2020 Sakhir Grand Prix: Race Highlights


What a race! That was incredible! What started with a fast, frenetic, eventful start finished with Sergio Perez’s first win in a 1-3 for Racing Point, with Esteban Ocon lying in P2 for his first podium.
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  • Joshua Lloyd
    Joshua Lloyd天 前

    Love the fact that this was, realistically, Sergio's final race for Racing Point and he managed to finish it on such a high after doing everything he did for them!! I'd say he deserved better, but he ended up getting it!! Gonna be a big fan of Red Bull in 2021!! 😁

  • Fabio Borcath
    Fabio Borcath天 前

    What? Russell in Mercedes?

  • Mariano Piña Padilla
    Mariano Piña Padilla2 天 前

    Checo would have 60 laps with the sifts after the race XD

  • Wolfy
    Wolfy2 天 前

    I love you Georgie

  • Lethal
    Lethal3 天 前

    Where tf is hamilton

  • Syah Eiman

    Syah Eiman

    11 小时 前

    Positive test

    GAMING GIRL3 天 前


  • Danny Rockid
    Danny Rockid4 天 前

    SERG11O 🇲🇽 PÉREZ!!! 🙌🏽

  • Juan Canales
    Juan Canales4 天 前

    The best race ever!

    JANCRA4 天 前

    If You Dont Get Goosebumps Listening To David Croft And Martin Brundle Commentate While Watching F1 Race Your Not A True F1 Fan

  • Bogers
    Bogers5 天 前

    Rewatching the full race afterwards and its comical, glad checo got his win, but if that had have been hamilton, his steering wheel would have been thrown at the pit crew and the biggest meltdown of the season would have happened. Makes you wonder how it only happens when russel is driving

  • Ganguly Raj
    Ganguly Raj5 天 前

    I watch this video again and again hoping for a different for George Russ😭

  • Nas Spir
    Nas Spir6 天 前

    Ocon for 11th 2nd

  • Alejandro Paz
    Alejandro Paz7 天 前


  • kemas pakai z betul
    kemas pakai z betul9 天 前

    Aku Agi nganter sekolah yang kamu niatkan untuk membuat suatu keputusan untuk membuat sebuah sekolah mencanangkan program live

  • kemas pakai z betul
    kemas pakai z betul9 天 前

    Ahshfjdisooww eieusdhue ada yg tau ga papa yang kamu lakukan kalo ada apa dengan mu ana sapa yg ada di dunia dan di luar sana ya Allah

  • Dalila Madrigal
    Dalila Madrigal9 天 前


  • Yahir Salinas
    Yahir Salinas9 天 前

    I like perez its my moms friend

  • Emma Cutforth
    Emma Cutforth10 天 前

    Yess heorge

  • The 007zanシ
    The 007zanシ10 天 前

    This could be 1-10 race from decade 2020 2030

  • Marck Joross Boc

    Marck Joross Boc

    3 天 前

    But Monza or Turkey can be better

  • kemas pakai z betul
    kemas pakai z betul10 天 前

    Here"comes Sergio Perez

  • kemas pakai z betul

    kemas pakai z betul

    9 天 前


  • kemas pakai z betul
    kemas pakai z betul10 天 前

    Sergio Perez

  • kemas pakai z betul
    kemas pakai z betul10 天 前


  • kemas pakai z betul

    kemas pakai z betul

    10 天 前


  • Fabio Borcath
    Fabio Borcath11 天 前

    Where's Lewis Hamilton?

  • aloncrak 8874
    aloncrak 887411 天 前

    Level of 😈 1/10 1: Valtteri it’s JAMES. 😈 level 4/10 2: Five Seconds Is A JOKE a JOKE. 😈 level 7/10 3: Looks like a rear left PUNCTURE, rear left PUNCTURE. 😈level 11/10

  • benprogamer
    benprogamer11 天 前

    Yep it still hurts

  • MatZuvO
    MatZuvO12 天 前

    I hate conspiracy theories but... I don't think Russell had a slow puncture... I think Toto didn't want the win for Russell because it would threaten Hamilton... But like I said, I hate conspiracy theories

  • AlphaTeamNinjas
    AlphaTeamNinjas13 天 前

    Congrats Checo, Welly dersvered off course ❤️😄

  • Zoltán László
    Zoltán László13 天 前

    Sergio Perez was got out from the 18 position won the race.

  • Edgar Gopar
    Edgar Gopar13 天 前

    🏎 Vamos Checooooooo 🇲🇽

  • blat761
    blat76114 天 前

    Assim tem graça assistir e não o domínio da mercedes

  • リhir
    リhir15 天 前

    This is really a Mercedes blunder, more by Russell's time ...

  • Valentin Ortiz
    Valentin Ortiz15 天 前

    Subtítulos: Mira como esta cogiendo Russel a Esteban Ocon Latinoamericanos: Messirve 😎😎😏

  • Roberto Salazar
    Roberto Salazar16 天 前

    Lo q les regalo Cheko a racing point

  • cuauh medina
    cuauh medina16 天 前

    Best race of the season.

  • tio vaquero
    tio vaquero16 天 前

    "... And the 0 has gone. He's finally a race winner ". Let's see who else can chase the prey for 190 races and get it. 😎

  • Noé Bctx
    Noé Bctx17 天 前

    Esteban 👍🎉🤜🤛

  • Péter Nagy
    Péter Nagy17 天 前

    Great job from Checo and George, Valtteri goodbye, you lost your seat on this day for 2022

  • syakur hakim
    syakur hakim17 天 前

    welcome to f1 2021 waiting room. please take a seat :)

  • Waiti amy
    Waiti amy17 天 前

    Lol Russell's the worst driver places 9th for Mercedes what the hall is that

    YORI PARTY17 天 前

    still, Roman is the best

  • Random Boi
    Random Boi18 天 前

    wait wheres the british boi?

  • sharifah zanirah
    sharifah zanirah18 天 前

    I feel bad for russel

  • Rafa 3L173 Medina
    Rafa 3L173 Medina18 天 前

    Quien lo ve en año nuevo?

  • Felippe M Marques
    Felippe M Marques18 天 前

    This race was awesome! Thanks for the best season ever! 👊

  • ArtisanCans
    ArtisanCans18 天 前

    Just goes to show Lewis Hamilton is not all that???..

  • Ryan Mugumisi
    Ryan Mugumisi19 天 前

    Russell was robbed his overtakes just about better than Hamilton could , so much confidence it just at the point of stupidity just awesome driving

  • Alejandro Lugo
    Alejandro Lugo19 天 前

    En esa carrera Pérez venia volando!

  • Miguel Celestino
    Miguel Celestino20 天 前

    0:12. 0:43

  • Jack stephens
    Jack stephens20 天 前

    Perez didn't deserve that win

  • toneykk


    19 天 前

    Many pilots didn't deserve wins hater

  • Ramaano Muravha
    Ramaano Muravha21 天 前

    Without doubt the best race of the race

  • •Mary Cerreto•
    •Mary Cerreto•21 天 前

    0:10As George takes the lead of sakhir

  • Miguel Elizondo
    Miguel Elizondo22 天 前

    That GP Was actually the sergio perez show !

  • somi park
    somi park22 天 前


  • somi park
    somi park22 天 前


  • Juan Canales
    Juan Canales23 天 前

    LeClerc did that to Stroll in Russia, Vettel in Austria and now Perez, take out the license to this BRAT.

  • Nicolas Barbe
    Nicolas Barbe23 天 前

    Grande Pérez! Nunca te olvides de dónde venimos! Pones nuestro lugar en el mundo! Gracias!

  • Nicola Tignonsini
    Nicola Tignonsini23 天 前


  • Nicola Tignonsini
    Nicola Tignonsini23 天 前


  • Alan Pável
    Alan Pável23 天 前

    "Don't use the Kerbs" they said!!

  • james the famous
    james the famous23 天 前

    Wait isnt russell initially a williams driver? Why he was racing for mercedes this gp? And wheres Hamilton?

  • ChecoF19ers
    ChecoF19ers23 天 前

    No blasfemes nadie le ayudo a Perez a remontar posicion es, ni Stroll, por lo contrario Checo provoco esos errores, absoluto merito de Checo

  • Asif Azeez
    Asif Azeez24 天 前

    Russel went from p6 to P2 in 5 or 6 laps. Meanwhile bottas went from p6 to p8. Garbage performance I tell you

  • L3nny 666
    L3nny 66624 天 前

    mercedes f'd it up for russel

  • Joep Kiewiet
    Joep Kiewiet24 天 前

    Perez Ocon Stroll

  • Jorge Butron Galindo
    Jorge Butron Galindo24 天 前

    Perez is 18th and everyone is a looser iinclude George

  • Luis Angel
    Luis Angel24 天 前

    Me watching this be like, look how they massacred my guy on russell out stop

  • Yan De Souza
    Yan De Souza24 天 前


  • Rayhaan Latif
    Rayhaan Latif24 天 前

    this causes me pain to this day.

  • ENERGY44
    ENERGY4425 天 前

    Viva México cabrones!

  • Jared Guizar
    Jared Guizar26 天 前

    "The man who was in last place at the end of lap one comes home to win" As a Mexican fan, I literally cry when I saw him crossing the line, very very proud and happy for him.

  • Beerus Sama

    Beerus Sama

    8 天 前

    Im not even mexican and i still cried I’ve been rooting for perez since 2016 can’t wait for next year

  • Front Row Reviews

    Front Row Reviews

    14 天 前

    Crofty really knows how to play with emotions

  • James Prentice
    James Prentice26 天 前

    0:35 this was a Hamilton-esque start from Russell!

  • Gerardo G
    Gerardo G26 天 前

    De último a primer lugar , que gran manejo checo Pérez 🇲🇽👍

  • 150metri
    150metri27 天 前

    Who is waiting to see this race on Netflix?

  • santiago
    santiago27 天 前

    y always comment in english pero hoy lo haré en español, enhorabuena Checo!!! felicidades campeón!! muy merecida la victoria!!!!!!! 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

  • VittankaProductions
    VittankaProductions27 天 前

    My all time favorite race

  • Taniel T
    Taniel T28 天 前

    I still dont understand how Perez won from last place , wow just wow what a great driver he is.

  • 児玉ミッドスポーン
    児玉ミッドスポーン28 天 前


  • leoreysan 04
    leoreysan 0428 天 前

    Checo is a mexican pride, he made me a formula 1 fan with this victory, i’m excited to see him driving with Red Bull next year, VIVA MÉXICO!! 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

  • Gonzalo Martinez
    Gonzalo Martinez个月 前

    Can I buy this race in 4k?

  • toneykk


    19 天 前

    I'm searching it but only 1080 p

  • Dark Angel
    Dark Angel个月 前

    This shows Hamilton is better than even Mercedes. ;)

  • Jh Lee
    Jh Lee个月 前

    perez is best

  • Charley Horse
    Charley Horse个月 前

    Finally got to watch and so not disappointed. Mexico, your son was a skilled and valiant driver today, it was a great pleasure to see him get this victory and in such an exciting fashion. ¡Felicidades!

  • minij hooi

    minij hooi

    个月 前

    FORMULA 1 why did george russell go to mercedes he should’ve stayed in williams not replace hamilton at mercedes

  • Caiden Paul Channel
    Caiden Paul Channel个月 前


  • minij hooi

    minij hooi

    个月 前

    Whyyyyyyyy 😭😭😭😭😭😭 George should of won

  • simples1976
    simples1976个月 前

    Everyone talking about George and Checo Ocon: *sad P2 noises*

  • minij hooi

    minij hooi

    个月 前

    FORMULA 1 why did george russell go to mercedes he should’ve stayed in williams not replace hamilton at mercedes

  • Abdullah Mukhtar
    Abdullah Mukhtar个月 前

    Who is here after Red Bull confirming Perez?

  • Rahul77_ YT

    Rahul77_ YT

    4 天 前

    I'll be back every month to watch this race

  • Beerus Sama

    Beerus Sama

    8 天 前

    Its a ritual for me to come back and see perez win

  • Dive Entertainment

    Dive Entertainment

    10 天 前

    Is this already 3 Weeks ago?😳😳

  • Jorge Robles

    Jorge Robles

    个月 前

    The man that is going to get the best christmas for sure Fisrt P1. Stay in F1 with Red Bull.

  • Charley Horse

    Charley Horse

    个月 前

    Reading The Drive piece right now.

  • James Harrell
    James Harrell个月 前

    Just realized that the Merc pit stop circus was on lap 63

  • minij hooi

    minij hooi

    个月 前

    I can’t watch the end. It breaks my heart.

  • Andreas William
    Andreas William个月 前

    What happened to Mercedes team huft😭😭😭

  • niduoe stre

    niduoe stre

    29 天 前

    I can’t watch the end. It breaks my heart.

  • niduoe stre

    niduoe stre

    29 天 前

    FORMULA 1 why did george russell go to mercedes he should’ve stayed in williams not replace hamilton at mercedes

  • opzz xsin
    opzz xsin个月 前

    Un Día Inolvidable para México!❤

  • Juan Canales
    Juan Canales个月 前

    This is the race I will remember for years.

  • Mansa Musa
    Mansa Musa个月 前

    "Lewis Hamilton is the absolute benchmark no one is near him" Toto Wolff

  • Arturo Rc
    Arturo Rc个月 前

    Although Sergio Peréz had the incident in the first lap, he was able to recover and finish in first place !! Big Checho! Viva Mexico!

  • DillyGoatGaming
    DillyGoatGaming个月 前

    I came back to watch this again hoping George would win if I watched it again 😂😂

  • opzz xsin

    opzz xsin

    个月 前

    Viva Mexico 🥳❤

  • BlitzGamer3850
    BlitzGamer3850个月 前

    4:33 nice

  • Void faMMUS
    Void faMMUS个月 前

    I hope Mercedes rewatch this, and realize what big mistake they are making by not promoting George for '21

  • Presidents sing
    Presidents sing个月 前

    Perez:This is why I deserve a seat Gasly: But I also have a win😭

  • bofooit gojo
    bofooit gojo个月 前

    Oh, you look cool though.

  • Alex Lane
    Alex Lane个月 前

    I can’t watch the end. It breaks my heart.

  • Ben Osborne
    Ben Osborne个月 前

    FORMULA 1 why did george russell go to mercedes he should’ve stayed in williams not replace hamilton at mercedes

  • Ben Stevenson
    Ben Stevenson个月 前

    Whyyyyyyyy 😭😭😭😭😭😭 George should of won

  • sheila oliveira
    sheila oliveira个月 前

    Lets. Go Sebastian Vettel my Brazilian

  • bofooit gojo

    bofooit gojo

    个月 前

    The Only Highlight-Video i havent Seen in years.....still Not able to watch it