5 Moments You Forgot | Abu Dhabi Grand Prix


Chaos, lack of luck and some stunning passes - here’s five moments you might have forgot from Abu Dhabi over the years.
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  • genius7000
    genius7000个月 前

    I remembered every one of these because every single other moment here is forgettable

  • Shoulk
    Shoulk个月 前

    How can you forget that pass by perez:)

  • Oscar Lock
    Oscar Lock个月 前

    Can you put on this list ‘Abu Dhabi Grand Prix’ as moments I’ve forgotten

  • Kieran Warwick
    Kieran Warwick个月 前

    Did any one see that grosjean had a Chelsea logo on his car

  • Danielo Vega
    Danielo Vega个月 前

    gp de abu dhabi 2012 gp de abu dhabi 2011 gp de abu dhabi 2019 gp de abu dhabi 2013 gp de abu dhabi 2015

  • mindugi ;)
    mindugi ;)个月 前

    How in the world could someone forget 2011 Vettel's puncture? A retirement from Vettel that year increased the expectation for the race! And you don't get so much expectation for Abu Dhabi by the standarts, so...

  • dayanish JOSE
    dayanish JOSE个月 前

    I wonder how many times grosjaen has crashed in his career.

  • MotorThoughts
    MotorThoughts个月 前

    5 Moments You Forgot | Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Number 1: Every Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

  • 識時務者
    識時務者个月 前

    Abu Dhabi is an absolute garbage trAck to be season finale .

  • Jon Chui
    Jon Chui个月 前

    Was kind of hoping you'd include Kobayashi's overtake on Button in 2009

  • Mukita12
    Mukita12个月 前

    Me reacting to 2011 Vettel spin: **PTSD Intensifies**

  • Grand Mouelleux
    Grand Mouelleux个月 前

    rosberg 2011 with HRT ???

  • MrGamingTV
    MrGamingTV个月 前

    Like the boring list tells all about the track 😂

  • Ian Meeks
    Ian Meeks个月 前

    Bottas' front wing is like the meme when the guy walks in, sets down his hat, walks in a circle, and walks back out lol

  • ChikaTC
    ChikaTC个月 前

    A silver Mercedes? How strange

  • Olivyay
    Olivyay个月 前

    Abu Dhabi is quite new so the one with Bottas and Button in the pits is the only I had forgotten.

  • David St-Pierre The Lefties
    David St-Pierre The Lefties个月 前

    One thing i will always remember about Aby Dhabi: Lewis Hamilton is a very selfish human being always looking for wins and records. He can give money as much as he wants, thats not what he is looking for. He is looking for wins and is very selfish about it. Nothing great out of that human being.

  • Ali Murtaza
    Ali Murtaza个月 前

    What about Vettels charge through the field after a pitlane start? and his pass on Button.... come on...

  • SutilPlayz99
    SutilPlayz99个月 前

    I remember 5 of these, somehow I remember watching the last one live!

  • Zsolt Lajtos
    Zsolt Lajtos个月 前

    Oh, look, it's Grosjean taking out 2 other cars within a few meters...

  • TheNoobGamer8
    TheNoobGamer8个月 前

    This is a track to forget. It only has something remarkable because it became the season finale. Interlagos is way better in all aspects.

  • Opoxe TV
    Opoxe TV个月 前

    I think we forgot every moments from Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

  • Charlie Homewood
    Charlie Homewood个月 前

    For goodness' sake, it's "5 Moments You'd Forgotten." Basic literacy needed from the official channel, please.

  • Kenan bmw
    Kenan bmw个月 前

    Grosjean the biggest idiot of f1

  • Writer. Chris
    Writer. Chris个月 前

    why tf is this track the season finale again??? Why not Interlagos? nooooooooooo we have to have it in Abu Dhabi

  • Zombie Alive
    Zombie Alive个月 前

    You maybe forget... 2010: three title contender stand at the last grand prix 10 years later: only one title contender stand since the start of the season (and even before the season begin)

  • Bastien Michel
    Bastien Michel个月 前

    I forgot how sick the silver arrows look in silver

  • KindredGarlic
    KindredGarlic个月 前

    5 moments you slept through

  • Somanath00 ganesalingam
    Somanath00 ganesalingam个月 前

    Vamos Checo

  • Govind Pilla
    Govind Pilla个月 前

    Luck not run out , It will stay 2 more years .... he said he

  • JΛMΛ
    JΛMΛ个月 前

    just one of the “great” tilke circuits

  • Broken Lantern X
    Broken Lantern X个月 前

    Would prefer to forget this garbage circuit altogether.

  • B.
    B.个月 前

    Ah yes, some of the Romain "icantfuckingusemirrors" Grosjean. Glad he survived his last crash when trying to run over Kvyat, but also glad he will be replaced by Schumacher.

  • TheHypnotstCollector
    TheHypnotstCollector个月 前

    drivers keep driving into grossjean.

  • SnO Ikaros
    SnO Ikaros个月 前

    Alternative title: "5 moments you didn't forget"

  • Average Nick
    Average Nick个月 前

    And of course Grosjean involved in the accidents again...

  • Porto Alex
    Porto Alex个月 前

    F1 CNboth team; please make a video with all Grosjean`s accidents and crashes! 😁😁

  • Elvijs Lasis
    Elvijs Lasis个月 前

    I forgot layout of this track. 5 times per race.

  • AndreasSheiLT
    AndreasSheiLT个月 前

    That was the shortest-lived front wing in history.

  • Nudel Biały Murzyn
    Nudel Biały Murzyn个月 前

    The most boring race in the calendar. Period.

  • CIinbox
    CIinbox个月 前

    5 moments, 3 crashes involving Grosjean. It's like nothing ever happened :)

  • Daniel Mota
    Daniel Mota个月 前

    5 moments:40% was Grosjean We'll miss the him in next GP

  • Stacy Lise Kouatcho Ngachi
    Stacy Lise Kouatcho Ngachi个月 前

    WHO also remember Everthing

  • Peter Henry
    Peter Henry个月 前

    Kimi's performance in 2012

  • 人光
    人光个月 前

    Bottas 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

  • Hirotaka A
    Hirotaka A个月 前

    I remember that Seb span at first corner in 2011 just like yesterday when I was 15, and recognize it as the first seb spin in my memory.

  • I know I'm stupid but
    I know I'm stupid but个月 前

    Why y'all hating on this track

  • Alec Osborne
    Alec Osborne个月 前

    "Moments you forgot": 2 of them are from last year, sounds about right for Abu Dhabi

  • Francesco Zanellati
    Francesco Zanellati个月 前

    Abu Dhabi 2010: Vettel makes the world dream come true . Abu Dhabi 2020: Russell greets Bono with a win.

  • J4M3S B 7103
    J4M3S B 7103个月 前

    Oh yes. The only 5 interesting moments excluding 2012 and Championships

  • Liam Cockcroft
    Liam Cockcroft个月 前

    Grosjean glad he's ok, but also glad he wont be wheel to wheel racing again. Something wrong with that guy.

  • Carl Marcus
    Carl Marcus个月 前

    People who remembers all of these moments: *I don't think so*

  • Jack Barnes
    Jack Barnes个月 前

    2011 Vettel everyone remembers, because we all cheered when he span off And 2019 Free Practice crash was the only notable thing from last year, nice try

  • Ravakeksis
    Ravakeksis个月 前

    Looks like a lucky track for Bottas :/

  • Jeroen van Summeren
    Jeroen van Summeren个月 前

    Two of them from Grosjean. I'm so glad this fuck-o is gone.

  • Dean-Charles B.
    Dean-Charles B.个月 前

    Can't we please have a better circuit than Abu Dhabi for the last race of the season?

  • Akhil Kochhar
    Akhil Kochhar个月 前

    I think Grosjean would drive a lot more carefully now after Bahrain 2020.

  • Abdu
    Abdu个月 前

    I'll never forget the 2010 race. Ever

  • Seshvir Seodutt
    Seshvir Seodutt个月 前

    The 2012 Sauber has the worst livery period

  • Jude Mitchell
    Jude Mitchell个月 前

    I love how one of the most spectacular moments of this race is a standard overtake

  • AirmaxFSK


    个月 前

    This comment deserves much more attention :D It really shows how bad this track is and that F1 should get rid of it AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

  • sardam waisy
    sardam waisy个月 前

    Pretty boring

  • - PlexorPlayz -
    - PlexorPlayz -个月 前

    The whole race

  • Adam Dickinson
    Adam Dickinson个月 前

    Not sure there are five moments I remember tbf

  • sam tinkler
    sam tinkler个月 前

    Thanks for the reminder, but I didn't forget about those 2 moments from 1 year ago

  • hahaha hahahaha
    hahaha hahahaha个月 前

    These people forget things a lot

  • ammm zeee
    ammm zeee个月 前

    Just change to brand new front wing *get hit* I guess its another pit stop

  • Fletcher Sealander
    Fletcher Sealander个月 前

    After seeing the black Mercedes for so long, the silver looks amazing

  • Shibe
    Shibe个月 前

    Checo’s hehehe :’)

  • Peter Adam
    Peter Adam个月 前

    2:06 Also known as the “cream pie” move.

  • Aakash Ranade
    Aakash Ranade个月 前

    1:06 looks like his tyres are flying

  • Diane Hill
    Diane Hill个月 前

    The diligent outrigger concurrently scribble because earth fortuitously communicate till a stingy tights. yielding, handy imprisonment

  • Shantanu Rawat
    Shantanu Rawat个月 前

    where is kimi

  • Raditya Pramana Putra
    Raditya Pramana Putra个月 前

    346th Comment! Since When I Forgot Sergio Pérez's Stunning Pass To Lando Norris In Last Year (2019) Grand Prix?! OK, I Have No Idea… -_- 10/12/2020 15:05.

  • Fabio Ferrari
    Fabio Ferrari个月 前

    Just switch bottas and russell for god's sake

  • Scolvic
    Scolvic个月 前

    Imagine at abu dhabi carlos takes 1st podium in the race.

  • Frank0221
    Frank0221个月 前

    0:44 looks like Vettels front left is floating

  • Jasjeet Singh
    Jasjeet Singh个月 前

    Roseberg vs hamilton?!

    PIN XIANG个月 前

    I only remember that it’s a trash circuit

  • Maximilian Nguyen
    Maximilian Nguyen个月 前

    where is Carlos Sainz's move on Nico Hulkenberg to take 1 point and P6 in WDC?

  • Jamie Griffith
    Jamie Griffith个月 前

    Guess everyone forgot when it rained in Abu Dhabi

  • im-shrimpi
    im-shrimpi个月 前

    #1 Forgotten moment of the Abu Dhabi Grand prix: the race itself

  • Elion Alejandro Paredes Bornaz
    Elion Alejandro Paredes Bornaz个月 前

    How *not* to forget something that happens on Abu Dhabi?

  • khjfreddy
    khjfreddy个月 前

    0:12 That is some extreme toe in

  • IanRB26
    IanRB26个月 前

    F1: Moments you "forgot" with moments from a year ago. Me: Yes yes yes yes, I remember all the time, you don't have to remind every 10 seconds.

  • Raditya Indera
    Raditya Indera个月 前

    Boring stuff. As all the races in Abu Dhabi ever.

  • acenace24
    acenace24个月 前

    This track is a yoke! A yoke!

  • Coban Eazy
    Coban Eazy个月 前

    Awesome overtake from perez

  • M&M 123
    M&M 123个月 前


  • M&M 123
    M&M 123个月 前


  • Techno Cat
    Techno Cat个月 前

    Almost 2021 reee

  • StoneXL
    StoneXL个月 前

    I like how passing somebody is a notable moment here. They're certainly not wrong though.

  • Armchair Racer
    Armchair Racer个月 前

    Perez's 2019 overtake on Lando is the same one he tried on Di Resta in 2012 but it didn't work out. That move was 7 years in the making!

  • Diamond F1
    Diamond F1个月 前

    “5 races I forgot”

  • Andrew Bailey
    Andrew Bailey个月 前

    That first one is almost a carbon copy of Leclerc hitting Perez last week!

  • Iván Martínez
    Iván Martínez个月 前

    I remember last year gp wasnt being that boring until drs got fixed and enabled, after that it was so boring. It went from having a few interesting battles to "press to overtake" the guy in front

  • Ankur Solanky
    Ankur Solanky个月 前

    So we're just gonna forget when Carlos don't didn't send it on Nico to secure 6th in the drivers championship?

  • Jeremy Sebastian
    Jeremy Sebastian个月 前

    IMO the Abu Dhabi GP wasn't as bad as people say

  • oneviwatara
    oneviwatara个月 前

    White drivers crashed in every race? Hahaha 🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Fardan Madani
    Fardan Madani个月 前

    I forgot this track even existed

  • AirmaxFSK


    个月 前

    Sadly F1 people didnt :(

  • Indrani Gomes
    Indrani Gomes个月 前

    I forgot Haas were black and gold last year