2020 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix: Weekend Warm-Up


All the news and storylines from behind the scenes in Abu Dhabi, ahead of the 2020 F1 season finale at the Yas Marina circuit...
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  • McPlayer8t
    McPlayer8t个月 前

    That prediction for McLaren p3 was near enough to spot on.

  • McPlayer8t
    McPlayer8t个月 前

    Codemasters, we needs Checo and Kvyat as free agents in the next game.

  • Stefanus Andarisza
    Stefanus Andarisza个月 前

    So Lawrence got the prediction correct this week 😆

  • Calvin Chann
    Calvin Chann个月 前

    Buxton was too chicken?

  • Emil ArtPunk Lars
    Emil ArtPunk Lars个月 前

    Thanks for Weekend Warmup!

  • Luis Jusino Jr
    Luis Jusino Jr个月 前

    Thank you both for helping me get through 2020. I look forward to your weekend updates and properly thoughtful discussions. Merry Xmas, and look forward to see you next year!

  • Derrick Nedzel
    Derrick Nedzel个月 前

    Thank you both for bringing me such wonderful insights throughout this difficult year. Happy holidays and stay safe!

  • HavokR505
    HavokR505个月 前

    I dont understand how the Alonso thing is outrageous. hes coming into F1 next year after a 2 year break. yea he's old but this would fall in line with a special exemption. he needs seat time in a single seater and its not like there are other avenues to get that. if this is an issue to some than perhaps we need to come up with a solution that would allow someone who was out of F1 to still train and prepare for it...

  • Eric Michaud
    Eric Michaud个月 前

    Depuis que vous parlez avec une muselière je vous écoute pu,Vous êtes pathétique.Enleve ta muselière avant de parlez

  • Eric Michaud

    Eric Michaud

    个月 前

    Petit être soumis

  • icebear003
    icebear003个月 前

    In most of the world you will be fined for not keeping distance. Are they married?

  • BillSidorvich
    BillSidorvich个月 前

    You guys make a great team - hope you’re back as a team next year- Merry Christmas 🎄

  • griffisjm
    griffisjm个月 前

    You will probably never read this but I love the weekend warm-ups. Living in in the United States(North Carolina-yep you guessed it, I LOVE HAAS!) we rarely get info on F1 except shows like yours on CNboth. I wait patiently ever race week for these. Cheers guys, enjoy your winter.

  • Jamie
    Jamie个月 前

    Cant wait for more of the same next year guys. Been really enjoyable watching these weekend warm ups

  • Dan
    Dan个月 前

    Hmm ... I wonder if Bottas will actually be the one who wins this race. Just for Merc AMG Petro F1 proving that their both cars and pilots have value

  • anshul suri
    anshul suri个月 前

    Loved the weekend warmup all year long

  • wujek
    wujek个月 前

    thanks guys! see you next year!

  • Nikhil J V
    Nikhil J V个月 前

    See you in 2021 guys.. Been a long year and thank you for putting up with us

  • Yfffad Kcud
    Yfffad Kcud个月 前

    Those masks are really recycling carbon dioxide back into your airways very unwise

  • Naima Dini
    Naima Dini个月 前

    King Lewis will reign.. haters keep it going.

  • Naima Dini
    Naima Dini个月 前

    Be careful Will or whatever your name is.. don’t show your true colours by dissing Lewis.

  • Richest Man In Tatooine
    Richest Man In Tatooine个月 前

    You guys are the best. Thanks!

  • Steven Reyna
    Steven Reyna个月 前

    Y'all have been a joy to watch this season. Cheers from Texas!

  • Tiago Serra
    Tiago Serra个月 前

    Great show guys, thanks and happy to see Lewis is healthy and as much as i would prefer to not see him racing, i can't stop being glad he will be able to finish this season and celebrate the championship. Hope 2021 is a little more competitive, I'm already running out of friends to talk about F1... ill be cheering for Perez


    0:00 My fav

  • Donut Media
    Donut Media个月 前

    Appreciate you dudes!! Weekend warmups have felt extra special and an intimate reprieve from reality through this tough year. Thanks ♥️

  • spurlynx


    个月 前

    That’s awesome.

  • LordForquad -

    LordForquad -

    个月 前

    Would love some F1 content!!

  • Jacob Fimognari

    Jacob Fimognari

    个月 前

    Donut Media! legends is there any f1 content coming soon? 🤞

  • Nico C.
    Nico C.个月 前

    I'm sorry Barretto, did I just hear you say Nico retired because Lewis "Wore him out"???, just took a look at the stats, and it came down to Abu Dhabi each of the 3 years, in fact Rosberg dominated 2016, in fact, Nico Rosberg is the only F1 driver to beat Lewis in seven seasons, now come the Lewis Apologists........

  • Aidan Drage
    Aidan Drage个月 前

    I will genuinely miss seeing you guys breaking the weekend down. Its been as much of a pleasure to watch as it has been for you to present. Thanks, see you in march!

  • Gordon Moat
    Gordon Moat个月 前

    Months until we once again see Will's bracelets and Lawrence's shoes. Looking forward to it.

  • Andy Aim
    Andy Aim个月 前

    Would it really hurt Lewis to let George have another race in the Merc?

  • SRJT16
    SRJT16个月 前

    Hopefully these weekend warmups continue next year too

  • DragsterJeffCrider
    DragsterJeffCrider个月 前

    Great job boys. I enjoyed the hole crazy season an can't wait for. 2021. Be safe

  • Koudjo
    Koudjo个月 前

    Lewis should have sat out the last race, he already has the championship. Give George another shot.

  • FotomanCalgary
    FotomanCalgary个月 前

    Thanks guys!! You did a fantastic job presenting. Stay safe!

  • AC BC
    AC BC个月 前

    Covid19 has changed Lewis . He will never be the same concerned to talking and interacting with people

  • AC BC
    AC BC个月 前

    Lewis has the car of the century .

  • holy moly macaroni
    holy moly macaroni个月 前

    8:28 will really throwing shade on m*zepin there

  • hotwax761
    hotwax761个月 前

    Two f cking bonkers here

  • hotwax761


    个月 前


  • hazeluzzell
    hazeluzzell个月 前

    It’s all about money. If you don’t have family money the world situation is making it hard to get sponsorship.

  • Vijay Manoharan
    Vijay Manoharan个月 前

    @Will @Lawrence!! Thank you guys !! As much I was looking forward to the FP, Qualifying and Race, I was equally or some looking forward even more for all your pre-race, post-race and all other shows you guys put on. So thankful to you both, entire broadcasting team, F1, FIA, drivers and team. Can’t imagine how 2020 would have if the F1 championship did not happen. Made my life since July the 3rd (Austria weekend) ❤️❤️❤️

  • hazeluzzell
    hazeluzzell个月 前

    It has been hinted earlier that it hit Lewis quite hard.

  • RYG
    RYG个月 前

    Who is that in the background at the end at Mercedes, seems like the guy that insurance won't cover his tables

  • Simon Jakob
    Simon Jakob个月 前

    Thank you Lawrence and Will. Loved every single one of your weekend warm-ups. You're giving Lando and Carlos a run for their money as the most entertaining duo in the paddock. Can't wait to kick off the 2021 season with you guys!

  • Iggie1970
    Iggie1970个月 前

    See you next year guys ! Thx for the lovely walkietalkies. Stay safe & stay healthy !

  • dncoman
    dncoman个月 前

    Thanks a lot guys. This season wouldn't have felt the same without your presence and passion that you put in your job. Promise us that you'll keep this up in the years to come

  • Ivan Pozdeev
    Ivan Pozdeev个月 前

    Ha-ha, they must've felt cheated having to throw away everything they filmed earlier in the day since Lewis' return made it all irrelevant! :D

  • Anshuman Kakralia
    Anshuman Kakralia个月 前

    I don't remember checo being selfish.

  • Conor Kelly
    Conor Kelly个月 前

    so sad Russle had to go back down the grid

  • Rohit Rastogi
    Rohit Rastogi个月 前

    Who is that f1 bigshot who told Will that perez has a seat next year??

  • David Broun
    David Broun个月 前

    8:18 lowkey dig at egghead 🤔

  • Adny
    Adny个月 前

    It's been great watching you two this year. Enjoy the last race lads!

  • Gabriel Bacci
    Gabriel Bacci个月 前

    I'd like to day one thing: MAZEPIN OUT!!!

  • Terry Molloy
    Terry Molloy个月 前

    It's just the FLU!

  • WWLeeTV
    WWLeeTV个月 前

    I started watching F1 this year for first time since late 90s, and I have loved it! What I love the most, is you two! I have looked forward to these every weekend! Shall miss them so much, and I just wanna thank you both! You cheer me up from afar :)

  • Glenn Meyer
    Glenn Meyer个月 前

    Thank you both for the whole season, reporting F1! Fan from USA. 2021 looks promising.

  • DickNixon19
    DickNixon19个月 前

    What a year. Thank you for these. The partnership and discourse between you two has been magnificent. Your coverage and insight into the sport this year has been a highlight. I have truly enjoyed and looked forward to these episodes. Even though this episode didn’t have shoe coverage, I think Lawrence takes the title of the shoe game. 😂 But again, thank you for these. They, and you, have been lovely. ❤️

  • lifeschool
    lifeschool个月 前

    Thank You Will and Laurence for another exclusive year of Paddock Pass - even though you dont call it that anymore. It feels like a behind the scenes eye on the weekend, which really does help to get me in the mood for the race, and often the warmup can be more entertaining. If you really do read all these comments, then its about time F1 kitted you guys out with the full gear. With WRC, the presenters all get WRC T-shirts, jackets, coats, hats and gloves - and they are all happy and smiling and looking like WRC representatives. It makes you look more official and makes you feel more official. I was going to say Liberty should really have you as a cloths stand for all their merch in the shop, but I see precious little with the current F1 logo on there, for people who want to back the sport, not just a team or driver.

  • Jemesu
    Jemesu个月 前

    Going to miss weekend warm up

  • Nathan Roberts
    Nathan Roberts个月 前

    Boring time is back!!!

  • Black Girls Rock

    Black Girls Rock

    个月 前


  • Colin Müller
    Colin Müller个月 前

    A bit too long

  • Bernard Ibrahim
    Bernard Ibrahim个月 前

    Lewis and George should just switch car. If Lewis win, hes proven indisputably the best driver. If George wins... everyones happy basically Win win

  • Jay
    Jay个月 前

    Seeing the chemistry between these two amazing! more banter please. Also, the growth in lawrence as a presenter and commentator is fantastic!

  • Ajinkya
    Ajinkya个月 前

    Indian supporters of Sergio perez 👇

  • britonabike
    britonabike个月 前

    Awesome insight as ever gents - been loving these - keep them coming!

  • Friday Chidlow
    Friday Chidlow个月 前

    loved the shows kept me going through these strange times

  • The International
    The International个月 前

    Hamilton can’t pass up the post race festivities 🥳 that the Abu Dhabi is known for... Roscoe has entered the building 🐶

  • Arunim Samudra
    Arunim Samudra个月 前

    I'll miss these two! Absolutely loved the weekend warm-ups♥️

  • Beau
    Beau个月 前

    I think Lewis had to come back because Geo R was showing it was the car not the driver which was so successful, LH is still a great F! driver but many would like a bit of competition

  • Tom Pato
    Tom Pato个月 前

    He is weird lately, sad about return Hamilton, love for Checo. The commentator should be impartial!

  • Angie Bobo
    Angie Bobo个月 前

    Aaahh it's the last weekend warm-up 😭😭

  • movie channel
    movie channel个月 前

    finally george away

  • Tagger
    Tagger个月 前

    Pls fix that intro

  • 洛基loki
    洛基loki个月 前

    DOES everyone wanna see Hamilton at his best?

  • Mikk Lustmets
    Mikk Lustmets个月 前

    Ferrari: No Binotto this weekend. Leclerc and Vettel: Finally.. no slow button on or spins.

  • Tertema Ahenjir
    Tertema Ahenjir个月 前

    if Albon wins this race which i doubt he would he may stay in Red bull

  • Tom Gilligan
    Tom Gilligan个月 前

    Come on lewis, couldn't you just stay home!!! How about put Lewis in the Williams?!?!

  • Tom Gilligan

    Tom Gilligan

    个月 前

    ​@Black Girls Rock If anything I wish him to take the time to get fully healthy.. Not like I was wishing harm on him.. He's a 7-time world champion, and will be 8 this time next year, im a mega Ham fan, but he can afford to miss this race and prob should for health reasons. But his competitive ego won't allow that, and although I respect that, doesn't mean I can't wish it was different. Grow up. Stop trying to act like you weren't hoping for George getting another shot. You're the TRUE clown. Next you'll be wishing death on someone for hoping Checo takes Albons seat.. Careful, that negative karma you put out will come back to ya!

  • Black Girls Rock

    Black Girls Rock

    个月 前

    How rude and disrespectful to Lewis! Hope someone takes your job!🤡

  • Mudhaffar Adhwa
    Mudhaffar Adhwa个月 前

    I think it should be called "post season test" instead of "young drivers test"

  • Deepak Devaraj
    Deepak Devaraj个月 前

    Thank you guys. I really enjoyed your show. You guys are my fav

  • Logan Govender
    Logan Govender个月 前

    Would have been nyc if Mercedes had a 3rd car with Hamilton Bottas and Russel in the same race.

  • Praveen Konda
    Praveen Konda个月 前

    i want George back in the Mercedes

  • ラファエルアルベルト
    ラファエルアルベルト个月 前

    Checo ..again to podium!!!!!

  • Monty Round
    Monty Round个月 前

    Thank you both for making this year special with the weekend warm up's

  • ethiopianwulf
    ethiopianwulf个月 前

    I have really enjoyed the coverage from these two all season! great job to the team!

  • Thiago Mundim
    Thiago Mundim个月 前

    Loved the warmups with the both of you. Please keep it on next year.

  • Macecraft
    Macecraft个月 前

    Weekend warm ups always get me feeling excited for the race!

  • masterofdestiny 256
    masterofdestiny 256个月 前

    Mal posso esperar por Março

  • houdbaar0
    houdbaar0个月 前

    Killer virus, the hole world is crazy. Suddenly Lewis is tested negatieve. Wake up word

  • emmanuel
    emmanuel个月 前

    selfiesh lewis that's why he has a lot of hater

  • Happy Daze
    Happy Daze个月 前

    Does anyone really think we’d miss Hamilton if he left? I’m not sure about that, granted I’m not a Lewis fan, but I think the sport would move just fine without him

  • Karlo Kramarić
    Karlo Kramarić个月 前

    I love you two guys so much, what a blokes, love you!

  • Ann Daly
    Ann Daly个月 前

    Read between the lines...everybody wants Lewis to stay away for at least one more race. Make f1 interesting again.

  • Happy Daze
    Happy Daze个月 前

    Imagine if George somehow beats the position he got last weekend

  • Henrik Rónai
    Henrik Rónai个月 前

    I'm angry at Alonso and Mazepin :/ They should *not* come to F1, they don't deserve it imho. Such a shame, Perez having to leave because of them, becauwe of how F1 is all about money....

  • Henrik Rónai

    Henrik Rónai

    个月 前

    @Happy Daze It's my opinion, nothing really official :) I feel like he had his chance already, he blew it, he closed all the doors on the way out and now he is backpedaling and doing as if nothing happened. Plus he is getting old, he already had his time to shine, which he no doubt did. But should leave space for people who are young, talented but have less money to offer than Mazepin for example.

  • Happy Daze

    Happy Daze

    个月 前

    Why does Alonso not deserve a drive? Just asking ✌🏻

  • Raptorsified
    Raptorsified个月 前

    Dany to Red Bull, might as well give a third driver the shot if they're not gonna go with Checo.

  • andy1356000
    andy1356000个月 前

    Bald Lawrence 👀

  • Jack Dowse
    Jack Dowse个月 前

    How am I going to survive the winter without Lawrence’s shoes!!! 😩

  • Orkun Çolak
    Orkun Çolak个月 前

    This was genuinely funny actually. Great job guys! Really enjoying your stuff.

    KP VLOGS个月 前

    I hope kvyat will stay in alpha tauri. About mazepin... I hope he will come, but HAAS will decide. IF WHAT I'M RUSSIAN

  • Josey November
    Josey November个月 前

    Great show guys! Love the Chemistry! Can't wait. ❤ ❤

  • Kevin1234gg
    Kevin1234gg个月 前

    Binotto not here?? Ferrari at least 4 and 5 at Abu Dhabi

  • Sebastian Vettel
    Sebastian Vettel个月 前

    I don't have tears in my eye It's just sweat on my face 🥺