2020 F1 Esports Pro Series presented by Aramco: Race 11 Highlights


Viva Mexico! The F1 Esports Pro Series hit the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez for the very first time in 2020, but who would come out on top?
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  • Nasir Chaudhry
    Nasir Chaudhry21 天 前

    are all the cars equal in esports?

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian个月 前

    How are these filmed?

  • The Sun
    The Sun个月 前

    Super 👍

  • edcoded
    edcoded个月 前

    One can only dream of a world where all cars are competitive

  • ShADiN NiNjA
    ShADiN NiNjA个月 前

    Gameplay?? Or real

  • Vinícius Apolinario
    Vinícius Apolinario个月 前

    We say no to Mazepin

  • MrMyPersonality
    MrMyPersonality个月 前

    Great racing! I am impressed by this game!

  • BList
    BList个月 前

    Once EA takes over it's going to be like: do you want to overtake $2.99



    27 天 前

    A comment that would become true

  • Victor Anzala
    Victor Anzala个月 前

    Can the pit crew make mistakes? Or is all the pit stuff automated to always work right?

  • Theodorus Wensan_TK 0025
    Theodorus Wensan_TK 0025个月 前

    Jesus christ, i legit thought this was real formula 1

  • fahad salama
    fahad salama个月 前

    No video regarding sergio perez’ move to RB?

  • The Devil

    The Devil

    个月 前

    @fahad salama i mean you can read about it in every f1 related online media. i don't see the reason why i would need a video with a voice saying "f1 driver sergio perez will drive for red bull racing in 2021, replacing alex albon". just my opinion ;D

  • fahad salama

    fahad salama

    个月 前

    @The Devil It’s a major and unexpected piece of breaking news. Duh?

  • The Devil

    The Devil

    个月 前

    why do you need a video for everything? just curious

  • Knallen
    Knallen个月 前

    are the cars exactly the same in this?

  • Wita


    个月 前


  • soultitude
    soultitude个月 前

    it took me 5 minutes to realise this was an esport race

  • Dennis Xu

    Dennis Xu

    个月 前

    Should've realized immediately after seeing people in the grandstands

  • KFH


    个月 前

    1:26 ... as soon as the Red Bull left the pit box.

  • rgie llich Gal
    rgie llich Gal个月 前

    So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘

  • Lightening McQueen
    Lightening McQueen个月 前

    Nice race!

  • Sig. Minchia
    Sig. Minchia个月 前

    A red car spinning, everyone: S🅱️INNALA

  • AwesomeGamer 839
    AwesomeGamer 839个月 前

    0:17 Pronto? Tonizza? S🅱️INALLA

  • the hank sam
    the hank sam个月 前

    Its lights out and away we go!!!!!

  • Piotr Kobielus
    Piotr Kobielus个月 前


  • Iffat Khan
    Iffat Khan个月 前

    More interesting than Abu dhabi

  • Geert Matthys
    Geert Matthys个月 前

    Mazepin will turn F1 into videogame, LeClerc too

  • Gl 1100

    Gl 1100

    个月 前

    Leclerc is better than 90% of drivers.... dont compare hom to mazepin

  • Sanat Kapur

    Sanat Kapur

    个月 前

    What is your problem with Leclerc?

  • JeppeDanielsen
    JeppeDanielsen个月 前

    End Racism sponsored by Aramco. The Irony.

  • CallyWasHere
    CallyWasHere个月 前

    Ok great.... ready to talk about actual F1 news?

  • BuffMan 15
    BuffMan 15个月 前

    Do f1 reply?

  • RIOKOJO 1104

    RIOKOJO 1104

    个月 前


  • REXツ
    REXツ个月 前

    my eyes cant get used to Seeing the alfa romeos on top of the leaderboard

  • Venitha Herarth
    Venitha Herarth个月 前


  • Shivanshu Srivastava 9C
    Shivanshu Srivastava 9C个月 前

    Well this was more interesting than Abu Dhabi

  • Mário Lopes

    Mário Lopes

    个月 前

    That's not saying much tbh 😅

  • Bigode De Ouro

    Bigode De Ouro

    个月 前

    Yes, i agree 10000%

  • Raihan Yusuf

    Raihan Yusuf

    个月 前

    Yeah actually

  • Ernest
    Ernest个月 前


  • Eruptic
    Eruptic个月 前


  • Jen Ethan

    Jen Ethan

    个月 前

    David Tonizza got it LoL

  • yongky pratama
    yongky pratama个月 前

    This is game?

  • Xian Mikel Ocampo

    Xian Mikel Ocampo

    个月 前

    Yes, its a game.

  • Kraken
    Kraken个月 前


  • Shivanshu Srivastava 9C
    Shivanshu Srivastava 9C个月 前


  • LTA Psychology
    LTA Psychology个月 前

    Here when the video has only 1 view

  • Victor Law
    Victor Law个月 前

    How early are we?

  • BuffMan 15

    BuffMan 15

    个月 前

    Super early

  • Hilmizamin


    个月 前

    Williams is still winning races

  • Giacomo Furlani
    Giacomo Furlani个月 前


  • Shaurya Veer Nagar OP
    Shaurya Veer Nagar OP个月 前

    I am first with 99 others

  • vittorio prakarsa
    vittorio prakarsa个月 前

    i m waiting the australian gp still long

  • Sanat Kapur

    Sanat Kapur

    个月 前

    @Geert Matthys It wont

  • Geert Matthys

    Geert Matthys

    个月 前

    Spoiler: it's cancelled

  • Raihan Yusuf

    Raihan Yusuf

    个月 前

    Can't wait but it's really far away

  • Imaad Moosa
    Imaad Moosa个月 前

    true F1 fan!!

  • Krawalo
    Krawalo个月 前

    Nice Video

  • Zip deedoo
    Zip deedoo个月 前


  • Hans Muds
    Hans Muds个月 前

    I want the HALO graphics in the game

  • Victor Law
    Victor Law个月 前


  • Your Buddy
    Your Buddy个月 前


  • Buffat Clement
    Buffat Clement个月 前

    What a race

  • Supermacy Cleo
    Supermacy Cleo个月 前

    First like