A Breathtaking Race Start | Jolyon Palmer Analysis | 2020 Sakhir Grand Prix


Jolyon Palmer analyses a breathtaking start in Sakhir as we watched a new race leader at Turn 1 and two contenders out at Turn 4.
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    D1NONLY JCOB5 天 前

    3:23 yea this won’t be an excuse tho since Leclerc saw Perez in the outside of both cars when he was behind them

  • Mbuso Nhleko
    Mbuso Nhleko7 天 前

    So Verstappen crashed out by himself. Sure he was avoiding the crash, but no one crashed into him forcing him wide.

  • abitoutofsorts
    abitoutofsorts个月 前

    Carlos is going to school lecrash next year

  • Eliot Salandy Brown
    Eliot Salandy Brown个月 前

    Jolyon your analysis is superb, but you look unnecessarily scruffy.

  • Christopher Martin
    Christopher Martin个月 前

    Russell deserved to win for that start alone ! I think Bottas was so determined to get to turn 1 first that he hung onto first gear for too long. What's worrying for safety reasons is the number of times a car gets squashed in the middle of a 3-car sandwich at a corner, with no way of escape

  • Mark Knoop
    Mark Knoop个月 前

    Bottas was just aming for Max. He blokked him several times.

  • Helder Almeida
    Helder Almeida个月 前

    What a great drive for Perez he really proof that he deserves a seat for next year.

  • Phantom096
    Phantom096个月 前

    Solid work Palmer keep it up. Thanks!

  • Mitch
    Mitch个月 前

    Makeup is in quarantine?

  • Nick Without_A_Z
    Nick Without_A_Z个月 前

    I read the comments and watched the vid wondering why everybody saying “he leaves all the space” i died when my ears heard it 😂🤣😂🤣🤣

  • szewei85
    szewei85个月 前

    Haha cool

  • MDB_89
    MDB_89个月 前

    Why does he always look like he has just got out of bed?

  • rusty_frame
    rusty_frame个月 前

    3 place grid penalty feels a bit too generous especially as this isn’t his first offence.

  • zno3
    zno3个月 前

    Driving with those red tractor, you need to be aggressive early, or you'll be a sitting duck later on... but then, that's the risk...

  • Paris Zaimis
    Paris Zaimis个月 前

    Leclerc needs to absolutely stop doing these lap 1 lunges just to, maybe get a P4 or a P5. It's ridiculous.

  • Mandarine Gustav
    Mandarine Gustav个月 前

    When Palmer sees the crash: Palmer: I am something of a crash expert myself

  • Lekky Jayz
    Lekky Jayz个月 前

    Sooo sooo sad Verstappen dropped out. There was a 99% chance he would have won.

  • Serkan B33
    Serkan B33个月 前

    Karma 🤪

  • Fabio
    Fabio个月 前

    Again Bottas poor start causes an accident. He needs to go and be replaced by Russell.

  • Jeremiah
    Jeremiah个月 前

    Verstappen clearly didn't realize that was gravel he was getting onto he thought it was solid runoff

    LET'S TALK个月 前


  • UnimatrixOne
    UnimatrixOne个月 前

    Drop Bottas, get Russel or Perez!

  • Kerem Arman
    Kerem Arman个月 前

    This weekend confirmed that Bottas’ days are numbered in a top team. He’s there only not to have a friction with the great Hamilton.

  • B
    B个月 前

    For those saying that verstappen went faster just because he thought the dark gravel was tarmac, keep in mind that he could be also doing his best to simply avoid the crash. 5:47 Look at how close he was from being collected by a leclerc. Had he slowed down he would get slammed by leclerc anyway. I think what happened is that he was so focused on avoiding the crash that the gravel caught him by surprise (5:55 look at his head watching all the time to his left side where the crash was, and only when he hit the gravel he seemed to turn his head straight again), and by then he was just a passenger since the barrier was so close and he was carrying too much speed.

  • Imad Soy
    Imad Soy个月 前

    Look who’s talking about being safe at the first lap You are the weakest F1 driver for the past 10 years mate

  • Filip Nikolovski
    Filip Nikolovski个月 前

    Why people expect Leclerc to hold back like a grandma when there is a clear gap every time?

  • marshallmarthes
    marshallmarthes个月 前

    Call new dress one and I have heard so much praise for this guy called Verstappen but I have never seen him perform he only wins because he’s in the best car and even then he cannot beat the other guy called Lewis Hamilton strange

  • Bozack Tbc
    Bozack Tbc个月 前

    Thumbs down ,put the whole JP show back on YT ,I’m sure you can afford to...👎

  • Axel Knutt
    Axel Knutt个月 前

    What does 55.5 mean that flashes up on Bottas’ screen at 1:48 ?

  • Leo Cubias Music
    Leo Cubias Music个月 前

    Always enjoy Jolyon’s analysis very interesting and entertaining

  • Dejan Stankovic
    Dejan Stankovic个月 前

    Really nice annalists

  • Nirvaan Aggarwal
    Nirvaan Aggarwal个月 前

    Jolyon you look very tired. Get some sleep.

  • Dengue stage IV
    Dengue stage IV个月 前

    Leclerc being way too aggressive was probably out of desperation to keep the tractor he's driving competitive, hopefully theyll improve on 2021.

  • Jaime HW Chow
    Jaime HW Chow个月 前

    Sergio is a mature bull...there are still over 80 laps to go and no need to win the race on the 1st or 2nd lap. This like one mature and one young bull, on top of a hill, and see a group of cows in pasture below. The youn bull say let's run down and do one of the cow. The mature bull said, let's walk down and do them all.

  • Pranav P S
    Pranav P S个月 前

    Palmer has finally noticed the camera in his room

  • Neydzz
    Neydzz个月 前

    A "breathtaking start" on cyberpunk launch day. Coincidence? I think not!

  • Junio Queiroz
    Junio Queiroz个月 前

    Does anyone know the name of the background music please?

  • Tomas Kocman
    Tomas Kocman个月 前

    It's brilliant. These Jolyon's analysis is the reason why I pay F1TV.

  • you393
    you393个月 前

    So what all vettel fanboys gotta say now, now your dad also told that vettel was moaning for nothing

  • Samudra Syarif
    Samudra Syarif个月 前

    Crazy race got damage, last place lap 1 ,pit lap 1 , end race he winnner Awesome drive awesome team support and great drive

  • Concon mcmc
    Concon mcmc个月 前

    Feel for Seb, Leclerc's car updates have made him more competitive soo we should always take the comparisons between the two with a huge lump of salt.

  • Omesh Singh
    Omesh Singh个月 前

    You cannot win a grand prix on lap one, you can only lose a grand prix on lap one.

  • Yeshwanth K P
    Yeshwanth K P个月 前

    Leclerc Plays so much F1 online game mode he is just sends it with a mindset of 0 damage in real life, like if you agree

  • davemis40
    davemis40个月 前

    Leclerc is a menace with pulling that move .. Vettel called it in the last race , the only difference wars Vettel saw him coming and gave him the room as a team mate. .. he won’t learn until he gets punished time and again. Russell did a great job.

  • 999999SkyGuy
    999999SkyGuy个月 前

    Breathtaking oh right today Cyberpunk 2077 releases. Smart move formula1 CNboth. Enjoy everyone.

  • aaa bbb
    aaa bbb个月 前

    Botas caused last inferno and he is responsible for another crash again. He just can not start properly he should be starting from last position Williams. On the other hand Hamilton has an easy job the best car and most useless team mate in the grid.

  • Compatible
    Compatible个月 前

    So gutted for Verstappen

  • Ivan Mujica
    Ivan Mujica个月 前

    Didn't bottas lock up, too?

  • thejoeyg
    thejoeyg个月 前

    even when mercedes lose they win a true positive cycle

  • Kevin
    Kevin个月 前

    I don't think verstappen goes on the throttle to avoid losing too much time. He goes on the throttle to avoid leclerc taking him out directly into the wall if he had given less throttle then he did now in this corner even the tiniest bit, leclerc would have taken him out as he misses leclerc within 1 or 2 inches. The moment after he has crossed leclerc he already is off-track. There was no way he could have avoided this crash.

  • Abiem Syaaban
    Abiem Syaaban个月 前

    Dear F1 , please add your subtitles on the screen. Im sorry cause very alot of "misheard" . I really appreciate it thank you ♥️. Greetings from Indonesian.

  • Balisage
    Balisage个月 前

    Where is Lando's start?! 9 places in one lap? We want to see it!

  • Mary Kapsali
    Mary Kapsali个月 前

    Poor verstappen

  • Jack
    Jack个月 前

    Finally someone saying Leclerc properly and not Leclerk... Whoever is saying Leclerk shouldnt even commentate

  • Harshit Mathur
    Harshit Mathur个月 前

    0:53 I've rarely ever seen Bottas driving ruthlessly. That's why Russell would be a better choice for Mercedes; he'll be able to better utilize the power that the car can offer.

  • Logan Huwe
    Logan Huwe个月 前

    i know why it was considered leclerc fault but he only locked up as a reaction to perez coming across him in an effort to fall behind perez. not really sure the penalty is warranted

  • Robthaham
    Robthaham个月 前

    I'm surprised Perez wasn't seen to be at fault there. He was on the outside line during the first lap and cut to the inside....there's almost always going to be a car on the inside line. If Max hadn't braked so early Perez would have taken him out too.

  • Imagine_wagons _
    Imagine_wagons _个月 前

    Where is Palmer?

  • Palfeb31987
    Palfeb31987个月 前

    Did Verstappen hit the brakes? Could that have saved him?

  • Chris Braas

    Chris Braas

    个月 前

    If he hit the brakes, he would have been collected by Leclerc. So unless he would take a very weird line straight left, while braking and still possibly making it into the gravel (which no driver would see as a viable option, but we can only think about with hindsight), he had no chance.

  • Iunio92
    Iunio92个月 前

    Verstappen was unlucky, but his reaction shows how dependent drivers are on cushy, paved run-off areas these days. Mistakes are rarely punished anymore

  • Ingenious
    Ingenious个月 前

    whats the background music>?

  • Alan Scholes
    Alan Scholes个月 前

    For Leclerc, it is exactly same situation as last week. What difference is, this time is not Seb, and no one gonna let him pass for free. Perez deserve a seat for next season, please!!!

  • The Goat
    The Goat个月 前

    According to James Allison russel simply just had a better reaction time to the lights

  • 999999SkyGuy


    个月 前

    Or George Russell is simply better of the start linie as slow a*s Bottas. This was not the first time in the 2020 season that Bottas loses out on the start of a race GP (Hungarian GP, Spa, first Silverstone race...). Can't wait for 2022 when Valtteri Bottas drives for Williams F1 Team again. The last three race results where really poor from him in the fastest car on the grid.

  • Michael Chen
    Michael Chen个月 前

    Mercedes AMG Petronas more like Scuderia mercedes

  • Nexus Tablet
    Nexus Tablet个月 前

    We need more Palmer

  • KJ Kiefcakes
    KJ Kiefcakes个月 前

    You have to stay alert on a street circuit.

  • Izzat Ilmin
    Izzat Ilmin个月 前

    Vettel be like, "there, I told you so"

  • Ricardo Aleman
    Ricardo Aleman个月 前

    Subtitulo en Español plis.

  • Russ Serpico
    Russ Serpico个月 前

    This was alot about the first and the last losers, and little about the winner.

  • Daniel Sanchez
    Daniel Sanchez个月 前

    Have you ever being in a race?

  • 100MPH Selfies
    100MPH Selfies个月 前

    Leclerc is starting to be annoying.

  • izimaker Musayev
    izimaker Musayev个月 前

    Finally Leclerc's divebombs caused a crash on the opening lap. So many times Seb had to suffer and eventually slow down, but this race he has got a payback

  • 林柏勛
    林柏勛个月 前

    2021 when Alonso retire the race Palmer: Karma.

  • steve bucuris
    steve bucuris个月 前

    eclair is a bit of a dive bomber.

  • L1nt R0113r
    L1nt R0113r个月 前

    Thought Max was just being whiny saying Bottas blocks too much on the starts, not after watching his on board

  • Manik Ahluwalia

    Manik Ahluwalia

    个月 前

    .... but he didn’t whine at all. In his interview post race, he literally said, and I quote: “The Mercs squeezed which is quite normal ....”

  • Paul H
    Paul H个月 前

    Charles Leberk

  • paul hayton
    paul hayton个月 前

    In a race like this on a Nascar style track, with 12 brilliant drivers and a couple of dumplings with just a second difference in qualifying it's anybody's race to win, this result means diddly squat. Put George in again next race and we might get a better or more accurate result.

  • Shamanth KR
    Shamanth KR个月 前

    Put full video on CNboth.

  • Akshansh Sharma
    Akshansh Sharma个月 前

    Palmer : "Checo" it out on F1 TV!😁😁

  • Steven Bollero Jr
    Steven Bollero Jr个月 前

    If Seb takes a tighter line while side by side with someone else then LeClerc wrecks him. He knows LeClerc is going to bomb him thus doesn't take his optimal line. Vettel knows what is coming and avoids it all together. That's his point. Sainz won't and most other drivers wouldn't. Seb has thrown in the towel and doesn't want to create any more drama for Charles or Ferrari on his way out the door. Hopefully this off-season will see Charles turn a little more to controlled aggression vs pure aggression.

  • M&M 123
    M&M 123个月 前


  • M&M 123
    M&M 123个月 前


  • Ravi Sankar
    Ravi Sankar个月 前

    2:31 Russell was ruthless here. The amount of lead he already took while Bottas was struggling with his grip.

  • Sukoco Imam
    Sukoco Imam个月 前

    To Joy Palmer: VET see on mirror LEC stream at him, just because LEC in red Ferrari he back off .. VET just can park his car on middle that corner .. LEC should respect others on 1st lap .. there are many laps to go, even motogp rider use this blockpass technic on last laps .. heloooo

  • Timsu On High Toes
    Timsu On High Toes个月 前

    “Palmer have retired.”

  • Nicolas Garcia Yebra
    Nicolas Garcia Yebra个月 前

    Leclerc was so in control of the car in austria, he even went to the kerb on the inside. It was Vettel who turn right, When Leclerc is already there. And did not leave a car width as rules state.

  • y1521t21b5
    y1521t21b5个月 前

    Announce RUS for _Abu Dhabi_ already, _Toto!_

  • Bogdanaldo
    Bogdanaldo个月 前

    Perez's car surprisely did not crash wow

  • Bogdanaldo
    Bogdanaldo个月 前

    That was a bad crash oof

  • crxdelsolsir
    crxdelsolsir个月 前

    evidence by Palmer that Vettel's comments on Leclerc being too aggressive had solid basis.

  • Franklin Zhang
    Franklin Zhang个月 前

    Just look at how early Vettel started to complain. The gap was there precisely because Vettel saw Leclerc lunging in without breaking early and thus gave him the space to avoid a crash while complaining on the radio. He could've closed the door and hug the apex and Leclerc would crash into him. You need to realize that he didn't have to give Leclerc that much space when he saw Leclerc coming like that. Anyone else would just close the door and make Leclerc look like a fool, like what Perez did. Look at Vettel's steering starting 7:12, use the white line as a reference. You can clearly see Vettel yielding, seeing how fast Leclerc was coming up without braking, to avoid a teammates crash. Again, any other driver would not yield to Leclerc. So to say Leclerc had the space, is just unfair.

  • Sorrow


    个月 前

    @gagan sharma did someone order a torpedo

  • gagan sharma

    gagan sharma

    个月 前

    Man, vettel knew lecrec is gonna lunge even if he is there or not

  • Murilo Boeing Duarte Cabelera
    Murilo Boeing Duarte Cabelera个月 前

    Palmer is on of the worst drivers i have ever seen. He can't just give his Opinion on the races as he made the worst possible decision on the car!

  • Adhd Andy
    Adhd Andy个月 前

    I guarantee verstappen thought that there was no gravel there cos it looked like the tarmac run off

  • Chris Braas

    Chris Braas

    个月 前

    I'm sure a professional F1 driver usually goes out on raceday with no idea on where the gravel traps are, especially after major braking zones on a very short track. That makes a lot of sense, yes. I even heard the other day that none of the drivers actually knew where they were going, but just tried it out for fun.

  • Vandi Pradiktya
    Vandi Pradiktya个月 前

    8 minute is a yoke!

  • Manuel Paez
    Manuel Paez个月 前

    Jolyon you are the first person that realized that Max could have avoided the wall but he accelerated trying not to lose more time and that little speed caused his losing control in the dirt of the runoff area. Amazing analysis, excellent job.

  • No Pomegranates
    No Pomegranates个月 前

    Palmer should be an F1 Steward!

  • ab8jeh
    ab8jeh个月 前

    Also the Leclerc Stroll collision in Russia should be mentioned. The guy needs to calm down.

  • Juan Canales
    Juan Canales个月 前

    LeClerc's classification lap was magical, just like the "MAGICAL" Ferrari fuel system in 2018

  • Juan Canales

    Juan Canales

    个月 前

    @Vandan Sonkar FIA found out in 2019. Hass, Alfa Romeo and Ferrari were flying in 2018

  • Vandan Sonkar

    Vandan Sonkar

    个月 前


  • justice4germans
    justice4germans个月 前

    to be fair it didn't look like Leclerc was going much if any faster than those in front but they were all on the edge, the mercedes also locked up the front right

  • Franklin Zhang

    Franklin Zhang

    个月 前

    Of course he wasn't going "faster", he simply braked later.

  • IndyInAtlantis
    IndyInAtlantis个月 前

    So, why did Leclerc not lock up vs. Vettel? -> Bcuz he didn't even need to brake so strong to stay behind him, Vettel left the door open this time. If Vettel closes the door, Leclerc gets a lock up, still being much too fast to avoid him there.

  • Mohit Anand

    Mohit Anand

    个月 前

    @Franklin Zhang that’s nice of vettel and I agree leclerc needs to fix this big weakness in first few laps tyres are not up to temperature and better to avoid and be cautious

  • Franklin Zhang

    Franklin Zhang

    个月 前

    Vettel left the door open to avoid the crash, seeing how Leclerc was lunging to the inside. Yet people take it for granted.