10 Things NOT to Do in Abu Dhabi

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If you’re in the mood for a vacation unlike any other, then the United Arab Emirates can truly deliver. Though the country’s most populous city, Dubai, gets most of the attention, there’s still plenty to see in Abu Dhabi . But before you go, check out these things not to do in Abu Dhabi.
1. Don’t Rent a Hotel Room Right Next to a Mosque
In Abu Dhabi, there’s a call to prayer five times a day. This call is particularly louder closest to mosques. So, unless you want to be up before the sunrise every morning, it’s probably best to pick a hotel room in a quieter part of town.

2. Don’t Expect to Get Anywhere Quickly
Abu Dhabi has about 2.7 million people crammed into a small oasis in the desert. It’s congested at the best of times, but during rush hour and on the weekends, traveling across Abu Dhabi can be like moving through mud.

3. You Can Drink in Abu Dhabi, But Don’t Go Overboard
There are some places in the city where you can find alcohol if you’re dead set on getting some. However, make absolutely sure that you’re only consuming in locations that allow it; outside bars, certain restaurants, and a selection of hotels, drinking is a big no-no.

4. Just Say ‘No’
The country’s authorities take illegal drugs very seriously, and pretty much everything is illegal, even some prescription drugs that are totally fine in America. You can spend several years in jail just because you needed to get your hands on a little hash.

5. Don’t Expect a Ton of Interaction with the Opposite Sex
Society in the United Arab Emirates is somewhat segregated by sex. It’s not a matter of oppression as much as it is a matter of respect. So, if you’re a lady who sits down next to a man on a public bus in Abu Dhabi, there’s a chance he’ll move away.

6. Don’t Go to Abu Dhabi During Ramadan
Don’t go unless you’re a Muslim hoping to get closer to your faith. This month is focused on introspection, fasting, and prayer. It’s a big deal to them, and they don’t need you hanging out at a bar and getting obnoxious because you’re on vacation.

7. Don’t Engage in PDA
Large, public displays of affection are very frowned upon. Though you won’t end up in the slammer, if you and your spouse kiss each other or hug each other too tightly, you might find an authority figure tapping you on the shoulder as a gentle reminder.

8. Don’t Be a Gutter Mouth
Seriously, keep it clean in Abu Dhabi. Not only should you avoid cursing and making inappropriate gestures, but you absolutely can’t bash ANY religion as its considered deeply offensive.

9. Don't Be Public About your Homosexuality
This one undoubtedly sucks rocks, but there it is. The United Arab Emirates’ government is extremely close-minded to the point where public homosexuality is actually really frowned upon.

10. Watch What Clothes You Pack
Make sure you keep the tank tops, short shorts, and thongs at home. You won’t be expected to wear traditional garb, but you could get in trouble if your clothing is too revealing. At the beach you should be fine with a one-piece bathing suit.

Where do you want to know what not to do in next?
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    Majority of information is wrong 🤣

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    James Charles23 天 前

    Is norman still there?

  • KaziLife
    KaziLife25 天 前

    This is nothing but a misguiding hate video against Abu Dhabi and Arabs in general. Full disclosure - I am neither of those, just a guy who once visited this majestic land of magic once on a tour. It is blatantly obvious this video was designed to inform NOTHING of any significance at all, and every picture, sarcastic voice, choice of words and background music used is simply to subtly inspire hatred against Abu Dhabi and the Arabic culture. Watch out for pathetic channels like this folks.

  • Rinos S
    Rinos S个月 前

    Sheer Nonsense Statements! Especially the first view is super annoying! Better go for a stay - Western Desert - Egypt! SuperComfort without noise 🤣


    The 1st one made me a little uncomfortable 😐

  • Bread Knight
    Bread Knight个月 前

    But when at home, do drugs, binge drink, and fck for a living? Ooh ya, take your public bedroom fetish to the streets? You don't even party !

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    Abadan Ali个月 前

    0:16 you are disrespectul to muslims and their religion

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    khaled Hardan2 个月 前

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    Vanzyツ3 个月 前

    2:53 does this guy have a brain? he is not gay he is the president, he was fixing his kundara

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    Sponge! Roblox3 个月 前

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    uwulix3 个月 前

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  • Lovpreet Sandhu
    Lovpreet Sandhu3 个月 前

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  • Samuel Diener
    Samuel Diener3 个月 前

    Here is one way Abu Dhabi is less strict than Dubai: In Abu Dhabi, the drinking age is 18 though a tourism by ministry law prevents hotels from serving alcohol to those under 21. In Dubai, it’s 21 to drink.

  • Bonnie Chan
    Bonnie Chan4 个月 前

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    Teejay Casentino4 个月 前

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    Jamil Abedin6 个月 前

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    Rima Al zaabi7 个月 前

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    Aaron's Vlog Tube7 个月 前

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  • Daniel Keith
    Daniel Keith7 个月 前

    My wife and I went to UAE and I will advise to never hold hands or hug nor ever kiss in public. We got a tap on the shoulder while posing for a picture at the Grand Mosque because I had my arm on my wife's shoulder. Also I was interrogated for 45 minutes at the border from Oman to UAE because my wife's prescription hormone pills were in my bag and they assumed it was illegal drug pills. (But I convinced them they were not illegal drugs and they let me go.) Also I loved the call to prayer I always heard while I was there. It's part of the experience! Don't go to the Muslim world if you're so closed minded, inconvenienced, or offended for hearing the call to prayer. Overall we loved Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Muscat, Oman. Definitely book a desert safari (dune bashing) day trip when in Abu Dhabi!

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    Rose Costales-Balasta11 个月 前

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  • Prince Hamdan Bin Mohammed

    Prince Hamdan Bin Mohammed

    2 个月 前

    I'm sheikh Hamdan the Crown prince of Dubai, chairman of Dubai executive council Deputy Ruler of Dubai and UAE Minister of Finance .. but preferred to be called fazza. Fazza means courageous. I'm a Muslim by religion .... how are you doing.

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    Shamsa G年 前

    First of all, you’re more than welcomed to our country and we Arabs in general are know of our hospitality, I would like to say that if you want to you’re country’s rules to be respected by visitors your should respect other countries rules and if you’re not convinced enough you could ask social media is EVERYWHERE. You could find more accurate information from a local person. And every society have there own way to live if this is natural to it could be not for someone else we’re not the same. 1. It’s an islamic country so we citizens prefer having a mosques every where to remind us of preyer it could be not comfortable for non-muslims so yes. 2. Abu Dhabi is does not have that high traffic 3. 4. Any thing that make your mind LOCO is not acceptable since its not even good for a human health. + our country focuses a lot of what gets in and sold in markets 5. Yes you should respect women and give her the space she feel comfortable in if she didn’t let you in. 6. Yes Raman is a big religious month to us muslim. 7. Our islamic society is not really used to see sexual acts or too much feelings that gets to warmy in public, so yes this unacceptable I wouldn’t want my family and children to see this and learn it... we understand that its ok for foreigners but try to keep it private. 8. Yes cursing and not respecting others is big deal you should behave yourself and even in social media... we should respect all religions, nationalities, and races... etc. if you’re with your friends kidding its ok but if you tried to insult someone and he/she went to the police your in a big problem. 9. Homosexual and every this is not normal for human beings is not acceptable too. No offense. And the picture you put an ❌ on it..its the picture of our Vice President in the right with a Pakistani who work’s in a carpet shop he was greeting and chatting with hem and this is a long story to tell the details. 10. There is restrictions of what to ware, as a society our eyes are not used and comfortable to see naked people in public places, but I believe its not too strict I saw people wearing inappropriate clothes and I once saw a beach full of naked people the point I was shy to get outta car but in dubai not Abu Dhabi. Thank you.

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  • Prince Hamdan Bin Mohammed

    Prince Hamdan Bin Mohammed

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    @Persis Lawrence I'm sheikh Hamdan the Crown prince of Dubai, chairman of Dubai executive council Deputy Ruler of Dubai and UAE Minister of Finance .. but preferred to be called fazza. Fazza means courageous. I'm a Muslim by religion .... how are you doing.

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