2020 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix: FP3 Highlights


Enjoy the best bits from the final practice session of the 2020 season.
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  • Scott Lomas
    Scott Lomas个月 前

    "Most intense season in living memory" yeah. . .so very unpredictable.. imagine lewis winning wdc ..mercedes wcc... bottas 2nd.. verstappen 3rd.. 😂😂😂😂😂🙄🙄🙄

  • Rollie Bollie
    Rollie Bollie个月 前

    Don't go down this comment section:its full of people with no interpretation skill who don't understand what someone means with "intense season"....

  • Giuseppe Federico
    Giuseppe Federico个月 前

    Se🅱️ always the best! 💪

  • Mercury
    Mercury个月 前

    I dont understand how russel is 18th. What happened he was the fastest with his young skills why isnt he on top 3?

  • Matías Celayes
    Matías Celayes个月 前

    ”Most intense season in living memory”.... yeah, sure

  • Luiz Augusto Ventura
    Luiz Augusto Ventura个月 前

    01:51 Hamilon triggered hahaha

  • Fabian Rocha
    Fabian Rocha个月 前

    0:10 "the most intense Season in living memory"

  • Rk Rao
    Rk Rao个月 前

    "Most intense season" define that its just one man season😪😪😪

  • TheConfidentNoob
    TheConfidentNoob个月 前

    0:00 "Last chance to shine" Me: *Ummm what about qualifying?*

  • Henry Collins
    Henry Collins个月 前

    First season as an f1 car, I’m going to miss Carlos on mclaren. Great job lando.

  • M o o d
    M o o d个月 前

    Intense season???

  • Mujahid Islam
    Mujahid Islam个月 前

    Imagine if Seb, Perez and Ricciardo were on the podium.

  • Qambar44
    Qambar44个月 前

    “Meat in the haas sandwich” lol what

  • Vilmar Silva
    Vilmar Silva个月 前

    Amei o vídeo

  • Bala Siddardh
    Bala Siddardh个月 前

    I love Mercedes Benz and Honda the name of quality 🔥

  • Joseph Bourgeois
    Joseph Bourgeois个月 前

    Albon’s last GP :(

  • Po1sonous
    Po1sonous个月 前

    russel had like fastest sector one in middle of session

  • Lucid Hydra
    Lucid Hydra个月 前

    I have to agree with “being intense” if u clear the fact Hamilton dogged everyone in the championship

  • Gaming Rock
    Gaming Rock个月 前

    Albon always have a problem 🤣🤣🤣

  • speedGmaster
    speedGmaster个月 前

    Nice Mercedes 6th, and 9th

  • X Yellowcard X
    X Yellowcard X个月 前

    They should have put lewis in a williams.. That would show who's better

  • SpatialDragon
    SpatialDragon个月 前

    11 seconds into video. "most intense season in living memory..." What? Hamilton won 11 of the 16 races and Mercedes won 13 of the 16 races. So unless you are a massive Mercedes/Hamilton fan boy, this has been anything but an intense year.

  • The Racing Nerd
    The Racing Nerd个月 前

    This season wasn't intense. It was dominated by merc again.

  • YouTube Commenter
    YouTube Commenter个月 前

    The race is Sunday, not F3 or quali.

  • VenomousSpyro
    VenomousSpyro个月 前

    Most intense season in living memory? HAHAHAHAHA

  • #32 Dutchy
    #32 Dutchy个月 前

    Intense season???? XDDDDDDDDD

  • Thatsme849
    Thatsme849个月 前

    most intense season in living memory? hahah sure I might have been watching re runs then

  • Alysson Leôncio da silva
    Alysson Leôncio da silva个月 前

    Algum br

  • Silent Knight Alam
    Silent Knight Alam个月 前

    Renault will be 3rd in championship. Racing Point won't be able to get

  • Donny Lane
    Donny Lane个月 前

    Nice work Max Verstappen is that time 1:36.251!!!👌

  • Donny Lane

    Donny Lane

    个月 前

    One last final race 🏁

  • Timsu On High Toes
    Timsu On High Toes个月 前

    “The understeer is insane!” *Gets P2 in FP3*

  • Nicholas Thole
    Nicholas Thole个月 前

    0:10 Will Buxton: "the most intense season in living memory" Everyone: no.

  • Rollie Bollie

    Rollie Bollie

    个月 前

    Everyone: dumb

  • Freddie Hodkin
    Freddie Hodkin个月 前

    no no no, it was a Williams sandwich with Haas for bread, come on, get it right

  • Kadi
    Kadi个月 前


  • Diogo Pinto
    Diogo Pinto个月 前

    No way RB is keeping albon ..

  • Javier Illanes
    Javier Illanes个月 前

    I'm waiting for Kimi to be in the top 10 places

  • JackPecker911
    JackPecker911个月 前

    Fittipaldi is quite impressive, he's so close to Magnussen already despite having very little time in the car

  • Luis Cortes
    Luis Cortes个月 前

    Puta madre apoco no ven cuanta gente los sigue en latió América y no pueden abrir un canal en español

  • Petrus Mitchelle
    Petrus Mitchelle个月 前

    maybe 2 races whole season intresting otherwise its one boring season really and 2021 would be probaly same with merc 1-2 again usually fp merc low on table but comes quily then merc 1-2 and races 1-2 again

  • Zizo Gaucho
    Zizo Gaucho个月 前

    So it's only 5 teams in the top 10

  • Bucky L
    Bucky L个月 前

    The meat of the haas sandwich. Hehehe

  • Ivan Cruz
    Ivan Cruz个月 前

    De nuevo a ganar checo Pérez

  • Austin Storms
    Austin Storms个月 前

    “The underwater is insane”. “Alex, you have to rotate your arms further”

  • Fed7 Club
    Fed7 Club个月 前

    Riciardo and Carlos make the worst choice for thair carriers its like i see grosjean join in HAAS back then

  • Juviko
    Juviko个月 前

    Whats the name of the song?

  • wastefellow
    wastefellow个月 前

    Ayt, this is a chassis track

  • Paul S
    Paul S个月 前

    A one week old baby will think it's been an intense season, everyone else knew Hamilton and Mercedes would win which would mean it could never be described as intense.

  • Love Pizza
    Love Pizza个月 前

    "Most intense season in living memory" E x c u s e m e ?

  • peter koma
    peter koma个月 前

    yea the grand finale in abu dhabi.. a historic site of f1

  • Vanja Nikolic
    Vanja Nikolic个月 前

    "The most intense season in living memory"

  • OhThatRemindsMeOfMyPruneJuice Oh
    OhThatRemindsMeOfMyPruneJuice Oh个月 前

    why have they not said anything about the 100h little haas logo

  • DeLike21 - Brawl Stars
    DeLike21 - Brawl Stars个月 前

    Who is here after Verstappen Pole? ❤️

  • iam afool
    iam afool个月 前

    here before 1 million views

  • Brahmadathan Chirackal
    Brahmadathan Chirackal个月 前

    "Most intense season in living history." So you're a year old.

  • Nicolas Garcia Yebra

    Nicolas Garcia Yebra

    个月 前

    @Garrett Gomes I don't like netflix serie (DTS), just because of Buxton...what a drama queen. he, Kravitz and croft ruin the F1 experience

  • Daniel Dutchy

    Daniel Dutchy

    个月 前

    Must've been quite a while though since so many people managed to have at least one podium finish in a single season.. And multiple wins from people outside the main 3 teams in the past years. And the midfield battle hasn't been this exciting in years either, with so many people challenging each other for p4. It wasn't the most intense, but definitely one of the more interesting seasons of the past years

  • Garrett Gomes

    Garrett Gomes

    个月 前

    Buxton will make drama out of my morning breakfast routine.

  • Chris Morton

    Chris Morton

    个月 前

    Just what I was thinking. 1 year old or long term memory issues.

  • Rubus arcticus

    Rubus arcticus

    个月 前

    It’s referring to the fact that all the races this year have been squeezed into a very tight schedule.

  • Bahstonljo
    Bahstonljo个月 前

    “Most intense season in living memory” yeah right! 2012 would like a word!

  • Auzzie Worker
    Auzzie Worker个月 前

    About as intense as watching paint dry. Lewis wiped the floor.

  • Regoly
    Regoly个月 前

    Bring back the female voiceover! 😭

  • Fabio Ferrari
    Fabio Ferrari个月 前

    this should be an interesting season? Why, cuz there are people dying all around the world or what? I don't get it - oh you meant for the challenge at the top, let me say HAHAHAHA then

  • SniperR2D2 // Nick
    SniperR2D2 // Nick个月 前


    ARIEL-RB个月 前

    *Breaking News! Max Verstappen RedBull Honda Pole Position in Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2020*

  • Stru Bew
    Stru Bew个月 前

    If Hamilton gets pole it could potentially could be h is final because he hasn't resigned for Merc Imagine being on 99 poles when you retire

  • Barth A.
    Barth A.个月 前

    Only M.Schumacher 😎❤

    ARIEL-RB个月 前

    Breaking News! Max Verstappen Pole Position in Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2020 Bottas 2Nd Hamilton p3 Norris P4 Albon P5 Sainz P6

  • John Thomas

    John Thomas

    个月 前

    Emm.. you missed Bottas I think

  • D Y

    D Y

    个月 前

    Norris 2nd best F1 lap of the season after Leclerd in Sakhir

  • Diether Santos

    Diether Santos

    个月 前

    I wish Lando takes his podium again

  • S3KULA


    个月 前

    Mclaren might catch Racing Point

  • Andrew Arreguin

    Andrew Arreguin

    个月 前

    I saw that!! so happy!!

  • Andy Parker
    Andy Parker个月 前

    Intense season? No I don't think so

  • John Ass
    John Ass个月 前

    My hope for this last race is that no one gets dnf

  • SAKA
    SAKA个月 前

    we'll ohhhhhll see to try to sound a lttle british, but even the brits shoukd know who invented the ENGINE...! :-) thank youi!

  • Banjo gaming
    Banjo gaming个月 前

    Verstappen pelo POSITION!!!!!

  • Twiistz
    Twiistz个月 前

    My first full season of Formula 1, what a year.

  • slinky


    个月 前


  • Serkan Savasci

    Serkan Savasci

    个月 前

    Really, I've been watching since 2017

  • will beattie

    will beattie

    个月 前

    Same here, next year is going to have some high standards to live up to!

  • TheMidnightNarwhal


    个月 前

    Man I just started it at the end!

  • Mumtaaz Nabeel

    Mumtaaz Nabeel

    个月 前

    Same, this is my first full season watching F1.

  • Seph
    Seph个月 前

    C'mon, Albon.

  • Ben Flewers
    Ben Flewers个月 前

    “Most intense season in living memory” 2008 - am i a joke to you

  • M1c5t3r
    M1c5t3r个月 前

    0:10 more like: the most BORING season in history. The commentator(s) want to make F1 interesting but it's no more interesting. It's BORING. Yes, we had great races like Austria, Silverstone, Monza and Sakhir, but most of the time we see the same podium and the same race. Almost copy paste. The gaps are not too big but when Hamilton is leading off the line u need to know that it will not change until mercedes will f**k up their pit stop. Or until Hamilton gets a penalty. Maybe the midfield is tight and we had a lot of sensations this season but it's definitely less intense than 2010 and 2012, even tho i never watched those two seasons.

  • migteleco
    migteleco个月 前

    ¿How many years has been Sergio Pérez in F1? I think it has been enough time for the english speakers to learn to pronounce his name correctly. PÉ -rez, with the stress in "PE" (not in the "rez" as they say in the video.)

  • Irrational Geographic
    Irrational Geographic个月 前

    WHAT!!!!! The most intense season, clearly he has been watching different races, apart from a very few bright spots this has had to be the most boring and predicable season of all time and one that after 42 years of watching F1 has turned me off F1.

  • KETRORY 347
    KETRORY 347个月 前

    Ferrari 👍

  • Michael Thomas
    Michael Thomas个月 前

    “Intense season” the only intensity was by how much would Hamilton win. I have lost interest in this parade

  • Valerie Rodger

    Valerie Rodger

    个月 前

    And yet, here you are.

  • Mr H
    Mr H个月 前

    Mercedes/Hamilton....we only bother when it’s needed.....Qualifying.

  • E MTBR
    E MTBR个月 前

    Ricciardo and Albon in the Podium *WOOHOOOO*

  • Snow Fall
    Snow Fall个月 前

    Maybe Albon will come 1..... Just maybe

  • ddd ppp
    ddd ppp个月 前


  • Meta ツ
    Meta ツ个月 前

    The way this season went I wouldn’t be surprised if a Renault won

  • Cauan da Silva Soares
    Cauan da Silva Soares个月 前



    i predict.... lewis is not gonna be in pole position at the race

  • hahaha hahahaha
    hahaha hahahaha个月 前

    Even if albon win I don't think it will change anything.

  • Ashen One
    Ashen One个月 前

    who wouldnt want a little meat in their haas sandwich?

  • Bas_ Lightyear
    Bas_ Lightyear个月 前

    0:35 - 0:42 looks like a video game! That 50fps really makes all the difference when you’re so used to 24 or whatever it is

  • Tom Beattie
    Tom Beattie个月 前

    I'm praying for P1. Lando P2. Carlos P3. Alex

  • Rolodzeo
    Rolodzeo个月 前

    It's pronounced pErez, not perEz.

  • Jon Hill
    Jon Hill个月 前

    Red Bull should sign Hulkenberg. An experienced and very quick driver who would be happy being a number 2. Albon isn’t resilient or quick enough and Perez causes aggro with teammates, ask Button and Ocon. I can’t see Verstappen with his already short fuse putting up with that.

  • Robert Colwill

    Robert Colwill

    个月 前

    Talks went cold about a month ago tho. I hope the Hulk will return however

  • Relax Music
    Relax Music个月 前

    f1 and some tracks should have special stipulations like the reverse grid race 10 car race where the 2nd driver of each constructor races, same for each 1st driver of constructor make all 5 tyre grades useable not just 3 per race mandatory number of pit stops 2 or 3 they should have points for pit crew fastest lap a little more valuable greatest average speed top speed reached a race where the leader has a handicap a 2 or 3 hour race, since all races are under 2 hours a reverse track race and other crazy stuff

  • abiem zorg
    abiem zorg个月 前

    george sould on racing point or sauber next year

  • boznia
    boznia个月 前

    Did he just say intense season in living memory? Amazing joke that is.

  • Anthony dacres
    Anthony dacres个月 前

    What if it's a mercedes 1.Hamilton 2.bottas 3.perez 4.stroll

  • Həyat 1 Elm
    Həyat 1 Elm个月 前

    Faaaaaaaaa.....k hemilton Rasil❤

  • Lou
    Lou个月 前

    Yeeeeeeeessssssss It was me not the lewis

  • Philip Carlson
    Philip Carlson个月 前

    The battle for third in constuctors championship will be an interesting battle, I hope.

  • Lukas Steinmaier
    Lukas Steinmaier个月 前

    "Most intense season in living memory" Yeah right, super exciting until the end ... I wonder who might win

  • Tushar V

    Tushar V

    个月 前

    Yeah Hamilton had a really big title challenge

  • RuyLopezQB6


    个月 前

    Who could have predicted Merc taking both championships?

  • Phillip Junghans
    Phillip Junghans个月 前

    Most intense season in living memory 0:12 2007, 2016: am I a joke to you?

  • Don Barzini
    Don Barzini个月 前

    Intense season?

  • Valar Morghulis
    Valar Morghulis个月 前

    What are you guys having? We got Red Bull sandwich Ferrari bread, and Latifi sandwich Haas bread

  • Nnemi Eime
    Nnemi Eime个月 前

    "ItS NoT ThE MoST InTEnSE SeASon!1!" Oh yeah? Was there a pandemic in those other seasons too? Was it unclear if there is going to be a season at all? Race schedules being made on the run, drivers missing races because of a virus, blond german dudes taking their seats in a 24 hour notice, Russels jumping in from the slowest car as a replacement of the reigning champion? A dude winning on 3 wheels, 5 red flags in two consecutive races, Perez not having a seat despite a contract, HAMILTON DOING A SHOOEY WITH A TASTE OF DANNY RIC? Any survived Grosjeans after sitting in an explosion for ~20 seconds, F1 presenters wearing neon shoes, Vettel adjusting the mask, a dude with an afro haircut looking at the parts teams don't want to be looked at? And all of this combined? Yeah, i'd say it might've been the most intense season, in one form or another.