something with it....one of the best rookie seasonsv ever,second season,WDC. enough said,from humble beginnings.....

  • Schmideel
    Schmideel20 天 前

    What a sick edit!

  • Adnan Zaki
    Adnan Zaki20 天 前

    "Get in there Lewis!"

  • Matt Richards
    Matt Richards20 天 前

    was this made by someone who just discovered adobe premiere lol

  • Virrefirre
    Virrefirre21 天 前

    skip the Hamilton part

  • Mariangela Pinto
    Mariangela Pinto21 天 前

    I don't know why but this make me cry 😭 what a season ✨✨✨

  • Jysn C
    Jysn C21 天 前

    I was lowkey looking forward to the Australian GP this year but nope

  • invasion anime
    invasion anime21 天 前

    Songs ?

  • Schalk Naudé South Africa
    Schalk Naudé South Africa21 天 前


  • Arch Vile
    Arch Vile21 天 前

    Yep, keep that contract going F1, true fans know what you are doing.

  • Jakub Pataj
    Jakub Pataj21 天 前

    6:07 name of the song please

  • wszystkossie


    18 天 前

    William Davies & Dag Torgersbraten - Veteran

  • Jusuf Nuhovic
    Jusuf Nuhovic21 天 前

    4:42 what is the name of the song ?

  • Zakari


    21 天 前

    You're gonna love me - Matthew goodman

  • Joe Auger
    Joe Auger21 天 前

    Editing recently has been 🔥

  • Joussef Abou Ali
    Joussef Abou Ali21 天 前

    What is the last song "I am the best at this"?

  • Joussef Abou Ali

    Joussef Abou Ali

    17 天 前

    @wszystkossie Thanks bro I really appreciate it

  • wszystkossie


    18 天 前

    William Davies & Dag Torgersbraten - Veteran

  • CVL
    CVL21 天 前

    Iv just uploaded a 2020 survival video, if you could check It out I’d really appreciate it, love x

  • Esme Vasilaki
    Esme Vasilaki21 天 前

    An amazing video!

  • Maria Cristina Bruschi
    Maria Cristina Bruschi21 天 前

    Bittersweet to hear Alex's comment.

  • Christian Rendy
    Christian Rendy21 天 前

    "Dream the impossible"

  • Mateo Rossi
    Mateo Rossi21 天 前

    Videaso brou

  • Arjun Chaks
    Arjun Chaks21 天 前

    Haters will say it’s reversed

  • Jamie Price
    Jamie Price21 天 前

    If Jimmy Saville can get a knighthood anyone can 🙄

  • Arindam Saha
    Arindam Saha21 天 前

    This video was all Lewis

  • SRT MK47
    SRT MK4721 天 前

    I need the last song aaa

  • Ramses
    Ramses21 天 前

    we are all in the midst of greatness.

  • FR 77
    FR 7721 天 前

    Welcome to the Lewis Hamilton montage

  • EvilCheeseStick
    EvilCheeseStick21 天 前

    This was kinda just a Lewis Hamilton compilation 🤣


    Whats the song at 6.10 goes like " i am the best at this, now u aint gonna miss from this" cant get the name of the track or artist



    17 天 前

    The name is veteran - william davies...



    17 天 前

    Thats the link for that song frm 6;10..it cant be downloaded though online play only

  • Aayush Kalra
    Aayush Kalra21 天 前

    Such a cool video. Video editors and animators deserve a shoutout!

  • Surya
    Surya21 天 前

    gasly FULLGAS nothing else

  • james turner
    james turner21 天 前

    Bye 2020

  • Felippe M Marques
    Felippe M Marques21 天 前

    Thanks for the best season ever! 👊

  • Marin Vegas
    Marin Vegas21 天 前

    I’m going to say the thing that makes everyone mad, is he the best if he had the same car?

  • Xaviel Hendrickson
    Xaviel Hendrickson22 天 前

    Getting mad anime vibes rn

  • Bomter D
    Bomter D22 天 前

    uno de los mejores años de los ultimos 5, esperemos que las escuderias esten mas parejas y no se decidan los titulos por un gran mmonoplaza sino por el factor combinado

  • Federico Mariniello
    Federico Mariniello22 天 前

    He don't deserve 7 title he's so an a bad driver

  • Andrew Green
    Andrew Green22 天 前

    a literal legend

  • Nibba Skittle
    Nibba Skittle22 天 前

    Lets hope for some change

  • Ga
    Ga22 天 前

    3:57 - We Race As Mazepin

  • Dan
    Dan22 天 前

    This look back video shows what is wrong with F1...

  • noah sparkes
    noah sparkes22 天 前

    Video editing is getting better and better ...and I'm loving it!!

  • Papa Mama
    Papa Mama22 天 前

    Hey you F1 editors... I love you work

  • Meme Raven
    Meme Raven22 天 前

    Seizure warning ⚠

  • Shaylay
    Shaylay22 天 前

    Whats the last song called?

  • Anshul Saini
    Anshul Saini22 天 前

    Now this made me cry

  • Angela Mikola
    Angela Mikola22 天 前

    Amazing tribute!! Well done guys!

  • Markus Mikschi
    Markus Mikschi22 天 前

    PSA: Songs used in this video: 2:10 Feel I Can Fly - Nick Kinglsey & Danny Farrant 4:24 You're gonna love me - Matthew Goodmanm

  • Aitor Lara

    Aitor Lara

    13 天 前

    @wszystkossie link pls?

  • wszystkossie


    18 天 前

    the last one is William Davies & Dag Torgersbraten - Veteran

  • SSilvex


    18 天 前

    hi thx for the songs, I've been trying to find the song at 6:33 with the lyrics "never stop training becuase im the best in this" can you help me?

  • SRT MK47

    SRT MK47

    21 天 前

    @Maharshi Patel yes mate we need that song

  • Maharshi Patel

    Maharshi Patel

    21 天 前

    And at 6:10?

  • cheatum007
    cheatum00722 天 前

    Thumbnail looks like his brother Nick.

  • mercman
    mercman22 天 前

    that was AWESOME!!! brings me back to old BBC season summaries

  • Alex Schmidt
    Alex Schmidt22 天 前

    First minute and a half was straight goosebumps