4 Sort a K Sorted Array | Sort Nearly Sorted Array

Given an array of n elements, where each element is at most k away from its target position, devise an algorithm that sorts in O(n log k) time. For example, let us consider k is 2, an element at index 7 in the sorted array, can be at indexes 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 in the given array.
Input : arr[] = {6, 5, 3, 2, 8, 10, 9}
k = 3
Output : arr[] = {2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10}


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    can we use sliding window for this question? for window size=k find smallest element

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    Hey you always have the best videos but do you have this problem in English translation? lol i tried watching this one but idk you're language, no disrespect.

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    JAVA CODE : public ArrayList findKthLargest(int[ ] arr, int k) { PriorityQueue minHeap=new PriorityQueue(); ArrayList ans=new ArrayList(); for(int x:arr){ minHeap.add(x); if(minHeap.size()>k) ans.add(minHeap.poll()); } while(minHeap.size()>0){ ans.add(minHeap.poll()); } return ans; }

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    Atharv Sakhala4 个月 前

    can you exaplin why it is n log k please?

  • Shahana Alam

    Shahana Alam

    3 个月 前

    Because we are comparing (sorting) only k elements at a time

  • Atharv Sakhala
    Atharv Sakhala4 个月 前

    can you still do this if k is unknown?

  • Yeeroj Sinha
    Yeeroj Sinha4 个月 前

    Bro i-k to i+k ,,,,,,so stack size should be 2k na????????????????????????

  • Aditya Raj

    Aditya Raj

    个月 前

    Teetar ke do aage teetar, teetar ke do peeche teetar, bolo kitne teetar? --- Teen, not paanch Similarly, heap size should be k, not 2k.

  • Amit Kumar

    Amit Kumar

    2 个月 前

    @Hunter Boi bro can u help me with the code

  • Hunter Boi

    Hunter Boi

    4 个月 前

    No bro !....i-k to i+k is the region in which we will find the sorted element. Size of the stack will be k as we go on popping the elements when it reaches k

  • TUTOR 247
    TUTOR 2475 个月 前

    #include #include using namespace std; int main() { //priority_queue Q; priority_queue Q; int n,k; cin>>n>>k; int a[n]; for(int i=0;i>a[i]; for(int i=0;ik) { a[i-k]=Q.top(); Q.pop(); } } for(int i=0;i

  • manas karlekar
    manas karlekar5 个月 前

    #include #include #include int sortK(int arr[], int n, int k) { std::priority_queue pq(arr,arr+k+1); int index = 0;// for the new array where the final answer is stored. for(int i=k+1;i

  • manas karlekar
    manas karlekar5 个月 前

    Is using STL/ STANDARD LIBRARY and PRIORITY QUEUE acceptable in coding rounds ???? The idea of understanding the implementation part of some of the tough algorithms scares the shit out of me !! :( expecting replies from the IT and software professionals .....

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    Yeeroj Sinha

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    Yes STL is allowed

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    If k is 2 then the first value will be 3 instead of 2. Kindly cover this case!!!

  • Hunting Nirvana

    Hunting Nirvana

    5 个月 前

    I think if K is changed, so will the Input array. The input array in this question is designed for k=3.

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    Monil Dand6 个月 前

    Sir, please tell how to implement heap in java.

  • EK HunterZ

    EK HunterZ

    13 天 前

    @DINESH KUMAR why you pass Collections.reverseOrder() inside the constructor of priorityQueue ?



    5 个月 前

    For MinHeap use PriorityQueueminH = new PriorityQueue(); For MaxHeap use PriorityQueuemaxH = new PriorityQueue(Collections.reverseOrder());

  • Debashish Nanda
    Debashish Nanda6 个月 前

    can you explain the question of trapping rainwater II based on minHeap - leetcode.com/problems/trapping-rain-water-ii/

  • Kavish Ramchandani
    Kavish Ramchandani6 个月 前

    Can we do this questions in O(1) space complexity??



    6 个月 前

    yup,with insertion sort with timr complexity O(n*k)

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    Heap can we used to sort the Map by value in Java if you are using Priority Queue

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    #include #include #include using namespace std; void sort_nearly_sorted(int *arr, int n, int k) { priority_queue p; int j = 0; for (int i = 0; i { p.push(arr[i]); if (p.size() > k) { arr[j] = p.top(); p.pop(); ++j; } } while (p.size() > 0) { arr[j] = p.top(); p.pop(); ++j; } } void print_Arr(int arr[], int n) { for (int i = 0; i cout

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    ''' Heap -> createHeap() top() push() pop() ''' # creating heap def createHeap(): heap = [] return heap # return the top element def top(heap): if len(heap) == 0: return -1 else: return heap[len(heap)-1] # Min.heap # push def push(heap,x): if len(heap) == 0: heap.append(x) elif len(heap) > 0 and x heap.append(x) elif len(heap) > 0 and x > top(heap): heap.insert(0,x) # pop def pop(heap): if len(heap) == 0: return -1 else: heap.pop() # prob logic def sort_k_sorted(arr,n,k): sort_list = [] h = createHeap() for i in range(0,n): push(h,arr[i]) if len(h) > k: sort_list.append(h.pop()) return sort_list + sorted(h) if __name__ =="__main__": arr = [3,2,1,5,6,4] n = len(arr) k = 2 print(sort_k_sorted(arr,n,k))

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    @markos webinar on backtracking by coding ninjas and graph by coding blocks is available in youtube

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    //ide.geeksforgeeks.org/CfUURWtG7j //Ascending Order Min-heap...descending Order Max Heap.....🤘

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    Practice problem link : practice.geeksforgeeks.org/problems/nearly-sorted-algorithm/0

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    #include #include #include using namespace std; int main() { vector A = {6, 5, 3, 2, 8, 10, 9}; int n = A.size(); priority_queue minHeap; int k = 3; // Push k elements in min heap for (int i=0; i

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    @24K_ Gold std::priority_queue class implements a minheap by default. This problem needs maxheap so I am pushing negative of integers... 10 in the example is largest so I want it to be on top so I push -10 since -10 is smallest it will be on top...later I just apply negative in front to get correct number...

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    bro what is the logic behind -minHeap.top(), i mean what is the significance of minus here! waiting for your kind rply'

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    bhai how did you identify that we should use min heap?

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    @Jagrit Bhupal Agreed! I think one must identify the type of heap based on what is required.. Since we require the ascending order of elements, take the min-heap. It's unlike Kth largest/smallest where type of heap used is opposite to the requirement because we're eliminating the smallest/largest element i.e. it's a different thought process than this question.

  • Jagrit Bhupal

    Jagrit Bhupal

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    Here, we need to print array in ascending order so smallest element in k range will come first, that is top of min heap. If we need to print array in descending order, I think we will use max-heap.

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    Brother, I have covered that already in the starting videos of the series, please refer them