2020 F1 Esports Pro Series presented by Aramco: Race 12 Highlights


A memorable 2020 F1 Esports Pro Series presented by Aramco came to a thrilling conclusion in Brazil - watch all the best bits here!
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  • WatchUs LP
    WatchUs LP26 天 前

    möchtegern rennfahrer hahaha

  • Nic Flynn

    Nic Flynn

    21 天 前

    Verstehst anscheinend nicht wie krass es ist auf dem Niveau zu fahren.

  • AOR Isaaz
    AOR Isaaz个月 前

    You should do full calendar next year with 50% Race once every week

  • jtreacy
    jtreacy个月 前

    Are there simply no rules? Longuet squeezed the Redbull onto the grass, then closed him off at the apex, then drove like a Need For Speed player to retake the lead. He deserved at least a 5 second time penalty. Personally, I can’t take the eRaces seriously because of this sole principle of drivers being able to simply run each other off the circuit to win the race.

  • Nic Flynn

    Nic Flynn

    21 天 前

    This is racing. I enjoyed every little bit. Remember how verstappen pushed off leclerc in austria and didnt get a penalty. How is this different?

  • poopnakedyeah
    poopnakedyeah个月 前

    Do esports in a sim like asseetto corsa or rfactor2

  • A pici Vlagyimir
    A pici Vlagyimir个月 前

    Hajrá Dani! Hajrá Alfa Romeo! Nagyon szép volt! 5. hely!

  • lordquackalot
    lordquackalot个月 前

    Wish the racing was this close in real life

  • CheetahGaming YT

    CheetahGaming YT

    个月 前

    That’s y you have F2

  • bookle


    个月 前

    Same. But you know, irl physics and the possibility of hurting yourself really bad.

  • Muhammad Herza
    Muhammad Herza个月 前

    We need more highlights

  • sorkx
    sorkx个月 前

    how is it managed with the power of the cars, does it resemlbe the real or are they all the same?

  • Kevoy Townsend

    Kevoy Townsend

    个月 前


  • Lavish_poodle 99
    Lavish_poodle 99个月 前

    Top 10 crashes of 2020

  • Lavish_poodle 99

    Lavish_poodle 99

    个月 前


  • Captain_ Nesquik
    Captain_ Nesquik个月 前

    Nicolas Longuet WINS IN BRAZIL !!! Yessss 🎉🎉🎉💙❤💓

    DANY RUIZ个月 前

    Alguien de Mexico?

  • KIFFER_ 007
    KIFFER_ 007个月 前

    What a bunch of losers! They have nothing better to do except sit in their parents basement and play vidja games ALL day, I bet not a single one of them had ever smelled fresh air outside!

  • Wojtinho
    Wojtinho个月 前

    Fake prerecorded "races". ERO is better

  • Hafidh Raditya
    Hafidh Raditya个月 前

    is the car on f1 esports has the same stats like the actual f1 game? so technically mercedes has the best stats in this game right?

  • Angello Ribeiro

    Angello Ribeiro

    个月 前

    @Maxwell Nau pretty much, yes

  • Maxwell Nau

    Maxwell Nau

    个月 前

    @Angello Ribeiro that's great, so it's basically pure skill.

  • Angello Ribeiro

    Angello Ribeiro

    个月 前

    No, all cars have same specs. Its just a skin. Thats why u see Alfa Romeo leading all races

  • F1 and stuff
    F1 and stuff个月 前

    2:25 that mecahnics are wizards that tyre just change from meduim to soft

  • Shadow Blade
    Shadow Blade个月 前

    I keep thinking Longet is Kubica 🤣🤣🤣

  • My Comedy studio
    My Comedy studio个月 前

    CNboth: Life changer” “Tik tok: Gender changer” “Dhoni: Game changer" formula 1:Mood Changer

  • Veeral yashupal
    Veeral yashupal个月 前

    what a race by Nicolas languet

  • The Marauder
    The Marauder个月 前

    0:54 Why is this graphic not in the game.......

  • winsai silagan

    winsai silagan

    个月 前

    in drivers name

  • Joshua silvestri

    Joshua silvestri

    个月 前

    @Steffano Sam-Sin I know it would be

  • Steffano Sam-Sin

    Steffano Sam-Sin

    个月 前

    it would be nice

  • Bobi Ban Benobi
    Bobi Ban Benobi个月 前

    Legends will know that this is a reupload

  • Domi S
    Domi S个月 前

    Grüße an Jay

  • Piotr Kobielus
    Piotr Kobielus个月 前


  • Hashem Alrawashdeh
    Hashem Alrawashdeh个月 前

    2:25 how the Medium tier went to soft tier??

  • Papa Grounds

    Papa Grounds

    29 天 前


  • Champagnepoggers


    个月 前

    The crew just built different



    个月 前

    @TheReaper country*

  • TheReaper


    个月 前

    @Jacob Barritt depends on what county you are from...

  • GozieZilla


    个月 前

    @Jacob Barritt spelt* (only joking)

  • Callum G
    Callum G个月 前

    5:24. He needs to go outside

  • Nic Flynn

    Nic Flynn

    21 天 前

    @Callum G yes

  • Callum G

    Callum G

    21 天 前

    @Nic Flynn what

  • Nic Flynn

    Nic Flynn

    21 天 前

    @Callum G can you be more disrespectful please?

  • Callum G

    Callum G

    个月 前

    @Rice and Beans and why do you say that. You're probably a pasty white kid who doesn't know what sunlight looks like

  • Rice and Beans

    Rice and Beans

    个月 前

    Mate you probably play fifa

  • 이석민
    이석민个月 前

    Best thing about this League is that you dont have to see Mercedes in the front anymore

  • Kwadwo Owiredu Yeboah

    Kwadwo Owiredu Yeboah

    个月 前

    Bruv, let it go, ok? There's more to life than just an aversion to Mercedes 😜

  • Casper Baas
    Casper Baas个月 前

    Love Jarno opmeer

  • Φοίβος Μαστράφης
    Φοίβος Μαστράφης个月 前

    Nice sound

  • Criptic FNM
    Criptic FNM个月 前

    Nigel is first

  • Nigel Gaming TM

    Nigel Gaming TM

    个月 前


  • Nigel Gaming TM

    Nigel Gaming TM

    个月 前


    MAN UTD YT个月 前

    I thought the notification said Aarava not Aramco

  • Criptic FNM
    Criptic FNM个月 前


  • Assault 13
    Assault 13个月 前


  • Bruce Dickinson
    Bruce Dickinson个月 前

    F1 CHANNEL GUY 1: How many highlights more? F1 CHANNEL GUY 2: yes

  • Arham Muhammad
    Arham Muhammad个月 前

    Number of race winner👇👇👇

  • Ninjagamer 5
    Ninjagamer 5个月 前

    Please make free multiplayer in ps4:(

  • Ninjagamer 5

    Ninjagamer 5

    个月 前

    @Dylan Warren ?

  • Ninjagamer 5

    Ninjagamer 5

    个月 前

    @Samuel Leon yes it is

  • Samuel Leon

    Samuel Leon

    个月 前

    Is this a game? I thought it was real f1

  • Dylan Warren

    Dylan Warren

    个月 前


  • Arjun Krishna
    Arjun Krishna个月 前


  • Alperen Mutluhan
    Alperen Mutluhan个月 前

    Nice race

  • Callum Donnelly
    Callum Donnelly个月 前


  • The Kodos Show

    The Kodos Show

    个月 前


  • Neo Mukhuba
    Neo Mukhuba个月 前

    I feel like Freddy chocked

  • Célian 31
    Célian 31个月 前

    I love vidéo

  • Ayce Buckley
    Ayce Buckley个月 前

    I am first

  • Shaurya Bhatnagar
    Shaurya Bhatnagar个月 前

    Love the highlights

  • Jolzruen
    Jolzruen个月 前


  • Tommy Super
    Tommy Super个月 前


  • Nigel Gaming TM

    Nigel Gaming TM

    个月 前

    Yea sure

  • Nigel Gaming TM
    Nigel Gaming TM个月 前


  • Herkus isn't a bot

    Herkus isn't a bot

    个月 前

    2nd, and nobody cares

  • Torpedo YT
    Torpedo YT个月 前

    First comment